Brain Dead OG From Medicure Collective (Stimulator)


I am not a huge fan of super stoney strains– I’ve lost too many days to being zoned out on the couch!  So the name alone makes me nervous about this Brain Dead OG… but Stimulator seems to like it!  –Tokeahontas

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Brain Dead OG
Medicure Collective (Dispensary - Los Angeles)
A-. My brain was dead for a while but arose from the dead a little sooner than I expected
Tingles from head to toe, so you know its the indica yo!
$35 an 8th, $60 a 1/4

A very bright green color with orange hairs and covered in a layer of frost.  Little to no leaves and great nug to stem ratio.  It has that typical Kush look to it that calls the eyes once it is seen from the corner of my eye.  The inside of the nugs are so clumped together and looking nice and sugary.


This doesn’t really give off a pungent kushy scent but rather a nice lemon hint that is mild.  Once broken up, it stinks.  This reminds me of smelling pine-sol from a couple feet away, which is not bad at all.  The power of pine-sol is nice. :)


This tastes as good as it smells but could be a bit more flavorful.  It has the lemon hint on the inhale and on the exhale it has a bit of a fresh coffee taste which was not bad at all.  There was a little bit of OG that was trying to creep in but did not make it enough to brag about.

Buzz Type:

There is some slap in the forehead which is really nice but the pain receptors do react after a while, giving a nice numbing sensation.

Buzz Length:

Not that heavy long OG buzz I was looking for, but it was nice and relaxing.  The bud tender at Medicure sure did hype this bud up for me, though.  He claimed it was “that fiya!” I wouldn’t say it’s fire but it’s bomb.  Lasted about 1 and a half to 2 hours.


This had my brain in lala land for a little less than I thought it would be, but no need to worry that’s what there’s more weed for!  The appeal is very nice as it is a very frosty and dense strain.  The taste could have been more flavorful but was enjoyable.  The smell was what caught my attention but could have been a little bit more stinky, and the buzz was nice but a bit short.  So overall this Brain Dead OG recieves a 3.9/5, keep stimulating. :) !  –Stimulator

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  1. says:

    on Mar 2, 2013

    The nuggetry fans are pretty pissed to see this at $35 an eighth since they pay $55 for lesser

  2. says:

    on Mar 2, 2013

    Good deal!

  3. says:

    on Jul 16, 2013

    Nice Og Stim and shut the fuck up Howitisassclown you dont even smoke

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