Bubba Kush From Private Dealer (Kronos898)


It’s been a bit since we’ve had a review in from Kronos898, who was a fan of this Bubba Kush overall!

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Nikon Coolpix L22
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Bubba Kush
Private Dealer (Ontario Canada)

Nice, chunky, golf ball-sized buds that were trimmed nicely.  These buds are covered in beautiful trichomes from the inside out.  Grown to perfect maturity, the trichomes are milky white, with just the right amount of amber.  This batch had a really nice lavender blueish purple come through the medium green on the crown of almost every bud.  Nice burnt orange pistils.  As far as looks go, this is a really nice specimen.


This is going to be a 2 part smell review.
Pre Cure- I got this bud after it had been dried and maybe cured for 2 weeks at the most, and the smell represented that.  It had hardly any smell– a slight kushy green smell, with skunk in the background.  When I broke the buds open the smell amplified at least 3 times.  It was a musky, skunky, sweet smell which was actually pretty nice, but you could still smell the chlorophyll within the bud. 6/10

Post Cure – The bud has been curing for around 6-7 weeks now, and the green chlorophyll smell has been leeched out of the buds, making way for a very nice ultra kushy smell.  It smells friggin’ fantastic, like sweet earthy lemongrass that had a skunk walk by an hour before.  Much more earthy than lemony.  With all the scents together, it stings the nostrils a bit. The extra time in the jar did it a lot of good.  I’m not trying to say a 6-7 week cure is optimal, but it was night and day from the 2 week cure.  9/10


This stuff tastes great, even the 2 week cured stuff tasted good, but now it’s fantastic.  On the dry hit, this almost tastes like a more earthy OG Kush.  On the inhale it’s very smooth with an earthy hash taste and a definite tartness.  I swear it almost tastes like kush and sour green apples on the aftertaste.  Take all the good parts of the smell and add some sour green apples, and that’s the taste.  Awesome flavour… very different, and not like most Bubbas out there. 9/10

Buzz Type:

On the inhale it warms my head, making me feel sort of fuzzy, and quickly moves down through my entire body.  It seems to stop at my ankles and wrists, leaving my feet and hands alone.  I can type just as fast and as precisely as I would be able to without being on this Bubba.

After I have taken 3 hits, I really start to relax and feel the full effect of this medication.  I’m locked to the couch wondering where my back pain has gone, and asking myself “Do I get pizza or cheeseburgers?” Yes, this is munchie inducing herb.  I ended up smoking a bit too much too early and wanted to take a nap.

This is some powerful medication, with an almost narcotic effect.  Great for evenings and nighttime.  Screw Ambien, get some good Bubba Kush.

Buzz Length:

Medium – Long.  1.5 – 2.5 hours.


Overall, this was some really nice stuff with strong indica effects.  Even before it was cured properly, it was some good medication, and now it’s just much more enjoyable to smoke.  Great taste, really potent, and after the cure the smell is awesome.  I would definitely buy this again, but I would ask for a price drop 10 to 20 dollars, just for the cure.  Some good meds for sure.  –Kronos898

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  1. says:

    on May 15, 2012

    Great Review!

  2. says:

    on May 15, 2012

    Thanks Dallas, this stuff was a great evening smoke. Super tasty.

  3. says:

    on May 15, 2012

    This stuff sounds delicious. Awesome review

  4. says:

    on May 16, 2012

    as always you can never go wrong with a bubba kush. very good review and the pictures are good. Keep On Toking.

  5. says:

    on May 17, 2012

    Excellent detailed review Kronos

  6. says:

    on May 17, 2012

    Not sure how I missed this one when it popped up, I love me some Bubba!
    As the OGs said, awesome review of a great strain. Sounds like a killer bubba

    • says:

      on May 19, 2012

      These are great pictures! I also *Love* I have heard a lot of people saying Bubba isn't cutting it for them. IMO it's one of those strain, "I" personally won't get sick of. & if it was that price on the reg. here, I would definitely find out. ;)

      Really liked this review, well done in all categories!

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