Pink Kush From Private Grower (DleafSmoke)


If you’re looking for a hard hitter that still lets you get on with your day, this Pink Kush might do the trick!  –Tokeahontas

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Evo 3D
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Pink Kush
Afghan Purp x King Kush x Lemon Haze
Custom Grower
A. This grower creates vanity strains that aren't always the best but this was definitely some grade A bud.
Hybrid - Heavy eye dropper right here
3.1 grams for 20 bucks was a good deal on some good smoke

The 2 nugs I was given were very light green and very frosty.  I am used to “Kush” strains being very dense and this was the total opposite.  Very airy nugs with almost no structure to them.  Lots of tiny little dark orange hairs can be seen evenly throughout.  These were well manicured plants, leaving all the juicy leafs intact.  Once broken up the frostiness really started to show.


Not much smell coming from these nugs.  There is a light spicy peppery smell when lit but in the bag it smells of very faint spicy seaweed.  This is probably some of the freshest bud I’ve ever picked up and in turn required me to cure it for a week before it would spark properly.


Hey, that’s what I was looking for.  A very heavy flavor on inhale that makes people make the sour face but has a peppery aftertaste.  Very unique taste that I would imagine comes from the Haze and has little do with the other genetics.

Buzz Type:

The combo in this strain made for a high that seemed to come in waves.  After 30 minutes I was a little hungry and entirely lost on youtube.  After another 30 minutes I had some intense, must be handled now munchies that resulted in a nacho platter being made.  Almost immediately after the meal the buzz was gone so we smoked… and started the exact cycle over again.  I haven’t had the munchies like this since high school!!

Buzz Length:

I found that this had a nice Indica high that didn’t totally lock me up but lasted less than 2 hours.  I think the lemon haze really had an effect on all aspects of this plant.


I am not a huge fan of “haze” based strains and prefer to stick with my Indicas but was pleasantly surprised by how clean the high was with little to no come down.  I really wish I had a larger sample of this to review because it had some odd characteristics I hadn’t seen before.  I found the structure to be the oddest thing about this as the nugs seemed to fall apart like a perfectly cooked rib.  Don’t know if I would honestly pick up this strain again but it was nice to try something new.  –Dleafsmoke

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  1. says:

    on Feb 21, 2013

    Nice nice excellent pics as well

  2. says:

    on Feb 21, 2013

    By looking at how the hairs are just starting to come through in many spots. I would say given more time and better growing conditions, it would have filled out with that typical kush structure. Pink kush is a dank strain imo. Great job on the review Dleafsmoke.

  3. says:

    on Feb 21, 2013

    How much weight you lose with cure?

    • says:

      on Feb 21, 2013

      TBH i didnt wiegh it at the end but judging by how crispy the buds got and the shape they were in no more than .1 /gram.

  4. says:

    on Feb 21, 2013

    Hasn't pink kush been around for a while? I don't think your guy bred this strain himself, if that's what you're saying. Shame it wasn't let go another week though, looks like it woulda knocked your socks off with some extra time to fill out.

    • says:

      on Feb 21, 2013

      Th grower here crosses his own strains and uses current names to try and help sell them. The actual genetics of pink kush are different everywhere you go online so he felt it was an okay name to use. I wuld totally agree with giving it another week or 2 to fill out in the future.

  5. says:

    on Feb 21, 2013

    That last pic does show a little amber though, maybe he just had a lighting issue that took away from the density.

    • says:

      on Feb 21, 2013

      Pic 3 isnt a good resemblance of the true ember trichs as the bud was in a green glass jar that directly affected the color of the bud. I will agree with anyone that says this is a little premature.

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