Jedi OG Kush (Vaporizer)


Would love to get my hands on some of this…it’s been a long week.

Jedi OG Kush

Submitted By: Vaporizer (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: ?

Strain: Jedi OG Kush

From: Soto Street Collective (DispensaryLos Angeles)

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid (Indica dominant)

Price: $25/gram, $65/8th

Looks: Deep dense nugs.

Smell: Very skunky with a lemon/pine aroma.

Taste: Signature kush taste.  Lemon finish.  Very tasty.

Buzz Type: Strong hard hitting indica.  Straight kick to the face with a stony body high.

Buzz Length: Long.

Overall: Very awesome indica high.  Hard hitting.  Amazing smell and taste.  A nice SHOW OFF type of herb right here.  A+ all the way.  –Vaporizer

Jedi OG Kush

Jedi OG Kush

The purple just puts it over the edge for me.  –Mrs. Chubbs

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19 Comments | Add Yours

  1. ReardoN


    on Jan 15, 2010

    You put that purple bud above this review as jedi og kush

  2. Twylights


    on Jan 15, 2010

    Kush taste with a lemon finish oh yes that’s some FIRE the lemony after tastes is to die. All I have to say is that I hope this strain is still available. There are some great tasting og’s at 420 24/7 in Studio City like the blue nose and the classic fireball. I live in the southbay and have to drive a little over an hour to get there it’s in It’s one place that has og’s as good as the nuggetry and that’s saying a ton,but like I said I need some of this.

  3. Stapleface


    on Jan 15, 2010

    Yet another og huh? this is getting to a pretty ridiculous point. Im sorry, well not really, but how many variations of the same exact strain do you people really think there is? So I could plant an og kush seed, or clone and get any of 1,000 different phenotypes? Still waiting that for some proof of afgani lineage in any “og kush” strain.

  4. Stapleface


    on Jan 15, 2010

    I think I just might make up my own og kush and put it out there for a crazy price just like everyone else does. how about Mr Clean Kush, nice a lemony, or in a pine scent, also come in that signature, who knows what it really is “kush” scent.

  5. jbone204


    on Jan 15, 2010

    looks like some good bud but i agree, theres too many og variations. probably mainly due to made up names. but the bud looks nice none the less.

  6. wheezer


    on Jan 15, 2010

    There is a strain called Jedi, maybe this a cross of o.g. Kush and that? Who knows, there are more strains being called Kush that are not, than actually are…nuff said. This does however look very similar to the plain ol’ Jedi which was pretty good, but I don’t remember a lemon flavor.

  7. m1ke


    on Jan 18, 2010

    stapleface, what a guy… ppl can cross OG with any strain they want, hence tthousands of combinations… i don’t know how you see a problem with that.

  8. Twylights


    on Jan 19, 2010

    It’s obvious neither of these folks know anything about OG Kush. Not to brag but I’ve smoked every strain that I have ever wanted to try and OG blows them all away(a good cut that is)hands down the best herb,and Mike is 100% right your church you talk about is God’s Gift X OG Kush. Kinda weird but I think God’s Gift has more Grand Daddy Taste and feel it’s seems to come out dominant over the OG so they crossed it again to bring out the perfect mix a really sweet kush PERFECTION.

  9. ronald


    on Jan 23, 2010

    i want some bud what can i do

  10. timmy


    on Jan 23, 2010

    jedi 41

  11. Flintsfinest


    on Feb 1, 2010

    I think to an extent, all these different OGs are a marketing ploy by most collectives. But there are differences there sometimes that deserve distinction. At my collective, we looked for the best OG we could find in that particular area and grew it in the area, for instance Oakland OG, Bay OG, Humboldt OG, etc. I think for the most part though the naming of OG like granddaddy master OG Express has gotten alittle comical

  12. says:

    on Feb 5, 2010

    If I could make my own Kush Hybryd, I would name it..”Aurora Kush tm. ” Ooooh the FUTURE. (and I know for a fact this one doesnt exixt yet!!!! NOW

  13. jbone204


    on Apr 29, 2010

    i looked at this review in january and i must have been pissed off or something. that bud looks totally delicious

  14. BUDconnoisseur89


    on Apr 29, 2010

    Thats a sexy looking nug the zoomed in pic show the beautiful trichs very nice review

  15. stak


    on May 1, 2010

    wow lol! whered the purple in that second pic come from lol? sick

  16. H1JACK3R


    on May 2, 2010

    Ok here’s the review that goes with the other picture. And I already read goober. This stuff looks unreal. Thoise macro shots are unbelieveable

    I think 65 is the highest price Vaporizer has paid in a review.


  17. J. Baker


    on Sep 13, 2010


  18. Zach


    on Sep 16, 2010

    The force is strong with this bud..

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