AK-47 x Northern Lights From Private Dealer (ollieollieinsinfree)


I’m not sure what to say about the bud….my brain is scrambled from just trying to type the member’s name!

AK-47 x Northern Lights

Submitted By: ollieollieinsinfree (Member)

Camera Used: Cellphone

Name: AK-47 x Northern Lights (not positive on the NL, but that’s what one friend said)

From: Private Dealer

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (Sativa dominant)

Price: $50/3.5 grams

Looks: Like a little green red-haired pillow.  If there was an impressionist painting of the ideal bud, it would look something like this.  Long hairs, sticky, bright bright green, like pastures on the Oregon coast.

Smell: Hints of vanilla, tellicherry pepper, clover.

Taste: Lovely, quite peppery, clean – some might call this dank but I think it’s more on the citrusy end of the taste spectrum.

Buzz Type: Up, not as up as some sativas like Jack Herer, more akin to a Lavender strain without the incense-y taste.  Not so sativa-esque as to keep you up staring at your ceiling with your brain flying on a cerebral roller coaster, but don’t expect to smoke it and go to bed.

Great for conversation; social.  Appetite scale = 7 (1-10, 1 = does not elicit noticeable increase in appetite; 10 makes you want to eat the moon because it looks like a round of Danish cheese).

Great for erasing symptoms of nausea.  Not as good with intense chronic pain–stick to a strain with a higher indica % for that.  Seems to help with reduction of muscular spasms.

Buzz Length: Moderate to long, depending on manner in which it is smoked.  Average time, about 2 hours before you re-blaze or hit the sack.

Overall: Quite a lovely strain.  Can’t go wrong, though it’s less cerebral than those strains that are predominantly sativas.  Clean taste that’s reminiscent of the first really good green you smoked LO those many years ago.

Can’t go wrong with this, really–reliable and not too incapacitating.  –ollieollieinsinfree

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14 Comments | Add Yours

  1. Muter


    on Apr 11, 2010

    That looks a little like kush, but sounds nothing like it. I love ak47, quite a unique high. Like a boombox playing techno music in my head haha

  2. says:

    on Apr 12, 2010

    even with the “light” glare, STILL LOOKIN’ yummy

  3. aust


    on Apr 13, 2010

    Great lookin bud and review!
    I’ve only have Northern Lights once, but never AK-47.
    I’m jealous. Toke on

  4. says:

    on Apr 28, 2010

    Ak-47 x Northern lights sounds like a good hybrid. The intense up lifting high of the AK-47 and a bit of indica influence from northern lights is a good balance.

  5. BUDconnoisseur89


    on Apr 28, 2010

    AK-47 and NL are two very common strains when ever i se NL i loose interest

  6. tanders


    on Apr 28, 2010

    I really love both of these strains, they must be killer when crossed together.

  7. H1JACK3R


    on Apr 29, 2010

    Looks great and the price is right up my alley! What region are you from OP? I think we should add that to one of the things we post on reviews. Region: .


  8. Nuglife


    on May 1, 2010

    I would drop 50 bones for this any day fo sho, your description for the peppery taste and the vanilla like smell sound amazing. Awesome review bro, and thanks for being so descriptive it really helps paint a mental picture of the dankness :)

  9. stak


    on May 1, 2010

    looks good for a cellphone pic. good price too

  10. MN danks


    on Jul 9, 2010

    I get this alot here in Minneapolis I think it comes down from canada and Michigan 350$ a oz it’s good I smoke a blunt of this and got very high

  11. laney


    on Oct 20, 2010

    want some of that chubbs order a couple of units

  12. UKblazer


    on Oct 24, 2010

    where in england can i get this ? some1 hook us up ey ?

  13. Daniel


    on Oct 29, 2010

    Dear mr chubbs. Your a bad ass mofo. You know how to stay high , and i will happily suck your penis for some Thai queen honey oil! My name is danman. Or the dan meister, or dan master flex, or dan dan, or daaan dan dan, or daniel, or drugs dan, or dope dan, or drizzy danman from vandam. Also i need a job.

  14. says:

    on Apr 5, 2011

    ^lmao at this guy. my dream too is to sample some of that Thai Queen honey oil, it simply HAS to be the best cannabis product in existence.

    cool review, this sounds like a very decent AK cross. I love AK-47, one of my all time fav sativas, and NL is one of my fav Indicas lol, so i would LOVE this!

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