Lamb’s Bread 1 (Apothecary 420)


Apothecary 420 in downtown Los Angeles has a great sativa called Lamb’s Bread. Rumored to be from the hills of Jamaica, this spicy marijuana is a great herb to smoke before an outing.

From: Apothecary 420 (Dispensary)

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Price: $20G, $60/8th I believe ounces are available.

Looks: Great. Lots of orange hairs as well as a nice coating of crystals. Tight buds.

Smell: Spicy. Like a double shot of Jamaican rum

Taste: Spicy. Nothing too special. Good green taste.

Buzz Type: Active. Typical sativa buzz. Makes you feel like mowing the yard or changing a tire.

Buzz Length: Medium. I found myself looking for a good indica to smoke after hitting a bowl of Lamb’s Bread

Overall: I think it’s a good sativa. If you are into a cleaner, head buzz with a bit of get-up-and-go, then this is your weed.

Buzz Report: Lamb’s Bread did not really do anything special for me. I really like a good heavy buzz that makes my eyes all red and dry. This was quite the opposite. The buzz was nice and clear. I ended up playing solitaire for an hour and then smoked some Blackberry Kush and passed out. –Chubbs

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  1. says:

    on Sep 29, 2009

    looks pretty bad… lol not to be an asshole, but i think this was actually supposed to be bread… :)

    def some B- grades should even be 10 per

  2. says:

    on Oct 30, 2009

    I had this strain a few years back.. The buds are nice and fat real fluffy but nothing too great about this bud for veteran smokers .. 3 out of 5 stars

  3. anon


    on Nov 11, 2009

    Has some of this recently. Probably one of the best pure sativa strains there is. A wonderful piney/earthy taste out of a volcano vaporizer. Highly reccomended if you enjoy sativas.

  4. bud032


    on Dec 11, 2009

    I remember reading in High Times, an interview with Bob Marley.When he was asked what the strongest cannabis he had ever smoked was his reply was Lamb’s Bread.I also remember buying the same strain,but it was called Lamb’s Breadth.Anyone else ever hear heard of that strain? Anyway,the Lamb’s Bread is my favorite Sativa with Super Silver Haze coming in a VERY close second!

    • x


      on Dec 11, 2009

      lambsbreath is lambsbread crossedwith sharksbreath

  5. the urkell man


    on Dec 16, 2009

    first let me start by saying we need a marijuana history book so people stop just saying what they think the real story is. anyway, there is no such thing as a strain called lambs “bread”. if you find this your probably at a hack dispensary, that dosen’t care, cause they just want to sling some herb anyway. there is however, a very old jamaican strian called Lambs “BREATH”. this is in fact the strain that bob proclaimed to be the best. on a second note, the herb at the top of the page looks like crap because its not Lambs bread or breath, at all. In fact, based on the orangeness of the herb up top i would say its probably HOGS BREATH”. Hogs breath is like the ugly redheaded stepsister to “LB” see the connection between the two. Lambs breath however, grows much shorter than the HogsB, is very purple with tons of trichomes that form to hide the purple to it. they are both similar in sweetness and taste except that the HOGS is a little more earthy tasting on the back of your tongue

  6. Science_Dubs


    on Dec 31, 2009

    Spending many many years with Rastafarian’s in NYC/Brooklyn and spending too much time in Kingston, JA, i can say that the properly titled “Lambs Bread” is indeed a sativa strain from the ever so religious island of Jamaica. Classic Lambs Bread from Jamaica was so fat and dense, the elders say it resembled small loafs of bread. Lambs Breath is newer strain, and a cross strain that was not bred in Jamaica, and was not even around in Bob Marley’s days from what i’ve been told… Lambs Bread was one of the few sativa’s that looked like good light green chronic weed, thus why they named it Lambs Bread, and why it was so popular on the island AND in London, England. You will still find many great cross strains of Lambs Bread in London when you visit.

  7. says:

    on Jan 27, 2010

    I was in Jamaica around 77′, and *everyone* claimed they had Lamb’s Bread. We actually bought herb from the bus driver that took us from the airport to Montego Bay thinking maybe we wouldn’t get another chance. Duh. Most was ragweed (I dumped a pile in a toilet just for the picture), but eventually we met a farmer in the hills (who thought we wanted to buy a freaking *shipload*…it got a little hairy for awhile.) I convinced him to let me just buy $20 worth to *try* (he walked into the “bar” we were in with a Hefty Bag full of bud), and I think we got 18 “spliffs” (rolled in paper-bag paper, and they would burn for *hours*.)Couldn’t even finish them before we left the island. That stuff may have been Lamb’s Bread, as, after smoking a spliff for an hour in Negril, I couldn’t get out of my hammock.

  8. chefsmitty


    on Feb 12, 2010

    The bud was first well known from bob marley who would only travel with the bud to smoke before going on stage. I had some from 7 mile up in jamaica. smoked a spliff by myself in his chapel where his body lays. unbelievable, one of the best experiences ever. in fact i got the 2 ounces for about 100 and got it from one of bobs best friends growing up and also known as the guy that waves the flag at Damian, Stephen and Ziggy Marley concerts.
    the bud was so sticky and we were up for hours and drank tons and the bud kept everything very neutral and no hangover either.

