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Another nice bud review courtesy of LDog!  You may have seen All Star Bubba reviewed by JackDanieL in Issue 4 of NUGGETRY Magazine.  Be sure to check his take on it out if you haven’t already!!  –Tokeahontas

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Camera Used:
Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS
Strain Name:
All -Star Bubba
Pacific Green Pharms
Indica dominant
$40 an 8th

Pacific Green Pharms had some FIRE All-Star Bubba on their shelves and I was very fortunate to get a nug of this primo kush.  My nug was a little different from the rest, as it was a skinny finger looking shape but the rich green calyxes are dense and have a magical purple hue that is highlighted by thick patches of trichomes, which are milky with a slight glimmer of amber.  Rusty orange hairs emerge from the dense nugs which passed the pinch test with no problems. This is one solid looking flower.


As soon as I caught a whiff of the aroma, I closed my eyes and was taken back to 2003 when I came across some Super Bubba Kush, which was the best Bubba I have ever had the pleasure to smoke. The aroma is thick and delivers a walloping deep rugged earthiness coated in a touch of sweetness and potpourri spice and along with those fragrances is a more creamy floral touch that is just outrageous. All these rich odors mix together and have a somewhat floral chocolate aspect to the smell that is nothing short of fantastic.


I packed my slide with the well cured nugs, which broke down easily with no kief produced.  When I went to fire up with the wand, the slide cherried up with little effort. Now inhale was smooth and chalked with an intense earthiness that was blended with a little coffee and chocolate, and there was no expansion so holding your hit won’t have ya coughing. Exhale will bring flurries of flowers that ultimately, will get drowned out by the rugged earthy flavors of inhale. Green hit was so good that I was expecting the rest of the bowl to have a coffee finish, just because that how it usually goes, but the flavor was crisp until only white ash was left in the slide.

Buzz Type:

After the first rip I swear I was hit by the munchies, serious, have food ready.  As the mellow warm body filling effects took their course, relaxing every fiber in my body, my hunger grew with a fierceness and I as soon I finished the slide I got my grub on.  After my hunger was tamed I noticed that I was happily stoned from my eyes to my feet.

My eyes felt a little sag and pressure that will have you squinting and my body was pain free and very very chill. As far as my head goes, I was completely saturated in the goofy feel good stone that covers the head like a ski mask. Oh how I miss some good Bubba. About after an hour and thirty minutes of being thoroughly medicated the comedown hit and definitely took some pep out of my step. I can see this taking out lightweights but I was able to pull through the grog and emerge ready for more.

Buzz Length:

1 hour and 50 minutes.


Isn’t funny how weed can take you back in time? Ten years ago I was puffing on this Super Bubba Kush with the homies while playing cards in my garage, back when gas was $1.70.  That sack ran me 60 dollars an 8th and that was back when I had to go through the streets. This All-Star Bubba only goes $40 an 8th and is just as FIRE as back in the day, when the Lakers failed to get the elusive 4 –peat.

Anyways, this FIRE was grown and trimmed well.  The flush was superb with white ash appearing on the first toke.  SO all you patients in San Diego, check out Pacific Green Pharms for some mighty fine All-Star Bubba! I know I will be picking up some weight of this awesome strain as soon as it is available!  –LDog

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  1. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    Nice work…Munchie Machine…

  2. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    haha!! Love the Laker's tidbit, nice review Ldog

  3. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    It looks pretty good but this is the first time I've seen spear shaped Bubba, don't you agree?

  4. says:

    on Feb 17, 2013

    Sounds like some quality meds. It's everything I look for in Bubba. Well done review Ldog!

  5. says:

    on Feb 19, 2013

    Bubba wearing some NL clothing !! Very nice review!! And i agree, strange finger nug.. Bubba seems to be usually round nugs.. sometimes perfectly / strangely round lawl

  6. says:

    on Feb 26, 2013

    This stuff is so good… the nectar is even better!

  7. says:

    on Feb 26, 2013

    This Allstar Bubba is some of the heaviest and tastiest weed I have ever smoked. Not many strains stick out in my mind after I smoke them, but the taste of this Allstar Bubba is still on my mind 4 weeks later. Seriously one of the BEST examples of Bubba Kush I have ever seen. Can't beat the price either.

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