LA Confidential Outdoor Organic – Homegrown (crossfade)


Ut’s been a while since we’ve had pictures submitted of a homegrow in action!  Thanks for the review, Crossfade!  –Tokeahontas

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LA Confidential
A. Nice smoke
Double indica
Roots organic 707 soilo puravida 2 part organic nutes cal mag and budswell

It looks pretty good.  There are nice trichs for outdoor all organic super rock hard buds.


It smells like perfumey dough, very sweet and quite strong.  It will smell up your house bad.  It did not smell while growing but stinks while curing and has some of the strongest odor while being smoked.  There’s nothing confidential about it, it lingers for about an hour.


Just like the smell, this tastes like perfume has been sprayed in your mouth.  It is really nice and super smooth.

Buzz Type:

Vary relaxing.  This is a nice buzz  with no couch lock but it’s good for pain relief and hunger.  It will make you eat.

Buzz Length:

The high is medium in length– 1.5 hours.  It  hits pretty quick.  I have a high tolerance so it might wreck the average smoker.


La Con is fun to grow.   Slooow veg, there are huge leaves that must be removed toward the middle and bottom of plant or it will get no sun.  The yield was okay– 1.5 pounds off of a six foot plant grown in 65 gal smart pots.  The taste and high are really nice and if you smoke a lot it will set you down but not overpower you too badly.  –Crossfade

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  1. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Hats off to ya. Excellent review and pics. LA Con goes hard.

  2. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Excelente buddy thanks for a glimpse into your growing world

  3. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Cool review, thanks dude!

  4. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Nice! LAC's pretty much all I smoke anymore (since it's free :) )

  5. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Looks great would love to try outdoors and yes la confidential is a great strain

  6. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    excellent review, and nice grow my man! how much did that plant yield? looks like u got alot of that mamma!

  7. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Lol there's NOTHINg confidential bout the smell lol. I've been wanting to grow this strain and I think Im gonna try to search for a clone of buy seeds! I noticed quite bit of LA con phenos turn purple? Or just chilly summer nights that made it purp?…
    Thanks for the good review.

  8. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    A lot of La's and La crosses i have scene like to purple up

  9. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Now THIS is a homegrow review. Good job man. Thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      on Jan 31, 2013

      Agreed. For all those reviewing their homegrows, take notes here!

      • says:

        on Jan 31, 2013

        very true… this was clear and concise… A few more shots of some of the cured product would be nice, but I am not complaining. Looking forward to some more Bush shots lol

  10. says:

    on Jan 30, 2013

    Thanks guys i appreciate the comments ,i will do a review of my Kosher kush next .

  11. says:

    on Jan 31, 2013

    Nice to see some growpics of this quality, really healthy looking plant. I like how you worked bud into the existing landscape to add function and curb appeal to the landscape.

  12. says:

    on Jan 31, 2013

    dankk yes the purple was part genetic and cool summer nights ,had a blue widow that really turned purple also,dankhydrokush i got 1.5 pounds of good buds and a qp of popcorn lower stuff,m1ke i will take more cured shots i new as soon as i posted i needed more lol.Once again thanks for the posative comments i plan to do another review this weekend .

  13. says:

    on Jan 31, 2013

    I sent a review of my homegrown just today. We shall see when it gets posted! Hopefully before the LA cup ;)

  14. says:

    on Feb 1, 2013

    Sounds dank dude, great job!! Homegrows are appreciated always.

  15. says:

    on Feb 1, 2013

    Dankk right on i'll keep my eye out for your review.

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