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Knightsbridge OG From Green Place (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Knightsbridge OG From Green Place (Meangreenmartian)
Nice taste and buzz from this Knightsbridge OG sample care of the Green Place. The flavor was superb so I went with a 4 out of 5 stars overall. Cheers. 

Bubba Kush From Greenmart (big_t0kes)

Image of Bubba Kush From Greenmart (big_t0kes)
I originally wanted to pick up Greenmart's Pre-98 cut for Bubba, but it was sold out the night before. This strain then became my next best choice and I am glad I took the opportunity to sample it. Greenmart itself has great prices and I could easily see this for $50+ an eighth somewhere else.  --big_t0kes If any of my fellow site-goers here haven't sampled Bubba, I would highly recommend to do so

Testing Tuesday #47 From Voyager’s (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Testing Tuesday #47 From Voyager’s (Meangreenmartian)
I have to admit it's pretty fun to smoke mystery buds in Holland. The Voyager testing Tuesdays are always random phenotypes or past strains that they have had on the menu. I feel like I did a pretty good job pinpointing its similarities to other strains I have burned from there but you cannot know what it is for sure.

Kosher Kush From Voyager’s (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Kosher Kush From Voyager’s (Meangreenmartian)
Well grown Reserva Privada specimen from the chill brahs at Voyagers. I think this coffeeshop is overhyped but they do come across some kill every now and again. Anyone who likes lemon or pine forward genetics must try this strain.

Kill Bill From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)

Image of Kill Bill From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)

Woody OG From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)

Image of Woody OG From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)
NLC pulled the rabbit out of the hat on this one!!! This was an exceptional Woody, and I don't care for Woody much...but I also don't like Hero, Cat Piss, and Cheese..lol.... 

Matanuska Thunderfuck From Livwell (DawgDawg)

Image of Matanuska Thunderfuck From Livwell (DawgDawg)
Pretty solid strain. I was expecting more as I had heard great things about this strain. I always thought this was a rare strain. Appears it is fairly popular here in Denver, so maybe I can find a better sample. Looks and smell were alright. I do like the dark green look. The smell was refreshing and different. Taste nothing special. The indica high was nice, though definitely very relaxing and

BOG Seeds Sour Bubble – Homegrown (Twilights)

Image of BOG Seeds Sour Bubble – Homegrown (Twilights)
I have grown the Sour Bubble a few times now and have never had the same pheno. However, out of the four all were dank! So it's not stable whatsoever but it's definitely gonna give you something special. My advice would be to select for the bubblegum pheno, which is neither of these. I lost the bubblegum pheno but will definitely keep looking for it so look forward to more multi pheno Sour Bubble

Hindu Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)

Image of Hindu Kush From Undisclosed (M1ke)
Hindu Kush should be in everyone's repertoire. This one didn't last as long as I had hoped, but then again, I don't ever remember Hindu Kush as having the legs of some of the more potent of the kush lines. Then again, these are landrace genetics, I believe around 17% naturally produced THC is pretty impressive without man's intervention, other than likely selecting the best looking in the wild. Not

Sour Diesel From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)

Image of Sour Diesel From Next Level Caregivers (Skunk22pw)