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This is an awesome review, as usual, from magneticbuds!

3-26-12 - magneticbuds - pineapple

Submitted By: magneticbuds (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: Nikon D3000

Name: Pineapple

From: Private Dealer

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (Sativa dominant, 75/25?)

Price: $65/half ounce

Looks: Great trich coverage.  This herb made EXQUISITE pollen collections in our grinder.  Filled it up several times within a few days.  A bright lime green that we aren’t used to around here very often.  It’s really rare finding a nice, fruity bud in our parts.

The most prominent feature I noticed was the fact that the dark orange to amber hairs are so swollen.  They look like a horse hair compared to the calyxes we usually see.  The long resin glands with tiny little heads leads me to believe that this is a sativa dominant strain.

However, a body buzz counterbalances my opinion and maybe a little indica thrown in there.  The nuggets look "chunky" from a distance (I suppose due to a foxtailing feature in this grow?), but are quite dry and crumble under very little pressure due to the hidden pockets of less dense bud hidden throughout the individual nuggets. Beautiful.

I didn’t get a chance to do the photos because my boss worked me like a damn mule this week (my wife did them and quite a few of the others =] she’s really getting the hang of the D3000) but I would just stare at the nuggets every chance I got.  Very gorgeous in person.  So after saying that my wife did the photos, we got another half ounce and I had to use the pineapple we had laying around and get some "Pineapple Glamour Shots."  I love a good flower.

Smell: Smells a lot like fruit loops.  Definitely a fruity smell but indistinguishable as to WHICH fruit (same idea as fruit punch).  Quite wonderful though.  My nose has been steering me wrong lately so I’ve left it up to my old lady’s sniffer.  Love you honey.

Taste: I get a sweet fruity tinge on the inhale if pulled slowly.  Almost like fruit and homemade whipped cream.  A bit of expansion after clearing the hit.  Not enough to hurt you, but just enough to let you know she’s still in there!

Buzz Type: A good bong rip like it bypasses your lunges completely and just goes straight from the tube, through your head, to your brain.  An INSTANT head buzz with a good powerful toke.  A very brainy and cerebral buzz, but in a physical sense as well.

It feels like there are tiny little harmless bugs massaging every inch of my brain.  I mean, s**t, this HAS to be the longest review I’ve ever written and I’ve only ripped two bongs of this stuff.  Gives a great drive and determination for what you are doing.

Artists: grab yourself your medium of choice, an ounce of Pineapple, and go to work.  Make our country beautiful again.  This weed is inspirational.  I can definitely dig it.

Burns out into the body.  Definitely has a bit of indica in the mix.  I don’t know if it’s because I have been staring at this screen so long or if the bud is getting to my eyes and making them heavy.  I’ll break from writing to toke another.  I hope you will break in reading this and do the same. =D

Buzz Length: With a quick ascent, I usually find that I have an incredibly fast comedown or a long and drony burnout.  With this bud I find somewhere in between.  I don’t stay high too long.  But the comedown is moderate in length and can be counteracted with a quick walk around the block, might snap you back into your head buzz.  I would say that this buzz length is moderate, lasting about 45 minutes to an hour.

Overall: (…well…tips and questions):  Don’t roll this up in a blunt.  You lose everything unique about this herb and the blunty bluntness ends up negating any head change or enlightenment that one may get from this.

I repeat, ARTISTS OF ANY  KIND PLEASE PICK THIS UP.  The high is so inspiring.  I went on a random tie dyeing spree and I’m thinking about busting out the prismacolors. Get into your inner hippy!

I noticed that all, and I mean ALL, of the stems were immaculately straight.  Like if they were thicker, I could make them into Lincoln Logs.  Any ideas on the origin?  Growing methods?  Genetics?  I have no clue.

All I can say is thank you very much Private Dealer. =]  –magneticbuds

3-26-12 - magneticbuds - pineapple1

3-26-12 - magneticbuds - pineapple2

3-26-12 - magneticbuds - pineapple3

I can think of more than a few people here who would kill to get their hands on this creativity booster!  Props to both you and the Mrs. on great pictures, too!  –Tokeahontas

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  1. Mike-420


    on Mar 26, 2012

    Not a fan of sativa’s but thats a great price tag!!!

    Looks pretty tasty

  2. says:

    on Mar 26, 2012

    a steal in price! & by far your best review magneticbuds.

  3. drums


    on Mar 26, 2012

    I’ll add it to My List.

  4. says:

    on Mar 26, 2012

    This is what reviewing is about – the Meds!! Great writing as well as a fantastic strain to write about made for a great read indeed. That price is amazing too – nug oil amazing. And what a fantastic sounding high to concentrate!! I bet the grinder kif was boooomb! Great job keeping it real!

  5. magneticbuds


    on Mar 26, 2012

    First, I’d like to speak to the typo (not sure if it was my orinigal draft or toke putting it up but it was 165 per half not 65 although I don’t feel like that is too hard of a price for this shrub. I really really REALLY enjoyed this strain a lot and I recommend it to absolutely anyone that simply wants to get high or medicate. An all around great nugger.
    @highroller, and @turtle: thank you SO much for the compliments. My wife and I really took them to heart!

    I aboslutely could fall in love with this strain.

    • says:

      on Mar 26, 2012

      aaaaah I was gonna say….know a local realtor?
      Still an awesome scoop and a great write-up. Thanks for sharing!

      Awesome final pic too :)

      • says:

        on Mar 26, 2012

        Thanks man! Weve appreciated all the really positive feedback!

    • says:

      on Mar 26, 2012

      You should look into getting the Nikon 40mm Macro lens; I have a feeling you’d LOVE it too!

      • says:

        on Mar 26, 2012

        I will check it out! I was looking into a telephoto with macro but i believe that youre idea would give me the same wuality at a much lower cost. Thanks chef!

        • says:

          on Mar 26, 2012

          Yeah read around the web, the reviews for that 40mm are GREAT! I snagged one a few weeks ago; it’s a great lens choice for street photography but the macro is where it’s at. Slap that bad boy on your camera and get ready for some ‘magazine cover shot’ quality.

          Here’s an example; I snapped this last night and keep in mind I’m still a photog newbie – doesn’t hurt having super frosty flowers either. ;)

          • says:

            on Mar 27, 2012

            Im all on it man. Im hoping to have one within the next few months. Thanks so much for the recommendation chef!

    • says:

      on Mar 26, 2012

      I hope you two keep it up. Because from the nice to read review, to the beautiful & creative Pineapple pic. It gives an impression that there was time/dedication put into it.
      As for the strain, i hope to try it. And not crosses of it…

      • says:

        on Mar 27, 2012

        You guys/ gals are awesome at the nuggetry community. Soon to come: video reviews along with the writeups and the photos! Only problem is that alot of our private dealers are dropping out of the game without giving reliable references. And with no dispensaries and no strain of herb that may be relevant to dispensary customers, are supply of ” brand name strains” is slowly diminishing. Hopefully, we will find a steady income of named strains, but we may have to ask the nuggetry community for help on that!

        All the compliments really brought smiles to our faces because we loveddddd this herb. Your comments make us feel like we did it justice.

  6. says:

    on Mar 26, 2012

    Damn good for $65 a half oz.

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