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Banana OG From Livwell (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Banana OG From Livwell (Meangreenmartian)
Banana OG and Livwell left a pretty nice impression on me. Livwell was bright, open, and comfortable for purchasing some recreational medicine.

SFV OG From Cali Connection (Twilights)

Image of SFV OG From Cali Connection (Twilights)
This is the OG for me. This is in the rotation for the foreseeable future! This, Tangie and Platinum GSC are the things I'm rocking for now! This is the first of many grow reviews to come and I'm stoked to be back!

Longs Peak Blue From Private Source (Halifaxbud)

Image of Longs Peak Blue From Private Source (Halifaxbud)
This strain is exactly as it is described by Rare Dankness, right down to the heavy yields (awesome commercial potential). It is basically a primo cut of DJ Short's Blueberry with some subtle extra traits added. In my opinion this surpasses the original. This is one of those strains that has it all: smell, flavor, yield, and bag appeal. It's highly recommended.

Banana Kush From NCPA (drums)

Image of Banana Kush From NCPA (drums)
Trying to find a reason to *not* like it. Really can't skip the banana daiquiris. at the end of the day for this. Relaxing. Bananananananananana.

Unknown Fire From Private Source (Julian420)

Image of Unknown Fire From Private Source (Julian420)
Wish I knew the name of this unknown fire. I know deep down it has some sort of kush genetics inside. Very heavy smoke, and ideal for late at night. I was impressed this gear was strong, really hits hard and will not let you down. Proper effects can be felt just from a small amount.

Dairy Queen From Elemental Wellness (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Dairy Queen From Elemental Wellness (Meangreenmartian)
Dairy Queen has a unique smell and flavor and would suit most patients dealing with pain and sleep issues. A nice addition to the TGA/Subcool catalog. Cheers.

Cheese x White Rhino (Cheeno) From Private Dealer (FlavoursUK)

Image of Cheese x White Rhino (Cheeno) From Private Dealer (FlavoursUK)
Great bud, would get again but maybe my guy needs to do just a little more pheno selection and we will be on to a winner! Also I promise this is the last Cheese related review I get unless I get any real good psychosis or something, any phenos you Americans may have been never seen before.

Kosher Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)

Image of Kosher Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)
This and the Ghost Train Haze may be my new go to strains as they are really feeling like the right type of medicine for my anxiety and chronic pain. I just wish they were less expensive because $12 per gram is expensive when you are consuming on a daily basis. I highly recommend this medicine for those with anxiety and pain issues if you can stomach the price. You won't be disappointed.

Hindu Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)

Image of Hindu Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)
I sort of hoped it would of been a little higher quality. It seems now that I have had a few experiences with some indica heavy strains that I am starting to prefer something closer to a 50/50 hybrid or even heavier on the sativa side. However, at night I don't mind something that makes me sleepy, but this just doesn't really do it for me. I much prefer Chem Dawg from them for getting to sleep. It

Porter – Milled Blend From Undisclosed (M1ke)

Image of Porter – Milled Blend From Undisclosed (M1ke)
Porter is my first experience with a blend and probably my last. It comes "milled" from my Licensed Producer according to the website. I was naturally curious how one of the blends would be as I have read of some blends coming with just shake and stems and people being quite unhappy with them, but all from other producers. Generally, my LP's ratings for their blends seem generally positive. I figured