Chocolate Thai (ston3rf4g)


With his first submitted review, Marijuana Reviews member ston3rf4g comes through with some bud that I am looking to forward to reading about. The fabled Chocolate Thai. Here is the message he sent with the review:

"After reading about a previous review about the strain "Thai" I decided I had to do the strain some justice. I had a rare but successful pickup of an eighth of Chocolate Thai in New York suburbs (Westchester county) earlier in the fall of 2008. Although rumors that this strain is nearly extinct (as well as many other rumors of other strains such as ATF which is currently being sold in several medical clubs), I’m fairly sure that the batch I received was legitimate.

The story of how Chocolate Thai came to be was that the weed was grown around coffee and chocolate plants and therefore adapted the smell, taste, and look."

Submitted By: ston3rf4g (Member)

From: Private Dealer

Grade: B

Type: Sativa

Price: $70/8th

Looks: Full dense nugs. Very dark brown buds with red hairs and crystals on the bud (was NOT just some brown dirt weed).

Smell: A chocolate/dark aroma, without the smell of skunk or fruit. Unlike any other weed I’ve smoked.

Taste: Tasted like chocolate/coffee. Real thick and heavy taste to the smoke, but smooth.

High: Strong head high. Not a creeper but a distinct gradual high that did not kick you in the face. The high was slightly cloudy and confusing.

Overall: Chocolate Thai was definitely an experience and I was lucky to come by a batch of it. The high was unique as well as the taste and the bud itself. It’s a great bud to try, but overall, I think it’s more of a novelty bud than anything else. It was cool and all but there are much better and more effective strains out there with more favorable highs. I feel as if this is one of those strains that gets over-hyped from the name, rumors, and uniqueness of the bud, but it really is not all that great.  –ston3rf4g

I have to agree that it seems that Chocolate Thai is more of a myth than a reality. I mean it is around, but the days of dark brown spears dripping with resin, tied to a hemp stick with a piece of hemp string are gone.  –Chubbs

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  1. 215myke530


    on Sep 26, 2010

    isnt og choc thai dipped with opium?? the real mc coy, opium diped que no??

    • smokemastrz


      on Mar 4, 2012

      lol opium is raw pure herion no marijuana is not opium and you wouldnt find anyone whos does that you crankdog

    • says:

      on Apr 10, 2013

      what you're thinking about is second water which is a bi product of heroin production. thai sticks are dipped in this. opium is the latex substance found in Poppy pods, its a natural defense against animals wanting to eat it however when extracted and dried with lemon it goes from a jizzy looking substance to that beautiful dark sticky aromatic magic.

  2. micknacksrx


    on Sep 30, 2010

    @rivercitybud: im from LBC and growing that choc thai you’re saying… but im telling you it really needs allot of patience… wana have some seeds? and best grows outdoor..

  3. 420power


    on Oct 4, 2010

    I’ve had this strain before, multiple times. It’s one of the BEST smelling strains I’ve ever encountered, with a smell unlike any other strain out there. The bud is dense and resinous, and very dark in color, very much chocolate like. Extremely smooth smoke, with a very sweet and slightly spicy flavor. The effects were quite stony for a strain of Sativa background, very concentrated in the head kind of buzz with a slightly energetic warmth.

    A solid smoke, definitely worth the novelty value, but not the most potent smoke out there (it’s a lil’ mild). I’d recommend you try it at least once though.

  4. robinho


    on Oct 25, 2010

    nyc 1987, the pope had business cards with a pot leaf & a phone #. most bud was $35/8th & for $5 more he would have it delivered (downtown). we would get this shit called chocolate thai. it was the first non-shwag i ever smoked. it looked felt like the best kind bud around – even today – but it was brown, really golden, chocolate brown. it was sticky & gooey & wasn’t a thai stick, it was buds. it was one of the best strains i’ve ever smoked. haven’t had it since i left nyc back in 1989.

