Pineapple Daze From Private Grower (J-Trip)


New reviewer J-Trip is lucky enough to have a roommate with some growing skills!  –Tokeahontas

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GE X500
Strain Name:
Pineapple Daze
Secret recipe ;)
70/30 Indica dominant
N/A. My roommate grew this all for us :)

Extremely dense, hard, light green nugs.  The nugs are completely drenched in trichs and little amber hairs.  This bud looks like a tree on Christmas day in New York.


This Pinapple Daze smells like a pineapple smoothie when you really want it on a nice hot day.  It’s extremely fruity and inviting.  It screams “smoke me.” ;)


The taste is just like the smell.  The pineapple sweetness is the prominent flavor for sure.  The flavor is very strong and appetizing.

Buzz Type:

This weed is strong!  It provides a good combination of cerebral and body effects, leaning a little more toward the indica side.  If you smoke a lot at bedtime you will wake up with a huge weed hangover, if you know what I mean.

Buzz Length:

Long buzz length.  The high lasted 2 – 3 hours.


Amazing quality bud homegrown.  Who needs dispensaries when you can do everything yourself and come out with a much better product with no cost?!  –J-Trip

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  1. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    sounds tasty, how much did it yield?

  2. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    The review was alright, come on with that pic though.

  3. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    More pics please.

  4. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    No cost huh? Nice review though. More pics of closeups please

  5. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    Nice job, next time better picks..I Wana see the best bud you've ever smoke (AAA)..

  6. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    AAA lol funny.

  7. says:

    on Dec 6, 2012

    I'll make sure to get some more pics next time sorry :(

  8. says:

    on Dec 7, 2012

    Well done for your first review! Keep em coming!

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