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Purple Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)

Image of Purple Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)
Definitely some rainy day flower casting a rainbow on the darkest of days. I wasn't overly impressed with the initial bag appeal as it looked like is was pretty leafy. However, after a little trimming I am looking at some properly frosted nugs that have the entire gamut of green hues with beautiful purple calyxes fighting their way through. The buzz was clean, effective and fairly long lasting with a

Crimea Blue From Barney’s (Quattros)

Image of Crimea Blue From Barney’s (Quattros)
Thumbs-up.  This is a really enjoyable strain to smoke towards the evening time and a pleasure to have in the stash. It needs a bit of respect and space from Dr feelgood sativa lovers, but is applicable for the relief and the pains of modern day life and stress. A treat for patients when it's in town. 

Cherry Pie From Private Source (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Cherry Pie From Private Source (Meangreenmartian)
Great for insomnia, pain, appetite stimulation, and also chilling if you're strictly a recreational user, but I hate that classification because anyone who uses this beautiful plant is getting medicinal benefits! 

King Kush From Private Dealer (demo11)

Image of King Kush From Private Dealer (demo11)
This was a 10/10 for me based on the buzz alone. I love smoking a strain of cannabis that is strong, but has a great medicinal high. The look/smell/taste of this strain were all top shelf. Perfectly grown, highly recommended if you find a proper example. 

Compton OG From Undisclosed (Treetalker)

Image of Compton OG From Undisclosed (Treetalker)
A legend among legends, OG Kush stacks up as not only one of the most popular buds in the medical community, but in the global cannabis community, in general. With that being said, anytime you receive [any] OG, there's quite a bit to live up to. Luckily for me, this cut of Compton OG was just what I needed to manage my aches and pains (mentally and bodily). If there's any floating around your clubs or

Bubba Kush From Private Dealer (Treetalker)

Image of Bubba Kush From Private Dealer (Treetalker)
With a flavor and aroma which needs to be sampled to be believed, this Bubba excelled. However, when delivering an enduring effect, I found this batch to be lacking in duration. When used before bed, it's perfect; I'm relaxed and asleep before I realize how long I've been medicated most nights. Though as an after work muscle reliever, I found Bubba to be somewhat of a fairweather friend. 

Broken Glass From High Grade SD (Skunk22pw)

Image of Broken Glass From High Grade SD (Skunk22pw)
Sorry about the other strains I did not write reviews on.  My computer was fucked up for a month, still took pics just not reviews. 

Purple Afghani From Private Dealer (nick_9634)

Image of Purple Afghani From Private Dealer (nick_9634)
Tasty weed that I would definitely smoke again! 

Candyland Girl Scout Cookies From D4L (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Candyland Girl Scout Cookies From D4L (Meangreenmartian)
The best flower I scored at GSC.  This sample packed the normal cookie punch along with delicious flavor and nice aromatics.  Would highly recommend this to patients in San Jose. 

Hidden Valley OG From High Grade SD (Skunk22pw)

Image of Hidden Valley OG From High Grade SD (Skunk22pw)
Okay, I'm gonna cut this short because I can’t have anything resting on my lap and I can’t sit up straight for more than 45 minutes without being in more pain and getting nausea and a upset stomach. Thanks Joey!  He's usually my budtender!  And shout out to the rest of the staff! :)  Today is my birthday so I will try to come on down soon.