Purple Bubba Kush From Private Caregiver (Cee9)


For all you Kush lovers out there, check out this Purple Bubba Kush!  –Tokeahontas

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Purple Bubba Kush
Not sure I think Bubblegum x Kush?
Private Caregiver in AZ
Top Shelf
Indica Dominant
$40 an 8th, $80 a Qtr

Looks soft in color, like a pastel green with purple bits sporadically on some calyxes.  Lots of yellowish trichomes.  Most of the trichome heads on the outer side of the buds have broken off due to handling.  Nice large head trichomes on the inside of the nugs when broken open.  Minimal orangish red hairs covering the buds as well.


The smell on this Purple Bubba Kush is that of coffee/ sandalwood/hash/earth/marshmallow sweetness.  I don’t smell any of the typical purple smell coming off of these flowers.  Pretty standard Bubba Kush smell.  Like I’ve said before, it reminds me of Indian incense that you might possibly smell in a Teepee.


Pleasurable taste.  The taste that is coming through is almost identical to the smell.  An essence of hash/coffee/sandalwood.  I REALLY like these earthy tasting kush strains.  Again, some roasted marshmallow coming through on the palate at the back end of the exhale.

Buzz Type:

This Purple Bubba Kush has a nice strong buzz that makes me very hungry.  The high from Bubba always seems to lower my blood sugar a bit and make me shaky if I don’t eat afterwards.  Very narcoticy effects with just enough of a sativa backbone to where you can function.

Buzz Length:

The buzz on this flower is medium in length, about 1.5 to 2 hours.


Overall, this batch of Purple Bubba Kush shows why I always include Bubba Kush in my staple strains.  I love the kushy earthy taste and the nice indica yet functional buzz.  I would imagine this batch to be excellent for people suffering from sleep disorders or appetite loss.  Also seems very good for pain and stress, and has one of the most relaxing highs you will find in my opinion.  –Cee9

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    on Mar 6, 2013

    Beauty great review!

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