  9. joe


    on Apr 12, 2010

    just for any doubters id like to second the notion that lambs bread is very much a real strain and a very special one at that.. i have been smoking high quality grass for years and while visiting ireland (of all places) in 06 i was gifted a few grams of 14th gen lambsbread from seeds brought from jamaica to ireland. it was single handedly the most enjoyably potent marijuana i have ever smoked. it was actually difficult not to burst into laughter after a few hits.. the taste and smell was beautiful as far as i can remember very very original. lambs bread was a huge strain in jamaica in the 70′s and 80′s.. during the 90′s alot of the indica strains made their way to jamaica and the “younger” rastas were amazed by their stature and shortened growth time. this led to the dying off of lambsbread which more or less was only maintained by devout elder rastas, thus why it would be VERY difficult to get original lambsbread genetics today.

  10. juguetoner


    on Apr 14, 2010

    I got a sixteenth from Eden Therapy in Hollywood last week and it is the most refreshing high I have ever experienced. I don’t know how pure Lamb’s Bread it was. But I do know that it was a purely Sativa high that felt more pure than any other Sativa I’ve ever smoked.

  11. BUDconnoisseur89


    on Apr 30, 2010

    Looks Dank and i love sativas so this seems like bud for me but the lambs bread i had was light green full of trichs and golden hairs

  12. says:

    on Jun 1, 2010

    In canada here we get a very potent strain with a very unique smell and taste that goes by lambs breath not bread

  13. Buknaked


    on Jun 13, 2010

    Bob Marley didn’t choose this particular strain as his favorite for nothing.
    Unfortunately you guys don’t know good weed unless you vape it. Lambsbread or at least the batch I got was probably one of the best sativas I have ever vaped. It was euphoric and clearing. It was by my counts some of the best highs that I have encountered.
    But don’t take it from me from a guy who has been getting his buzz on for over 30 years and vaping for over 6 years.

  14. Drums


    on Jul 27, 2010

    Had some recently that looked just like this. (Review in que I think). Probably my favorite sativa.

  15. JP


    on Oct 17, 2010

    I don’t think there’s a more interesting plant on the planet.

  16. MarkL


    on Oct 31, 2010

    I am growing what is today called “Pure Lambsbread” right now. If real “pure Lambsbread” exists today you’d probably only find it from some guy in Jamaica. It is pretty much extinct. What today is called “Pure Lambsbread” are seeds from a seed bank in the Netherlands. They are a cross between Lambsbread and Skunk #1 and are considered the closest to the original Lambsbread of all the LB crosses which is why they call it “pure” LB today, even though it is actually about a 75% 25% cross of LB and Skunk #1.

    It is lambs “bread” according to the Jamaicans, but “breath” is such a common misconception that it is almost equally used outside of Jamaica. LB x Skunk #1 is a 12 week strain, at least mine are going a full 12 (I am starting week 11 right now).

  17. escrilla


    on Nov 3, 2010

    Lambsbreadth is not sharks breath x lambs bread. sharks breath is lambsbread x great white shark

  18. makenzie lambert


    on Jan 20, 2011

    im soppose to be picking up some of this tommarow jamican strains are my faveriote and i just wanted to know what to loook for

  19. fatmatt


    on May 15, 2011

    The strain i had growing in the uk of all places was the strain known as”JAMAICAN LAMBSBREAD”I was lucky enough to know a rasta,who after buying loads of cheese off him he gave me a baggie with about 6-7 grammes in and aboun 3-4 seeds.First thing i thought was bollocks this aint the REAL LB.So germinated 2 of the seeds 1 took and amazingly was blessed with a lovely bushy,tall,leggy sativa.All in all it grew to just over 6 foot tall.I topped at week 7-8 in veg,at which point it developed 6 main branches with other branches coming off those.(It was cool looking,when chopped and rady for the drying it looked like really long dreadlocks.Lovely)All in all the flowering period was 11 weeks(but it was grown outdoors in a glasshouse,and forced with 12-12.)Started to put out pistils mid july,harvested end october.Will definately try again next year as still got some seeds left.The smoke was definately sativa,as was growing cheese and iced grapefruit aswell.100% will try again.outcome was 4.6 ounces,WICKED.PEACE,CHEESEMONSTER

  20. love it


    on Nov 25, 2011

    I don’t care if its extinct or what not, this Is my favorite sativa. I scored some from a Craigslist ad. Bought an oz. For 190$. I fell in love with this bud for the euphoric effects it gives. I’m not saying it will knock ur ass out or make u feel dopey high, but it flows the daydreams more efficiently and makes brainstorming much easier. I find this strain superb because It gets the job done. If u want bud that makes your imagination blossom look no further. It was so good I went back and bought a qp worth to save for special occasions . Cheers

  21. chitown buds


    on Nov 25, 2011

    ^ppl really buy buds off craigslist???? SKETCHY lol

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