Fire OG Kush (Apothecary 420)


While their prices are the highest I have seen at any dispensary, Apothecary 420 in Los Angeles has some really good marijuana like this Fire OG Kush. I am not sure which dispensary is correct, but the Fire OG Kush from Apothecary 420 is labeled an indica, not a hybrid.

Fire OG Kush

Name: Fire OG Kush

From: Apothecary 420 (DispensaryLos Angeles)

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Price: $90/8th

Looks: Very tight, dark green rock like chunks that look like mini boulders. Great trichome coverage.

Smell: Spot on OG Kush aroma. Like pine and jet fuel.

Taste: Really nice menthol flavor with a woody aftertaste.

Buzz Type: One very hard hitting, sit you on the couch indica buzz. It only took a little bit and I was knocked out on the couch all afternoon.

Buzz Length: Long. 2-3 hours.

Overall: A great version of OG Kush. Definitely grown with pride. If it was not for the insane price, Fire OG Kush would have received an “A” instead of an “A-”.

Fire OG Kush

Fire OG Kush

Buzz Report: Every time I smoke some Fire OG Kush I ended up falling asleep. Normally that’s a good thing but man was it hard to review in my dreams. :)   –Chubbs

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  1. Duplicity


    on Feb 15, 2009

    They had it listed as 100% indica? I know a lot of dispensaries will just put indica or sativa even if it is a hybrid. Thats just due to the fact that almost everything is a hybrid these days and they are just telling you what side of the scale it leans to.

  2. says:

    on Feb 15, 2009

    fire og is probably the best meds on the market..i dont understand why apothecary prices their meds the way they do.
    you can grab an 1/8 of fire og @ ACC for 65..55 on specials.

  3. herbavore


    on Feb 16, 2009

    90 an 1/8 is offensive

  4. Jeff


    on Jun 6, 2009

    Apothecary 420 can’t last forever at those ridiculous high prices. I can get two $40 4 gram 1/8ths at L.A.H.C in Studio City of the best Kush out there and I can get something else for $10.

    I’m not knocking the weed from Apothecary 420 it’s excellent. I’m knocking the ridiculous prices they charge. Better quality of meds at LAHC.

    Chubbs….if I am wrong about LAHC. I will donate a gram of your choice to you.

    Chubbs that is my challenge to you. It took me two months. But I finally found the best meds in the state of CA.

    The Platinum Bubba Kush
    The Pure Kush
    The Blackberry Kush

    3 fire strains from LAHC that will knock the sox off of any Kush from any club. Even the $75+ 1/8ths……..-Jeff

    • says:

      on Jun 6, 2009

      @Jeff: I just added them to my list of spots to hit up next week. Will let you know how it turns out.

  5. says:

    on Jun 19, 2009

    i just picked some of this up at Green Oasis in West LA, it was only 65 an 1/8th and looks damn near identical to this.

  6. thatstonerkid


    on Jul 4, 2009

    never again.

    bought about 4gs of this a while back with some friends
    burned the hell outta my throat on the exhale made the sesh pretty unenjoyable
    the high was pretty good tho

    and i didnt pay anything near that price

  7. Jeff


    on Jul 11, 2009

    I’m going to “The Weed Spot” in Universal City. They have Fire OG Kush for $40 an 1/8th. I’ll post a review when I get back.

  8. joeeeeeeeeeeee


    on Jul 21, 2009

    yea studio city LAHC is aite. I’ve gotten bud from many different dispensaries. LAHC has very clean cut buds that look good and is good but sometimes its kinda weak. The strength of its buds are kinda hit and miss sometimes.
    Fire OG is always bomb tho. Dank Harsh SMoke.

  9. N8DAWG


    on Aug 4, 2009

    Dammitt where the hell yall get these delicious buddiez from? Can’t find This kinda shit around West Texas (Dat 806 Baby)

  10. persian818


    on Dec 3, 2009

    its got to be the best shit i ever smoked and probably ever will

  11. L.A.gino


    on Dec 4, 2009

    its got to be the biggest ripoff i have ever seen for that price

  12. L.A.gino


    on Dec 4, 2009

    these rapists are cooking up a serious batch of karma for themselves

  13. Flintsfinest


    on Dec 29, 2009

    Anyone who charges prices like this ruin it for the rest of us. Apothecary, stop taking advantage of your members!!

