OG Kush From Private Dealer (Irie_Mountain_Rx)


OG Kush is a mainstream strain that has definitely seen some love on Reviews!  Check out Irie_Mountain_Rx’s take!

1-30-12 - iriemt - ogkush

Submitted By: Irie_Mountain_Rx (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Canon T2i

Name: OG Kush

From: Private Dealer 

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Price: $80/quarter

Looks: Dark green tight, dense calyxes coated in crystals.  Very dense finger grinding turns it into a very kief-like substance.  Perfectly cured, as it breaks up very nicely.  Very typical OG-like bud structure.

Smell: A musky skunk with very earthy and lemony after tones.   Typical OG dank smell.  Not quite as overpowering as other OGs, but once broken up, a much stronger smell comes through with more lemons.

Taste: Same as the smell.  Very smooth.  Just a small amount of expansion after exhalation.  There is much more of an earthy and musky taste over the skunky, lemony tones.

Buzz Type: Smooth, relaxing body buzz that allows the mind to run free whilst melting away all aches and pains!  A powerful case of the munchies comes along with this herb as well.

Uplifting and semi-motivating at first, but then moves into a very well balanced indica buzz.  It’s uplifting as well as sedating, but not to the point of complete couch lock.  This herb is good for someone who loves a hefty indica buzz without the sleepiness that can become if medicated throughout the entire day!

Buzz Length: MediumLong.  2 to 2.25 hours.

Overall: Absolutely frosted over nugglets that are hard as rocks.  When transferring my stash into a jar it sounded as if I was dropping pebbles down into the container! 

Pain relief and stress are definitely some medicinal benefits of this herb.  No complaints!  –Irie_Mountain_Rx

1-30-12 - iriemt - ogkush1

Your pictures keep getting better and better!  And, as always, thanks for the nature picture for me!  –Tokeahontas

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  1. drums


    on Jan 31, 2012

    Nice. Just sent off review of an OG x (La Con) and also have that crossed with MK Ultra (Ultra Con!). The OG taste cuts through everything.

  2. says:

    on Jul 6, 2013

    Never wrong with some Og

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