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Durban Poison From Private Dealer (DawgDawg)

Image of Durban Poison From Private Dealer (DawgDawg)
Really an epic strain. A strain that I will always love for its incredible sativa high and amazing smell. This is the most intense sativa I have smoked. The high will keep you up and doing something. The smell is just so sweet and fruity. Such a great smell. Every sample of Durban I have ever had has this distinct smell Looks are just okay; it's a little leafy. Not the best looking DP I've ever seen.

Acapulco Gold – Homegrown (Drums)

Image of Acapulco Gold – Homegrown (Drums)
Found seeds in my last AG. Put it in dirt. Sprouted 2, which my dog destroyed. Started over with this. It survived him, but all but the top 12" or so was eaten by rabbits. So I wound up with maybe 1/4 or so. Didn't "balance PH" or feed it gecko guano/etc, I just watered it. No doubt a *real* grower would bump this to A+, but for no $ and little work, how do you beat this? There may be a tastier strain

Sweet Island Skunk From Private Dealer (drums)

Image of Sweet Island Skunk From Private Dealer (drums)
Rather than list this as "mystery sativa" I went with my best guess, Sweet Island Skunk. Because it's sweet and skunky. And because the smell/taste is familiar, like I've had this before. But if someone has a better guess, feel free to let me know. The plant was HUGE. Like, if you Google: "huge pot plant", you might not see one this big. Massive colas. LOTS of massive colas. These buds the very tip of

Green Haze From Private Source (DankTank)

Image of Green Haze From Private Source (DankTank)
Since I was pretty mad for having a bad tasting sample of Arjan's Ultra Haze I went back to my mate instead of another dealer I usually check for nice weed. I was really surprised since he chopped down two of his trees the moment I arrived with a big grin on his face! He told me that two of his former grown plants were ready to smoke. I was really impressed by the Sour OG Kush (review of this strain

NUGGETRY Catpiss From The Fire Department (JackDanieL)

Image of NUGGETRY Catpiss From The Fire Department (JackDanieL)
So, there are two more characters in this story who have not been properly introduced. The reason I was at the Fire Dept. that day was because I was on my way to the Propagandhi show at The Observatory that night, so I arranged to meet my great friend LDog (of NUGGETRY fame) there for a sesh. Traveling with me that day was my friend Matt, who I briefly mentioned before. Matt owns Riot Seed Company,

Jack Stone Baller From Private Dealer (hemlock)

Image of Jack Stone Baller From Private Dealer (hemlock)
I am a newbie to the subtlities of herbal solutions. Nevertheless I was super amazed by the characteristics of "Jack Stone Baller". I recommend it for a beautiful cerebral stone Jack experience. Get inside your head and puzzle out a mystery. 

Silver Poison From Private Dealer (DankTank)

Image of Silver Poison From Private Dealer (DankTank)
Well, I do enjoy Sativas, especially haze-strains the most and I really keep looking for them. This stuff however was a great snatch and it was grown with love - as the pictures show. The cross really reminds me of an awesome outdoor "Durban Poison" that a good mate grew a couple years ago ;-)!  The buzz itself is so versatile and magnificent on one hand but can really get you "jet-flying" around in

Greenhouse Grown Larry OG From Private (Dubplate)

Image of Greenhouse Grown Larry OG From Private (Dubplate)
I'm quite satisfied with this ganja, and also very surprised how narcotic this herb truly is. I really prize the euphoric and body effects of this Larry OG...even though it turns me into an OG zombie and loosing track of time. Best to have a good daytime sativa and save this OG for the later hours. 

Original Amnesia Auto – Homegrow (Travl2much)

Image of Original Amnesia Auto – Homegrow (Travl2much)
Great strain for headaches or getting done mundane tasks such as cleaning your shower grout...lol. 

Lowtus – Homegrown (DrSkillZ)

Image of Lowtus – Homegrown (DrSkillZ)
Was very happy with it.  It produced beautiful purple leaves, as well as being closest pheno to the original GCD.