  14. Andy Daniels


    on Mar 11, 2010

    love it that all i can really say. and thats no lie that is all i can say after smokin this stanky bo dankey

  15. BUDconnoisseur89


    on Apr 29, 2010

    90 an 8th no way i would pay that it looks like kill thou

  16. says:

    on Apr 30, 2010

    I always do love a good bowl of a couchlock herb! It goes a long way with the always-classic H3 in the box. :) Hours of game time! I actually only had a couple small bowls of this – needed at least 2 more to keep me happy. It definitely feels like fire going down your throat, and it’s nowhere near as smooth as I’d liked it to, but I’d give it another go-around if I another opportunity!

  17. Nuglife


    on Apr 30, 2010

    yea I agree couch lock herbs can be great for video games for me when I smoke a sativa I get more hyper active and want to be doing something outside or lifting weights…not just sitting playing a game

  18. says:

    on May 6, 2010

    wow 90 an 8th that’s intense, no wonder it puts you to sleep Great Review!

  19. says:

    on May 6, 2010

    90 wtf did it make u a snack after u woke up or did u have to do it urself

  20. Grasstronaut


    on Jun 8, 2010

    Smoking that Fire OG I gripped for $55 an 8th. Stuff really is some fire lol

  21. gabriel gomez


    on Nov 17, 2010

    this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :) this made nuts go on fire after i smoked it. :)

  22. aleYarok


    on Nov 28, 2010

    $11,520/lb… fucking disgusting

  23. FIREHashtronaut


    on Jan 18, 2011

    Funny that 8ths of Fire OG fm hash are still cheaper then this bud.

  24. Ling


    on Feb 8, 2011

    50 an 8th in Mojave, Ca…

  25. bleezeblitzz


    on Mar 26, 2011

    apothecary prices are super steep

  26. karl m


    on Apr 11, 2011

    I just bought some very clean Fire OG down in Torrence for 45 for 1/8th. (their reg price) It is about the best I have had. Come on down to the SBCC dispensery it’s worth it for the much much better prices.

  27. potfriendTHC420


    on May 22, 2011

    I got 1/4 of Fire OG for 60 bones here in ny…thank you to whoever muled it 3,000 miles, you are to be commended!! The tricomes are beautiful, the taste/smell are amazing and the high is out of this world!!

  28. Dr DAnk


    on Jun 5, 2011

    I can’t believe they have the guts to charge $122/8th, that disgusts me.

  29. Dr DAnk


    on Jun 5, 2011

    ^ My bad that was meant to be on the Earth OG Kush, :P

  30. kevin


    on Jul 22, 2011

    lmao @ even 65 an eighth.

    its 50 an 8th in Fresno, at CHRC, and theres Tahoe at CMC Madera and Friant, its everywhere and not a dime over FIFTY YOU CROOKS

  31. SmokeyT


    on Sep 1, 2011

    GreenDoor in SanDiego $55 an 1/8th all day for FireOG, some of the best tasting herb i have ever had

  32. Anonymous


    on Oct 19, 2011

    Just picked up an 1/8+ in Long Beach, CA- No plans to smoke it anytime soon (maybe in 6 hours). Good to see it is plentiful and cheap back in Fresno. Got it for 45 bones here and got the happy hour special (.5g extra). It came highly recommended.

    I look forward to comparing the stuff to BLACK DIAMOND OG-The stuff of last week

  33. -


    on Dec 17, 2011

    Perhaps there is just about any site which could present all of us some sort of a great deal of advice just like ideas presented declared right here? Cheers for the Plan…

  34. matole boy


    on Mar 29, 2012

    $60/1/8 0z. @ Harbor Center in Oaktown for the Fire Kush !! Anybody charging over $60/1/8th for ANYTHING in the bayarea, even private reserve, would be run out of town!! Of course what would you expect from the Greed center of the planet, LaLa Land.

  35. says:

    on May 27, 2012

    I just picked up an 8th of this from a private caregiver here in AZ that goes to Cali for all his meds and brings them back….I got the 8th for $40 and it's some of the best OG I have had and compares the the skywalker og I had a while ago. The clubs here try to charge $65-70 for this same Cali cut. I get it for great prices sucks that many in Cali pay more for their buds then I do and they are all the same strains and quality straight from Cali.

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