OG Kush From Private Dealer (_Goggalor_)


One more review for this Tuesday and it’s some OG Kush!!  –Tokeahontas

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OG Kush
Private Dealer (Central Minnesota)
Heavy Indica

I only got the chance to sample a half-8th of this strain this time unfortunately, and it all came in one 1.7 gram nug.  Upon first inspection, the bud is large, chunky, and has definite Indica bud structure.  Not too amazing looking outside, but inside is a different story.  It’s absolutely COATED in layer after layer of juicy trichomes.  Very sticky to the touch, but breaks up nicely.


Strong, strong lemony funk.  The smell is sweet with a little zesty kick.  Very pungent.  My nug is sitting in front of me and it’s stinking up my whole room, and it’s only a half-8th.  The jar it came from was much stronger and filled the room instantly.


Very, very fuely, with sweet, earthy undertones.

Buzz Type:

After exhaling the first hit, my eyes got droopy and I felt the body high coming on, but when it fully hit, it hit hard and stayed for quite a while.  Heavy couch lock with this one.  It is definitely not a wake and bake strain, at least with this cut.

Buzz Length:

One bowl and I was couch locked for about an hour.


This was some great medication for anxiety and poor appetite, but it did nothing for my depression with its pure, strong Indica effects.  Still, you can’t blame the bud for that.  Any small quibbles I had with the looks of the bud initially were soon erased.  This is my 2nd time smoking on this strain, and it has treated me well each time.  Definitely lives up to its reputation if you get the true stuff.

As always, stay medicated.

Peace, Goggalor

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  1. says:

    on Apr 2, 2013

    maybe its the lighting but this dont' look like an OG ,

    • says:

      on Apr 2, 2013

      It's probably the angle, but it has the classic chunky bud structure and the smell to match. Definitely an OG cut, but again, not sure which one. There are so many out there now.

  2. says:

    on Apr 2, 2013

    yea your right ,there is alot of OG cuts out there, would like to see some brighter pics in the future to get a better look at it, but everything else is spot on , keep the reviews coming

  3. says:

    on Apr 2, 2013

    Zigzag, I thought the same at first glance, but this is outdoor OG. I've noticed that the outdoor OGs tend to be a lot more chunky than the popcorns we are used to from an indoor OG

  4. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    yeah this may be outdoor, but that doesnt defeat the purpose. nice review, quick and to the point. i recently got some very beautiful outdoor that was a lemon og cut and was bomb and had a great smell and taste, def gave me a dif perspective due to the legit sunlight.

  5. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    Outdoor for sure. Looks fire still, i'd love to have some in my stash. just because it's outdoor doesn't mean it's shit, some of the best buds I've smoked were outdoor, I've never had a bomb greenhouse bag though. Greenhouse that comes around here is always way under trimmed

  6. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    Just to clarify before someone gets butthurt about the greenhouse comment, I'm saying I haven't had good greenhouse, not saying that there isn't fire greenhouse out there, just never makes it to my neck of the woods in NC

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