King Louie OG From CHC Center (MrCaliMatt420)


Haha love the lion carrying the bud like a little cub!  –Tokeahontas

Submitted By:
Camera Used:
Canon PowerShot ELPH 310HS
Strain Name:
King Louie OG
CHC Center (Dispensary - Long Beach)
$15/gram, $40/eighth

The King Louie is a bright green with yellow tint from all the milky crystals.  I split a 1/8th getting only 1.6 of this OG, comprised of a medium sized spear shaped nug and a smaller nug along with a couple popcorn nugs all covered in dark red hairs.


This OG has more of a sweeter pine scent with hints of lemon funk.


Burns nicely leaving white ash in my bowl and a piney flavor on my tongue.

Buzz Type:

A couple snaps is all I need to make my eyes feel heavy with a numbing pressure in the back and top of my eyes.  My forehead feels heavy and there’s pressure in my temples and the top of my cheeks making me to zone out day dreaming what to write next.

Buzz Length:

1 1/2 hours.


Back in the day my eyes would be the reddest out of everyone I know but after a few years that stopped.  Once I was done medicating with this flower my eyes were as red as my Modern Gold BHO t-shirt I was wearing at the time. Smoking this on December 21st 2012 didn’t bring the end of the world like the Mayans predicted but it sure got me medicated.  –MrCaliMatt420

Collectives carrying "King Louie Og":

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  1. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    Short.. Thanks :D

  2. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    Good pictures

  3. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    Looking dank and not a bad price tag on that either considering people in LA pay $45-55/eighth for top shelf :P

  4. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    great review

  5. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    Sure are getting a lot better with that camera! & nice review .MrCaliMatt420
    "sweeter pine scent with hints of lemon funk". That "funk" cant be a pungent stank with this one. ;)

  6. says:

    on Jan 13, 2013

    Nice to see LB still has some good bud floating around. Most of the collectives out there got raided because they didn't pay the bribe to city officials. Back in the day LB was the main distribution point for all the bud that was coming down from up north

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