Afghan Kush Ryder From Homegrow (atticblaster)


Some VERY beautiful nug shots thanks to new reviewer atticblaster!

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Camera Used:
Canon 60d
Strain Name:
Afghan Kush Ryder
Afghan Kush x Ruderalis
This would sell for $60/eighth here easily

I’ll let the pictures do the talking here.  So frosty the nuggets look pale.


Sour and pungent. There are also some floral and hoppy notes to the  buds.


The taste is good– it’s somewhere between floral and piney.

Buzz Type:

This bud causes intense face pressure and thought looping.

Buzz Length:

Lasts a long time.


Whoa baby this is the shit.  Best autoflower strain I’ve ever seen/enjoyed. T he high is intense– a very dissociative/introspective mind high with crazy body sensations.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  Overall, this strain has surprised me.  The looks are incredible, each hit delivers a serious clench in the chest, and I really enjoy smoking it.  –atticblaster

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  1. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Grow this yourself or just know a talented cultivator? Either way looks like some serious fire… everyone should learn from you to take HQ pictures because zoomed in macros always bring out buds the best. I hate seeing "cellphone" on the camera used part… my Sony Cybershot was $120 and does work.

  2. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Makes me wanna do some auto flowering myself. Looks frosted as hell.

  3. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Nice looking batch. sounds awesome. Your pics are great!!!
    Thanks for the review.

  4. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Great pics, some frosty trees. They look amazing.

  5. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Nice pics bro

  6. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Great looking buds! thanks for the review!

  7. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012


  8. says:

    on Jun 27, 2012

    Helluva 1st time review!
    Pix are top shelf, buds are top shelf and you gave just enough info to supplement the awesome photos. Thanks for sharing, I hope to see more from ya.

  9. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    i feel like i say this all the time, don't claim homegrown n not include any details about the grow……im 100% against growing autoflowers or feminized seeds but this looks proper!

  10. says:

    on Jul 5, 2012

    Thanks for the comments guys.. chitownbud – this plant was grown by my buddy under a 400W HPS, Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, with Fox Farm nutes and some sort of guano if I'm not mistaken.

  11. says:

    on Jul 5, 2012

    Also: JackDanieL – This is my third review. I posted some reviews of some Jack Herer a while back. Some people claimed that the Jack looked moldy in the reviews, I promise this was not the case. I simply had such clear pics that you could see the other trichomes that pot has, think of the "hair" that tomato plants have.

    Here's the first review:
    And the second:

  12. says:

    on Sep 25, 2012

    Nice affie. Theres no ruderalis in that cut though. Theres a common thought that all autoflowers (like lowryder) are ruderalis. They used to be in the 1980's but growers quit using them because they diminished potency so much.

  13. says:

    on Jun 27, 2013

    Nice grow bro beautiful for an auto also shut up howitisson you dont know shit did you breed this no so take your comments to a different site

  14. says:

    on Jan 17, 2014

    Thinking of grabbing Pakistani Ryder to grow on my roof, don't think were getting rain anytime soon,I'd be stoked to have some early flowers looks amazing considering the ruderalis..!

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