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Willie Nelson From Private Grower (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Willie Nelson From Private Grower (Meangreenmartian)
The Barney's version was slightly better but this sample was certainly no slouch.  It delivered a no-ceiling energetic high that had some serious legs for duration.  Amazing for the morning or early afternoon.  Cheers to one of the best celebrity freedom fighters: Willie Nelson!

Pineapple Express From Patient Med Aid SM (drums)

Image of Pineapple Express From Patient Med Aid SM (drums)
So, I recently tried another dispensary (see: Thai-tanic, Jilly, Silver Dream) and was massively disappointed.  Their $45 herbs weren't in this league.  Never saw the movie, but I figured this strain was just made up and over-hyped.  Well...maybe not.  If it tasted like pineapples I'd give it A+. 

Green Crack From Private Dealer (Smoqueed)

Image of Green Crack From Private Dealer (Smoqueed)
Sorry for the pic quality in advance.  This Green Crack honestly gives me the same effect as a five hour energy rush.  It got me very happy and antsy, keeping hold of my head with a firm grip for a good hour and 20 minutes.  The buzz slowly fades, but you don't really crash.  You just return back to where you started.  Thanks for the read! 

Silver Dream From The Kindness (Drums)

Image of Silver Dream From The Kindness (Drums)
There are just SO many choices of herbs in CA that you shouldn't have to waste $ on crap like this.  NO idea how you add these two awesome strains together and come up with this.  Cure? Flush? I don't even understand how you completely erase all hints of haze and blueberry from these delicious strains.  Even WITH a bad cure/flush/whatever, I'd think there would be at least a HINT of either in

Thai Tanic From The Kindness (Drums)

Image of Thai Tanic From The Kindness (Drums)
I tried to find more info on this online, and what people were describing as Thai Tanic didn't sound like this, until I finally found the comment: "Straight-up mangoes!"  Nice herb, but I dinged it for not bringing me back to 1980 and for being...man, I feel so stupid now I can't think of a decent word....stupefying?  Some here would probably love it, though. 

Swazi #1 From Private Dealer (DrSkillZ)

Image of Swazi #1 From Private Dealer (DrSkillZ)
Very pleasing outdoor.  Was lucky to get it from my local supplier for the price I paid. 

Swazi Orange From Private Dealer (DrSkillZ)

Image of Swazi Orange From Private Dealer (DrSkillZ)
Very nice.  The hit was quite harsh but besides that it was great.  Very potent strain indeed. 

Romulan From Private Dealer (Mikeoshi)

Image of Romulan From Private Dealer (Mikeoshi)
I love a good Romulan and I never miss a chance to pick it up when it's around.  I've had my share of horrible Romulan cuts so I get the negativity surrounding it but man... when it's good it's hard to beat for me.  I'll take Romulan's stimulating cerebral anti-anxiety effects over most anything.  I think this will always be my "If you were stuck on an island.." strain. 

Afghan – Homegrown (Logical1)

Image of Afghan – Homegrown (Logical1)
While there are better hybrids on the markets IMHO, and even a few other land races I've sampled over the years, I love this for personal reasons and for its purity being that I can personally trace it to a very specific region of a VERY famous weed nation.  It's rare so it's valuable by default, but I also believe she has a signature all of her own, (was not that frosty in its original state). 

Shackzilla From Grey Area (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Shackzilla From Grey Area (Meangreenmartian)
This strain is a sativa lover's Jam if you ask me.  Super Silver along with the solid Shack Haze combined to make a morning coffee type of high.  Looking forward to trying this again in Amsterdam or might even just snag some seeds and try my own luck.  Who knows.