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QB2 From Private Grower (Drums)

Image of QB2 From Private Grower (Drums)
I've decided to just post as names given to me. There's old hippies who've been growing forever, and they don't care about names. Besides, there's always a chance someone else here will run into the same herb. That said, I always try to guess what each mystery herb is. I'm confident enough that this is NYCD that I almost posted it as such. The last NYCD I had was epic. Huge grapefruit smell. This

Templar Haze From Livwell (DawgDawg)

Image of Templar Haze From Livwell (DawgDawg)
Really nice sativa dominant hybrid. Big and shiny sativa nugs. Great floral scent. Nice tasting, very smooth smoke. Nice balanced effects with the cerebral high being the most noticeable. Really big fan of this strain. Great price. The airiness and the amount of leaves are the only reason for not giving this a perfect score. Really like these flowers. 

Durban Poison From Local Grower (Drums)

Image of Durban Poison From Local Grower (Drums)
Add another element to the subjectivity of reviews: commerciality. "Will it sell", as opposed to "how is it". If I was blind- judging a joint of this, I'd make it a B. Very nice herb. But if I were shopping, I'd pass right by this. Having said that, I'll probably get more. It's cheaper that a Grande' Breve' double-shot Blah blah. 

Indoor Lemon Diesel From Private Source (CDawg)

Image of Indoor Lemon Diesel From Private Source (CDawg)
I've never been a HUGE fan of Lemon D, but it has been at least a solid 3 years since I've seen it and this example was a pretty one. Still as a high tolerance toker, I have to say this strain always leaves me wanting a little more. Could just be me? If you come across some primo Lemon Diesel, I would recommend grabbing some and seeing how she does you...if not just for that smell alone! 

DNA Tangie – Feminized – Homegrown (Scoobie)

Image of DNA Tangie – Feminized – Homegrown (Scoobie)
Grow Details: 600w HPS & UVB / Grown in personal organic soil mix... Just use ro water / Calmag / Silica and occasional aerated compost tea. I use a 11/13 flower and finish with 10/14 last few weeks. I've noticed by doing this you really keep the trichs from degrading and releasing the terpenes too much. It keeps the smell and taste in the primo-zone. Sativa leaning plants tend to respond to

Outdoor Chemdawg #4 From Private Dealer (CDawg)

Image of Outdoor Chemdawg #4 From Private Dealer (CDawg)
Some stanky weed that I love to see come around. Unfortunately this wasn't the greatest example but still Chemdawg to the bone. I love rolling joints with this stuff, that is the only way to really appreciate such dank flavor. 

Oceans Twelve Haze From Kadinsky (Meangreenmartian)

Image of Oceans Twelve Haze From Kadinsky (Meangreenmartian)
This was the third or fourth time trying Oceans 12, but my first review of the strain for the Nuggetry community. Hope everyone enjoys the old school haze genetics in this movie inspired cannabis. 

Organic Outdoor Maui Wowie From Private Source (CDawg)

Image of Organic Outdoor Maui Wowie From Private Source (CDawg)
The legendary Maui Wowie. Not the best weed in the world but WOW, that smell is friggin' amazing! A great daytime smoke that will have you up and moving and won't have you running for the fridge! 

Outdoor Puna Budder From Private Source (CDawg)

Image of Outdoor Puna Budder From Private Source (CDawg)
A unique smoke that'd be great for outdoor activities. Not the best batch but still an activating, enjoyable high. 

Cheese From Private Dealer (bcheese247)

Image of Cheese From Private Dealer (bcheese247)
No wake and bake for me, I'm still gone from last night. Those piffling little nuggets don't give a great perspective on the experience that lies beneath and I like it for that. There are many great off-cuts but for a sativa this Cheese is true and on-point to what I would have liked the most original pure version of the cheese to be like. Cheers.