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Only one picture with this review, but it’s a good one!  Welcome to the site, m4rijuana.

purple kush m4rijuana

Submitted By: m4rijuana (Member)

Camera Used: Canon Rebel XS

Name: Purple Kush

From: Private Dealer (Ontario, Canada)

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Price: $35/quarter

Looks: Very tight, frosty nugs with a beautiful undertone of deep purple.

Smell: Very kushy with a hint of fruit.

Taste: Tastes very kushy.  It was very smooth and went straight to my head as I exhaled the toke.

Buzz Type: A very instant high, but it calms out after about an hour into a mellow high which lasts for another hour.

Buzz Length: MediumLong.  It’s a strong high which peaks around 30 minutes, and lasts for about 2 hours.

Overall: Very crisp, sweet, and smooth kush that I could smoke all day.  Will definitely be smoking this again. This Purple Kush is great if you want to feel an intense high but still want to be chilled after.  I would recommend smoking this in the evening, so you will be nice and mellowed out before bed :-)   –m4rijuana

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4 Comments | Add Yours

  1. says:

    on Mar 22, 2012

    Not a horrible first review man! Welcome to the site! And congrats on getting such a exceptional price. Buying direct from grower?

  2. someguy


    on Mar 22, 2012

    I think it’s a price typo. This looks like 35 an 1/8th stuff in the area he is from. If not, congrats on a great price.

    Another reason is that people in Ont. call 1/8ths “half quarters”. So that’s my deduction of the events.

  3. m4rijuana


    on Mar 24, 2012

    Yeah, sorry guys someguy is correct, it is a price typo. The actual price was $35 an eighth. Thanks for the positive feedback!

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