    • Pembroke


      on Mar 24, 2012

      I have the chocolate that yu jus discribed robinho. Some official. Golden brown, very potent, buddy (like haze not any kush) and sticky when broken up. Shit im about to roll a blunt right now. =D ig anyone would like to see a pic of it posted jus let me knoe

  5. NY


    on Nov 13, 2010

    My dude, I used to cop chocolate back in the day it comes compressed very hard and very very Sticky, smells sweet/Earthy Kind of like chocolate and when it burns smells like hash and tastes like Sea salt OH an a MIND BLOWING HigH! The last time I saw REAL chocolate it was in 1993-1994, I got it in a Jamaican paddy shop on 128th N Lennox (Don’t bother going there all the paddy shops in the city got busted by 95-96) and back then the REAL DEAL was hard to get. I’m Sorry to say that bud u got there is some Real Good REGZ we call Arizona that has been Doctored with some either rum or Guinness Stout, if you don’t believe me plant the seeds and you’ll see Skunky Smelling Indica that I’m still trying to find out what it really is.

    • smokemastrz


      on Mar 4, 2012

      what about red beard have you heard of that

  6. NY


    on Nov 13, 2010

    P.S. Chocolate was Brown-Black W RED hairs

  7. Qwe


    on Nov 19, 2010

    Yes, last time I had Chocolate Thai was in hs in NYC circa 90-91, from “chief”, a jamaican-run delivery service. 1/8ths were $35. What I remember most was the degree of resin- it was ridiculous. Little beads of moisture clung to the plastic baggie. It was really unlike any other bud around at that time. Good stuff.

  8. chronicsd


    on Dec 16, 2010

    had some chocolate thai two years ago. looked EXACTLY like this sample and my friends and I have never been higher. One of the best for sure.

  9. HzAdj


    on Dec 26, 2010

    Recently ran into Chocolate Thai at the Igzactly 420 dispensary in San Francisco. Obviously well taken care of buds, but they were brown like tobacco. Bought a gram and toasted it in the house vaporizer – tasted awesome. I didn’t find the high to be anything extraordinary though.

  10. MelodyMaker


    on Dec 27, 2010

    Chocolope from DNA is half OG Chocolate Thai…so maybe this strain isn’t as rare as we might think. My friends and I were puffin’ eights of Choc Thai back in high school, so maybe it’s just gone underground and Chocolope has replaced it…just a thought.

  11. Spaceape


    on Jan 3, 2011

    Had what I believe was a real batch in 1994/95 NY, very rich chocolate smell, extremely sticky, and very very strong head high very cloudy, not the giggle type & not relaxing just a strong high. Not a strain I dug but was nice to have tried it.

  12. Highsky


    on Jan 27, 2011

    Dude. i live in england and i get chocolate thai all the timee from my regular guy £15 an 1/8 . it looks similar to this stuff u have. but with more reddish hairs. nicest smoke about mate.

  13. Savage


    on Feb 5, 2011

    here in thailand you can find chocolate thai everywhere

  14. w33dtok3r


    on Feb 6, 2011

    had this yesterday, the best weed i have ever tried. it was like first i was baked out of my scull but after 1-2 hours i became were hyper. best weed out there, must be tried

  15. says:

    on Feb 8, 2011

    @Highsky, how the hell are you getting ANYTHING at £15 an eighth in this day and age? are you sure this chocolate thai you’re talking about isnt that brown flakey shit that comes in bricks and is full of seeds? i’m paying £20 for 2 grams of gorgeous weed at the minute, i’d like to get in on these £15 pukker eighths lol.

  16. Charles Hunch


    on Feb 9, 2011

    I see a bunch of comments on here and decided to leave a rare comment. Let me clarify rare. I never leave comments, but felt compelled to chime in. I notice most of these comments come from what I would guess is a generation younger than I. Anyway, the real Chocolate Thai first appeared on the scene along the east coast states about 1983. Anyone familiar with that time frame would know the strain I’m talking about. It had the most incredible smell and taste, almost like it was treated with something. During this time frame there was also another outstanding strain going around that was simply known as Mendo bud. Two completely distinct strains. Mendo was an awesome skunk strain that reeked so bad that it could not be contained in a double baggie. It was bright green as opposed to the Thai, which was a deep brown color with a intense sweet chocolate toffee smell. I would agree that the chocolate thai was not extremely potent, but the quality and sheer exotic smell and taste was to die for. Both these strains would blow away everything today as far as aroma and taste. If they were to appear again in all their original glory and true pure genetics, they would be priceless. I could easily see them fetching $500 – $600 an oz. That’s my fond recollection of Chocolate Thai. Much like the memories of people slightly older than myself, I cannot begin to appreciate things they tell me, like how great Jim Brown was as a football player. You just had to experience those things with your own eyes, or in this case, your own tastebuds and nose, to really understand how great they were. The real true Chocolate Thai was legendary along with Mendo Bud. It is greatly missed.

