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Greenhouse Grown Larry OG From Private (Dubplate)

Image of Greenhouse Grown Larry OG From Private (Dubplate)
I'm quite satisfied with this ganja, and also very surprised how narcotic this herb truly is. I really prize the euphoric and body effects of this Larry OG...even though it turns me into an OG zombie and loosing track of time. Best to have a good daytime sativa and save this OG for the later hours. 

Original Amnesia Auto – Homegrow (Travl2much)

Image of Original Amnesia Auto – Homegrow (Travl2much)
Great strain for headaches or getting done mundane tasks such as cleaning your shower grout...lol. 

Lowtus – Homegrown (DrSkillZ)

Image of Lowtus – Homegrown (DrSkillZ)
Was very happy with it.  It produced beautiful purple leaves, as well as being closest pheno to the original GCD. 

Sour Diesel From Private Dealer (SAinTIdoVA)

Image of Sour Diesel From Private Dealer (SAinTIdoVA)
Excellent strain. Imperfect sample, but lovely genetics, great trichome coverage, a novel strain for me-- on the whole, I had a great experience with this Sour Diesel and hope to see more of these tropical, Sativa-dominant strains ascend to the level of popularity Sour Diesel has found here on the East Coast, across the US, and throughout the global cannabis-smoking community. 

Sour Diesel From Vancouver Dispensary Society (CanadaDank07)

Image of Sour Diesel From Vancouver Dispensary Society (CanadaDank07)
Well, it has been a short while since I have submitted a review but rest assured I have been thinking about it for a while. To be honest, this is the first sample of Sour Diesel that I have ever had (I've had some fakes). Even though I'm a little bummed that this version did not have the textbook diesel fuel/skunk notes attributed to most Sour D's, I was still thoroughly impressed. I really

S.A.G.E. From Private Dealer (Treetalker)

Image of S.A.G.E. From Private Dealer (Treetalker)
Absolutely sublime in every way possible! I couldn't have asked for a nicer batch of homegrown and the herb gods delivered, in spades. If your collective or club is currently stocked with S.A.G.E., clean 'em out and share some with your friends, preferably in the great outdoors. Sunny days are never brighter than when you medicate with S.A.G.E. Smoke in, peace out! 

Super Lemon Jack From Private Grow (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Super Lemon Jack From Private Grow (Meangreenmartian)
I enjoyed this batch of Super Lemon Jack thoroughly.  Old school lemon and haze smells with a powerful and trippy sativa ride for a high.  Perfect for the morning or afternoon to get you in the right state of mind.

Blue Dream From Private Dealer (SAinTIdoVA)

Image of Blue Dream From Private Dealer (SAinTIdoVA)
I loved this stuff.  I usually just cycle from one strain to another as my dealer gets new stuff, but I made certain to stock up while I had the chance.  I always thought the name Blue Dream sounded kind of unimpressive and not as appealing as many other strain names, but I'm REALLY glad I gave it a try.  I can absolutely see what all the hype is about. And it's great to see one of the

M39 From Private Dealer (Nick_9634)

Image of M39 From Private Dealer (Nick_9634)
Ended up giving weed to a couple of teenagers who were bummed out about not being able to get some bud.  At least they were happy.  Overall, it's sad to see this weed is still being sold as decent Canadian stuff in America when it's not.  Avoid this stuff. 

Sour Mist From Private Dealer (DawgDawg)

Image of Sour Mist From Private Dealer (DawgDawg)
A great example of a nearly pure sativa.  It has big fluffy sativa looks.  Nugs are sticky and smell fantastic.  High is spot on with a clean head high paired with a mellow buzz.  I think this might be Kali Mist as I can not see, smell, or feel any of the qualities of Sour Diesel in this weed. This is pretty similar to the last time I had Kali Mist in terms of smell and high.  The nugs on the