Mendo Madness From Trinity Gardens (NorCal_Cyclist)


Here we go…NorCal_Cyclist Tuesday.

Mendo Madness

Submitted By: NorCal_Cyclist (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Sony Cybershot DSCH1

Name: Mendo Madness

From: Trinity Gardens (DispensaryRedding)

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid

Price: Complimentary

Looks: Light-Medium green with fine yellow-orange hairs and a nice coating of crystals.

Smell: Fresh citrus/floral – reminded me of the Headband I recently purchased.

Taste: The smoke is floral, light, and smooth – with mild expansion.  Didn’t cause any coughing.  The smoke leaves a bit of a sweet taste lingering toward the back of your tongue.

Buzz Type: The high is cerebral and upbeat.  While the buzz didn’t really inhibit activity, I had a hard time keeping track of what I was doing.

Buzz Length: Medium-Long – lasted a good 1-2 hours.

Overall: This was a freebie nugget to evaluate from the dispensary owner, as the grower had dropped off a nice big zip lock baggie full of bud to try out.  I would say this is a good day use or night use med due to the spacey feel/lack of focus the buzz brought.  I smoked a fat joint of this before going to see “Daybreakers” and thoroughly enjoyed the movie/experience.  –NorCal_Cyclist

Mendo Madness

I think any complimentary bud is fabulous.  Sounds like some good medicine.  –Mrs. Chubbs

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11 Comments | Add Yours

  1. kansas


    on Jun 2, 2010

    Mendo Madness is great, love the emerald triangle fire! question I’ve seen this strain showing up in Colorado Dispensaries so does that mean the clone or genetics made its way all the way here to the midwest? Kind of a stupid question also how can you grow OG in the mountains when theres no Ocean around? Basically seeing a lot of Cali strains in Colorado these days any ideas?

  2. says:

    on Jun 2, 2010

    looks very INVITING, thnx for the NorCal_Cyclist Tuesday review

  3. stak


    on Jun 2, 2010

    looks very nice. i love free bud :)

  4. Merkaba


    on Jun 2, 2010

    I just picked up some Mendocino Madness seeds. Even though it was from a different seedbank, it has to be THseeds variety- just in non-original packaging. ANyways… Looks great! I cannot wait to grow them out! Especially based on this review, looks amazing.

  5. wheezer


    on Jun 2, 2010

    @KANSAS: Yes, we are taking them over there. What do mean theres no ocean around? what does that have to do with anything?

  6. skill-it


    on Jun 2, 2010

    This is the first strain that I had that I know for sure was grown in the Triangle. After that there many to follow, but that was the first. This was the early part of the ninties, yet I can remember opening the QP my buddy got mailed in as clear as it was a week ago. I can remember that sent wafting up, and then smoking, and then thinking “man I need to see what’s up out there. Next summer I was in the Redwood Empire!
    Thanks Cyclist for two out of three reviews were connected to me in my mind. This one was like a trip back in time so that was awesome! Thanks man I’m gonna light this one up for you…Peace in and…..SMOKE OUT!!!

  7. wheezer


    on Jun 2, 2010

    way back in time……way, way back

  8. kansas


    on Jun 2, 2010

    @ wheezer my understanding had always been Ocean grown started from the aqua layer (not the correct term) im sure thats in the soil in California along the coast. very rich in minerals from the ocean water that has washed up. This was what somebody told me in CA. So whats the real story? they bring clones or seeds I see ay?

  9. kansas


    on Jun 2, 2010

    Now that I think about it that was a RETARDED question.

  10. kansas


    on Jun 2, 2010

    My question is it legal to bring the genetics I guess?

  11. Maisha Gerson


    on Apr 3, 2012

    It’s hard to go wrong in a Southern Republican primary by pointing out Obama’s otherness.

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