BC OG Kush From Private Dealer (ehdabs)


Welcome to new reviewer ehdabs! I love the smell description on this review! –Tokeahontas

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OG Kush (I'm not really sure of exact genetics and don't want anyone to kill me;))
Private Dealer
A+. This is some super premium but that is nice and tasty.
Mostly Indica. This is some seriously calming bud.

This bud was picked up as one large 4 gram nug and a few assorted smaller nugs.  All in all, this is comprised of your typical OG structure.  It’s light green with lots of crystals and red hairs.  On some of the buds you can see violet shades scattered throughout and a cluster of calyxes covering every single nook and cranny.


WOOOOWIEEE!  DON’T OPEN THIS SHIT UP IN FRONT OF YO GRANNY!  This has a fresh, dank scent.  The fuel doesn’t come through as much in this pheno, but it does have quite an odour. T hink of fresh grass smothered in a skunk carcass with garlic undertones similar to sticking your nose in a bowl of hummus.


When I took my first snap, I got this pungent taste which exploded on my taste buds.  This was something that was rich, earthy, and very fragrant.  It tasted a lot similar to the smell, but it had a lemony undertone to the taste as well, which didn’t come through on the smell.  Very very complex, and pleasing to my palate.  Reaaaal freaky naughtyyyyyy!

Buzz Type:

I would say you could call this bud a heavy hitter.  After a couple of hits, you feel it in your eyes and they begin to get heavy.  This is the point where all my friends make a comment about how medicated I am, because my eyes are like an open book when “erying irie”.  This bud is no exception.  It puts you in a mellow mood and starts off in your eyes and head.  Moving quickly at about the 30 minute mark it settles into your body gluing you to your chair and retiring you to la la land a little earlier than expected.

Buzz Length:

Long 1.5 hours.  Leads into a smooth burnout and munchies.


All in all, this was a perfect representation of the strain.  At $90 a quarter, pricing was on the high side, but at the same time you gotta pay to play.  Prices have been increasing in Canada, and especially around my area things haven’t been cheap.  I enjoyed the taste, buzz, and aesthetically pleasing attributes of the bud itself.  Snoop do double g OG gets my seal of approval! –ehdabs

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  1. says:

    on Mar 31, 2013

    Good detailed review. Pictures don't do any justice, hence the bad trim. Og kush is Chemdawg X {Lemon Thai X Pakistan Hindu Kush

  2. says:

    on Mar 31, 2013

    Yeah man thanks for the feedback. Regardless it smokes heavy and i enjoyed it so im not complaining about little nuances like a trim job:) See the genetics conversation is a touchy one and im not opening up a can if worms like that:) stay tuned for more!

  3. says:

    on Mar 31, 2013

    Looks a little on the greenhouse side but I wouldn't turn it down…

  4. says:

    on Mar 31, 2013

    Yeah i have a review coming up of some much better stuff. Thanks for the comments!

  5. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    looks like some very properly grown outdoor, nice review.

  6. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    Thanks buddy:) i appreciate it

  7. says:

    on Nov 11, 2013

    I love the comment "I'd like to say the genetics but don't want anyone to kill me." Theres a huge ocean grown rumor saying its thai, paki kush and chemdawg but that's actually a different strain called magooey that came out around 1995 in Orange County. The real original og is either the Tahoe or SFV depending on how you look at it. The SFV has been around since the early 1990's and the Tahoe became very popular in the Valley circa 2000 when no one could get their hands on uncle d's sfv cut. Rascal got an s1 seed of the original SFV…thats the "fire og" cut. Swerve got a Tahoe clone from Granada Hills crew around 2001 and blew that up in Cali Connection seeds. Your cut looks like a heavy indica leaning og so I'm thinking its bc bud depot's og in seed form myself..

  8. says:

    on Nov 11, 2013

    Nice review man, very descriptive. It doesn't look like outdoor to me though, it looks very much like an indoor crop, although I have grown greenhouse weed once that looked as bright and frosty as indoor, so who knows really…

  9. says:

    on Dec 6, 2013

    @danny_sativa, @howitisson this was good bud! Not as good as the california og but still a keeper:)

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