Purple Bubba Kush (Vaporizer)


A while back Vaporizer sent in a batch of reviews and in it was this little gem. Take a look at what he thought of some Purple Bubba Kush.

Purple Bubba Kush

Submitted By: Vaporizer (Member and Editor)

Name: Purple Bubba Kush

From: South Gate Herbal Remedies (DispensaryLos Angeles)

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Price: $60/4 Grams

Looks: Purple and green dense nugs – Solid trich coverage.

Smell: Sweet skunk.

Taste: Signature skunk followed by the famous signature ‘purp‘ finish.

Buzz Type: Heavy body high. Heavy eye lids.

Buzz Length: Long. 2-3 Hours

Overall: OOOOooooowwwweeeeeeee! Purple Bubba Kush caught my eye when I glanced at the menu at South Gate Herbal Remedies and I just had to try it. Appearance and smell were wonderful and after a nice bong rip I was very impressed. Great smoke for kicking back and enjoying some music or a good flick.  –Vaporizer

Purple Bubba Kush

Great looking bud for sure. I usually don’t make the pill bottle pics big but I like the look of this gigantic Purple Bubba Kush pill bottle. Very overwhelming!  –Chubbs

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  1. hollows


    on Mar 30, 2009


    About the dispensary though, is this also known as South Gate Herbal Healing Center (off of Paramount Blvd.)? If it isn’t, could you please provide an address or any contact info as web searches aren’t turning up anything with regards to this particular dispensary. Thanks.

  2. Vaporizer


    on Mar 30, 2009

    Exactly correct hollows. They are also known by that name.

  3. hollows


    on Mar 30, 2009

    Thanks for the quick reply, Vaporizer. I have to definitely check this place out, it seems they carry some incredible product judging by most of your reviews.

  4. amanda


    on Mar 31, 2009

    I had the joy of smoking some Platinum Bubba recently and it was a dream :) This looks and sounds just as good.

  5. blazedconfused420


    on May 22, 2009

    south gate herbal healing center definetley has great products I am never let down with anything i get there! =)



    on May 22, 2009

    I purchased some of this strain from haborside( yes the bay area)…it was love at first toke.

    • champkind


      on Jul 10, 2010

      Also had some of the purple bubba kush from harborside in san jose. Very happy with the eighth it nearly melted my face off. Amazing looking buds and cured properly.

  7. steve-o sw


    on Jun 1, 2009

    how can i find some of this

  8. medicalman


    on Dec 8, 2009

    Seriously, I need to get my hands on some of this…Interesting that there seem to be so few strains crossed with bubba kush…heck even bubbleberry has disappeared…

  9. Albert Pascarelli


    on Jan 10, 2010

    this was pretty good indica/dominent budz…my batch was cured very well and grown to perfection..attained from private grower…one of the best bubba strains i have had next to PRE 98 bubba…better look though.lol

  10. Leo


    on Jan 19, 2010

    Damn, I had this exact strain a few weeks ago from another dispensary, GGR to be exact, in west LA. Definitley one of the stronger purples out there. I didn’t even realize I’ve been smoking that dank of bud all the time, good thing I live in LA.

  11. BUDconnoisseur89


    on Apr 29, 2010

    Thats some nice looking bud the kush and purp sounds really good

  12. stak


    on May 1, 2010

    looks a bit leafy compared to the stuff u typically get vape. but clearly this one is a winner

  13. says:

    on Jan 11, 2013

    Just picked up a Q for $115- very nice!

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