Dream Queen From Pure Life (JRob9)

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Camera Used:
Canon Powershot A470
Strain Name:
Dream Queen
Space Queen x Blue Dream
Pure LIfe
Sativa Dominant

Dark orange pistils on top of light green bud with some small dark green leaves covered in trichs.  Lots of trichomes give the nug a slight whitish look to it.  They’re not too closely grouped, so it doesn’t look quite as frosty as it could have.  The stem area is coated, though!  Not too special in the looks department, just a typical good-looking strain… looks like many other Sativa-dominant strains like Green Crack.  One thing I’ve come to learn with flowers is looks aren’t everything!


On first impression it smells a bit fruity, with a tinge of musk to it.  After a good squeeze of part of it, I smell the Blueberry influence in it a lot, maybe with a mix of slight grape and pineapple smell.  Hard to describe… I can tell there’s Blue Dream in it, but something about the fruitiness also reminds me of Green Crack.  The squeezed Blueberry smell reminds me a lot of a strain I recently grew, Grandaddy Blueberry.  Best I could describe it is just a fruity but musky blueberry smell.


Fruity musk, just like it smells.  Tasted really good, just too hard to explain.  I’ve definitely had strains that tasted similar.  First hit the taste is nice and stands out, second not as much.

Buzz Type:

Good mental buzz.  A bit uplifting.  I feel nice and relaxed, although the high is focused on the head.  Takes about 2-5 minutes to realize how medicated you’re feeling from this stuff, little bit of a creeper.  Somewhat on the mellow side compared to some other Sativas I’ve smoked, which isn’t really a bad thing because it’s still a moderately strong high, but without any of the negatives that can sometimes come from a good Sativa.

Buzz Length:

1-2 hours depending on amount smoked.  Fades off and leaves you feeling completely sober when it does.


A little more mellow than I expected, but it’s a nice medication for day or evening.  Moderately strong head buzz with very little body feeling.  More of a relaxing Sativa.  I’ll definitely have to try more in the future.  –JRob9

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  1. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    Very nice i have never tried either,but have spacequeen growing right now and i have 3days left cant wait.Great pics also thanks.

  2. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    TGA Subcool originated Queen and they use it in many crosses like Chernobyl if u can find it not sold out. Think it was my best grow from this company. TGA Subcool and "Jill" especially rock. Thank u

  3. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    Awesome camera work!

  4. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    I want to try this ever since I heard it has space queen in it. Even in this it appears to have a lot of C99's dominating trait's.

    Well written review! Thanks for a peek inside ;)

  5. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    Very nice. You mention "Grandaddy Blueberry". I had some Blue Daddy once…wonder if it's the same.

  6. says:

    on Apr 2, 2013

    @crossfade, Good luck, hope to see some pics or a review!

    @Drums.. I also wonder! With a name like Blue Daddy, I'd have to guess it's either the same (GDP x D.J. Short's Blueberry) or Blue Dream x GDP or something.. Either way, now I want to try some Blue Daddy.. especially if it has Blue Dream in it instead of straight Blueberry haha. I will try to do a review of my GDB soon so you can check it out..

    Thanks everybody!

    • says:

      on Apr 2, 2013

      I recall it being totally indica, with zero BD flavor, so I'd guess GDP x Blueberry indica. It was so pretty I smoked it before I could review it. :(

  7. says:

    on Nov 11, 2014

    This stuff is insanely good

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