M.O.B (Mother of Berries) Exclusive Maine Strain From Private Dealer (JayWeb2)


This MOB is exclusive to Maine according to JayWeb2.  Maine is one of my favorite places in the world, and this MOB sounds like a great strain.  –Tokeahontas

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M.O.B - Mother of Berries
Blueberry crossed with something.. Exclusive Maine strain
Private Caregiver
A+. The smell and taste are to die for.
Heavy Indica
$40-50 an 8th at dispensaries

Frosty, frosty, frosty and hints of purple throughout!  The nugs look amazing, just look at the pics.


The smell is sooo f’in awesome!!  This is the strongest, fruitiest, smelling bud I have ever had!  It smells very much like blueberry cheesecake!!


The taste doesn’t disappoint one bit!!!  The taste is exactly what you would think it would be like from the smell.  The taste of blueberry goodness lasts for minutes after you exhale a bong rip.

Buzz Type:

Depending on your tolerance, this could be a good smoke for you during the day.  But if you have a low tolerance it will knock you right out!

Buzz Length:

If you smoke heavily the buzz will last a solid hour and half for someone with a hiiiigh tolerance.


This is my favorite strain out right now.  The smell and taste is to die for no lie!  This is in my top five strains ever for sure.  –JayWeb2

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  1. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    Id love to smoke some weed that smells like blueberry cheesecake!

  2. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    There's no such things as state-exclusive strains anymore, weed travels soooooo much. Unless this was one of the first 5 batches or so, and even then the final product was probably shipped to a bunch of places. That's like Jordan saying SSHxGDP is only grown in Montana. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      on Dec 10, 2012

      I am not sure if that is entirely true.There are strains and phenos that have state origin. Strawberry cough(Vermont), Bubblegum(Indiana), NL(Cali.). While they are grown everywhere, It will be hard to find specific cuts in certain states. Super Skunk is one of the most commonly grown strain throughout the world. Yet Mass. has there own pheno of Super Skunk which is far superior in every aspect. Plus like with with Jordan, you can cross the same parents and it's *not* going to produce the same *exact* strain as when it was crossed 5 years before by another breeder. There is also the biggest factor imo, which parent is the father and which one the mother. Then you have the old school growers that have been growing the same stains for generations. Some not willing to tell you the genetics. I am sure there cut's are going to be different than the original they started with. So yes same name and genetic heritage, but it can be quit different too.

      • says:

        on Dec 10, 2012

        lol some of the best OGs are individual cuts only found in Cali and my friend has a strain he made on accident I bet its only in Michigan yes strains do get out of state sometimes but as for hella dank cuttings they tend to stay in a friends group and don’t even make it to the next state but maybe in bud form
        anyway nice review really enjoy the read

  3. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    this came from the east coast :) i beileve this is from maine, im glad to finally see this strain up here and such high quality !

  4. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    this is such a nice floural strain, its mouth watering

  5. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    I never said SSH x GDP is only grown in Montana… i said it originated in Montana and is one of our most popular cuts that you really cant find elsewhere unless you personally know a grower with the strain… I know that more than a few growers moved out to WA, CA, MI, OR and CO with the legit cut of the strain… it's a clone only strain from what ive heard too!

    Here's a Michigan cut of the strain

  6. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    Here's my cut… literally. Someone used my profile picture as an example pic of Silvertip. Apparently someone likes my buds :)

  7. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    Looks nice but I'm not a blueberry fan and I've had DJ shorts cut,not that that's really saying anything.

  8. says:

    on Dec 10, 2012

    I think what he meant was that as of right now, it's limited to Maine because it's a brand new cross that a grower bred and it's kept within a tight group of people..but eventually all strains do find their way across the country. Shit, they had Girl Scout Cookies at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

  9. says:

    on Dec 11, 2012

    if your from NE you know M.O.B its been around for atleast 10 years and batches are generally the same quality all around. the nuggs are never super huge, purple hues all over spuraticly and ths floural fruity funkyness. whenever its in my area i ALWAYS try and scoop atleast a zip. i havent seen it around for a minute. truely amazing genetcs. its like strawberry cough blueberry and ak47 all bundled in to one

  10. says:

    on Dec 11, 2012

    i dont know if thats what the genetics are or not lol who knows really, but thats what my pallot and nose tell me anyway. super loud smell/flav

  11. says:

    on Dec 17, 2012

    hello everyone im wanting killer kush i moved here from amsterdam to vancouver b,c anyone has killer bud they would sell me gram or two or even more give me an email shout yo_gottii@live.com plz people

  12. says:

    on Aug 3, 2013

    Im burning some M.o.B. right now. I didn't know it stood for mother of berry..pretty cool.
    I get more of a northern lights feel off it. The purple nugs are very pretty. My dispense has better bud than this though. OG Skunk blows mob away. Mob is at the same price range as Cheese and I think they are both necessary. I love mob but still crave something different sometimes.

  13. says:

    on Aug 20, 2013

    M.O.B. (aka Mother of Berries, Maine Outdoor Bud, or Money on a Branch) is a clone only strain grown all over the northeast but predominantly in Maine. From my experience with it I believe it to have strong Kush genetics. It is exceptionally floral and fruity in both taste and smell. Deep purples adorn the colas while the lower branches tend to have more pink tones. It flowers in 55 days + or -. it finishes in early- mid september outdoors in the northeast. it is not a tall plant and can be succeptable to mold. I find that it smells alot like overripe tropical fruit with a heavy kush undertone. lethargic stone for me, but she sure is pretty. what else do you want to know?

  14. says:

    on Nov 21, 2013


  15. says:

    on Apr 8, 2014

    I picked some of this up today at the wellness connection of Maine in Hallowell. amazing strain, very happy with it!

  16. says:

    on Sep 17, 2014

    I live in the beautiful state of Maine and I'm currently growing this strain indoors. M.O.B. has legendary status here in Maine. It took me the better part of 3 years to get my hands on this cut. It has a very short flower time of 7 weeks…..although some people take it to 9 weeks. It's fast growing with strong Indica characteristics. If you can get this strain, which can be tough because it's clone only, hold onto to it tight and never let go! lol……

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