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SnozzBerries From Private Dealer (Dreamer420)

Image of SnozzBerries From Private Dealer (Dreamer420)
Nice Hybrid. Well-cured and treated with lots of love. The taste was cool, but could have been better if it was grown completely until it was ready to harvest. Instead you can tell it was cut down early just for profit reasons.

Pure Kush From Greenhouse Coffeeshop (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Pure Kush From Greenhouse Coffeeshop (Meangreenmartian)
Pretty nice entry at a fair price, but I preferred some other kushes like Kosher and Holy Grail this trip. Greenhouse was a nice place to visit when it wasn't too busy which isn't often.

Pakistani Valley Kush From Next Harvest (DawgDawg)

Image of Pakistani Valley Kush From Next Harvest (DawgDawg)
Was just glad to get to try a landrace indica strain. This was decent with the looks, but nothing great. The smell and taste were pretty bland and weak. The buzz is very relaxing and sedative, but not very potent or diverse. I can really understand why pure indicas are not very popular in Rec stores. This is great for aches, pains, and sleeping but it won't get you super high or really baked. I do

Berry White From Private Caregiver (Bkimmz)

Image of Berry White From Private Caregiver (Bkimmz)
This bud was dank. I love the look of Berry White. Good flavor, good trim and cure on this plant too. I wish the buzz was a lil' longer, but I like how each bud is different, with different characteristics, and Berry has her own qualities that do not disappoint. I would recommend this bud for sure to anyone.

Grandaddy Purple From Private Dealer (Dubplate)

Image of Grandaddy Purple From Private Dealer (Dubplate)
I know GDP is not for everyone, but I happen to like most things about it. I really appreciate its medicinal effects in my body, it does wonders. The taste, the smoothness, the laid back semi heavy high, I always sleep better when I smoke GDP at night. I'm not always in the mood for it but could always have some sort of purple in my stash.

Alquemista From Private Source (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Alquemista From Private Source (Meangreenmartian)
First time trying a strain from the Spanish breeders, Samsara Seeds. This one was pretty solid overall with a truly unique flavor left in the patients mouth. Excellent for those who need a somewhat functional indica that will kill pain.

Hardcore OG From NCPA (Braak)

Image of Hardcore OG From NCPA (Braak)
I was extremely impressed. I've heard a lot of hype about the strain being the end all be all of indica dominant OG phenotypes and now that I've had it I'd have to agree. This is by far some of the strongest weed I've smoked in my 11 plus years of medicating. I have still yet to try Hardcore OG in concentrated form but the flower blew me away. So I can only imagine what the concentrated result

LA Confidential From Private Source (flavoursuk)

Image of LA Confidential From Private Source (flavoursuk)
A quality bit of LA Con that I really have enjoyed and a refreshing change to what is normally around my way. Very nice overall, would definitely get more. 

OG Red 1 From RedMed (DankGreg)

Image of OG Red 1 From RedMed (DankGreg)
This has been my favourite strain for the past two years. Consistently awesome, but like most of the great ones it's not consistently available. For over 6 months now I've gone into the local dispensary and asked if it was in stock. The last batch sold out in its entirety with an hour of hitting the shelf and I was lucky enough to grab some. It was a pleasant surprise to see it on the shelf

Rockstar From Toronto Cannabis Compassion Club (Julian420)

Image of Rockstar From Toronto Cannabis Compassion Club  (Julian420)
Perfecto! This stuff was honestly grown to the best capability it could ever possibly be. You don't want to pass this up if it ever comes by. This is one of those strains I could smoke and smoke and never ever get tired of. It kicks you to the curb and has you begging for more. Turned a lot of heads and impressed some connoisseurs with Rockstar. Looks were very mint! Smell was strong and the effects