  17. delta9


    on Feb 21, 2011

    if you come to england you can get thai bud in compressed blocks, your lookin to pay about £90 an ounce, it sometimes comes with red string in it

  18. thaitraveler


    on Mar 1, 2011

    I used to smoke Chocolate Thai in H.S. back in the mid 80′s and that bud was very good, I loved it, wish I could get it again…Would definitley grow it if i could obtain a few seeds…if anyone can help me I woul be grateful.

    That Mendo bud the previous poster mentioned was grown in Mendocino county,my backyard…in the hills of the north coast. That bud was so plentiful people used to give it aways, like 15 bucks for an 1/8th and the choco thai was 25

    If someone has leads on where I could find chocolate thai seeds let me know, my email thanks

  19. Danny_Sativa


    on Sep 15, 2011

    @delta9, the bricked shit that we get in England isn’t real Thai, I don’t think. I grew out some of the seeds from a batch anyway, and they didn’t seem pure sativa to me, very hybridized leaves. The only time I believe I had real Thai, it didn’t have seeds and was vac-packed but not bricked, and the buds were long, thin and almost totally golden, and it kicked ass. It had a very special trippy cerebral high that felt similar to coming up on some acid, and a strong bitter spicey taste, similar to a few Haze varieties I have sampled. I paid £40 for a quarter of that too, was well impressed :)

  20. nice guy


    on Nov 2, 2011

    There is a place in Garden Grove,Ca called PinkWeed has this Chocolate Thai strain and its really good too.

  21. Grod31


    on Dec 21, 2011

    I live in the New York suburbs (Nassau county) i just wanted to point out this bud is 25$ for 7 grams at the very most
    if this person paid 70 for an 8th his a$ was ripped wide open.
    thats the garbage type bud that broke highschool freshman smoke

  22. whistler bike rentals


    on Jan 4, 2012

  23. sponge bob


    on Feb 10, 2012

    real thai weed is grown in fields in mass amounts outdoor ruff tasting low grade gear like everything else made in thailand that in the pictures has been cross bred with some dutch strain i to smoked thai and choclate thai in the early 90s and by todays standards it would be classed as shite

  24. says:

    on May 10, 2012

    Ive had choclate Thai before and it looks like some shwaggy brown flowers but in actualality they are chronic little dankys. The batch I got was straight fire.

  25. says:

    on Sep 15, 2012

    just got a shipment of this today.. smells like chocolate, sticky as fck, super crystally, and it does smell like hash when exhaled… its definitely no mid grade 20 an eighth shitty weed. This is dank. there were no seeds and it did not come from a brick… big juicy nugs and a few small ones. Dont get me wrong when i saw it i was like wtf but then i smoked it and was like damn this is no bullsht. Everybody loves it. If this was bad weed then i'd know cause all i smoke is the best. This is unusual but it is very good. I had to find out if this bud was legit because it just blew my mind

  26. says:

    on Feb 8, 2013

    Just picked some up. Chocolate hairs. Smells like chocolate. Mellow high. I'm happy to have tried a rare strain. :)

  27. says:

    on Jul 6, 2013

    Lol schwag look at the chocolate Thai in my stash that is real fire no offense but you bought cartel weed at 5 times its worth if this got you high then more power to you but I hate to say this is something I would never smoke

  28. says:

    on Jun 6, 2015

    Believe me, Chocolate Thai existed. We smoked the hell out of it in Jersey. Purchased it from Brooklyn NYC (Top of the Food Chain). This stuff was so sticky that you could stick a bud right to the wall. We absolutely loved it and I swear my friends still reminisce about it and we smoked it back in like 1985. I gotta find some seeds.

    • says:

      on Jun 7, 2015

      Lived near there in 70's, and "Thai Sticks" (never heard the term "chocolate thai) were the baddest herbs of the day. I have never had anything since that knocked me so sideways.

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