Girl Scout Cookies From Private Dealer (NugSavioso)


Congrats to NugSavioso for getting Editor status with this review!  I hadn’t heard of this strain and was expecting some girl scout cookie-esque edibles, but this was a great surprise!

11-21-11 - Nugsavioso - Girl Scout

Submitted By: NugSavioso (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Nikon Coolpix S4000

Name: Girl Scout Cookies (OG x Cherrie Pie)

From: Private Dealer (San Francisco Bay Area)

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Price: $50/ 1/8th

Looks: Beautiful.  You can tell there was a serious effort to create something exquisite and new with existing genetics.  Tight nugs, dark green with orange cream looking hairs.  Some batches are known to have a hue of purps.

Smell: Mouthwatering, intoxicating smell.  A refreshing smell, minty-cocoa, lemon grassy, and other smells that the English language has no words for.  No smell of OG whatsoever.

Taste: Amazing.  I barely touched the bowl with the tip of the light, and I can taste delicate layers of flavors.  Cocoa, minty, cherry, maybe a hint of pie crust, all so smooth, like vapors on the exhale.

Buzz Type: Strong, powerful, sativa stone, concentrated in back of the head.  My eyes were closing, but I wanted to stay up and be active.

Buzz Length: Long.  2.5 hours… it’s a long journey.

Overall: What can I say, beautiful.  Geez.  Thanks to my friend that was just out to spread the love.  And now, I’m gonna smoke out my closest homiez!  Cookies cookies!!  (Look out for knock-offs like Animal Cookies, Fortune Cookies…)  –NugSavioso

11-21-11 - Nugsavioso - Girl Scout1

The smell and taste of this bud sound amazing!  –Tokeahontas

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10 Comments | Add Yours

  1. urkules


    on Nov 21, 2011

    straight urkle

  2. C.Bongsley


    on Nov 21, 2011

    In the dessert freestyle by wiz Khalifa he mentions both cherry pie and OG..he also mentions girl scout cookies. Coincidence?…

  3. skill-it


    on Nov 21, 2011

    I want some cookies! Hello to all my MR fam. Hope all is well out there!-Skill-it…SIPO!!!

  4. Aville


    on Nov 21, 2011

    heard a lot about this strain. this batch looks a little premmy. good to hear it was still good. nice review

  5. TaylorGangOG


    on Nov 22, 2011

    Wiz loves his cherry pie and girl scout cookies. ” purp,purp,purp,purp. OG Kush and girl scout cookies, cherry pie, no not dessert” are the lyrics. His weed guy “Berner” (I believe he has a dispensary in the Bay area) got loads of cherry pie n girl scout cookies. Cherry Pie: OG Kush x GDP x Durban Posion. Girl scout cookies: Cherry Pie x OG Kush. If you look up “wiz khalifa trippy stick” on YouTube you can see them with the strains

  6. myweedblows


    on Jan 12, 2012

    the reallll GSC, you’re welcome :-)

    • MrGanjaSmoka


      on Jan 28, 2012

      aye this is indeed the gsc … to the original poster, yeh some *majority of gsc* has purple throughout the buds. you can break one up and inside the buds will be some purple, but its very sparse.

      myweedblows, good pic and yeh, thats the Girl Scout Cookies im smoking too. Perfectly dried and cured buds, budlets even. I got a quarter pound recently and i dont think there was bud in there longer than 2inches but some as big around as a 50cent piece… weird … but so so dense …

      just perfection. AAA+++

      there is a delivery service in Oakland that just got a new purchasing agent. This guy really knows his stuff. Anyway, I have seen the stock they have and the GSC … apparently they have revamped everything right down to the management and purchasing dept. They have the choice strains like this .. check em out if ur in Oakland, PDA delivery. i think its .org , anyhow best flowers for delivery service hands down! GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!

  7. nugsavioso


    on Feb 23, 2012

    You Love my Cookies… Obviously they are premature, but packed some ridiculous flavour!!

  8. says:

    on Aug 8, 2012

    Your cookies look marvelous and delicious, I havn't seen much of true quality esp. for this strain in the OC area. Quite interested in the product, shoot me a msg perhaps we can come to a mutual agreement :) Thank You.

  9. says:

    on May 1, 2013

    LOL this is a stolen review from another site…just search Girl Scout Cookies on yahoo and these pics come up on another persons review at Kindreviews…

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