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Diamond OG Kush (Indica)

Overall: 4.7 out of 3 reviews

Diamond OG From HBC (Skunk22pw)

Image of Diamond OG From HBC (Skunk22pw)

Diamond OG Kush (Vaporizer)

Image of Diamond OG Kush (Vaporizer)
When I hit up South Gate Herbal I was very pleased to see the top shelf medicine of the day.  Diamond OG Kush looked very attractive when I laid eyes on it.  I went home and quickly packed a medium-sized bowl in my bong – I have a dual Chamber Glass on Glass Ice Catcher bong with diffused downstem – and BLAST OFF!  After the first hit I felt the high travel all over my

Diamond OG Kush (Herbal Solutions)

Image of Diamond OG Kush (Herbal Solutions)
A strong OG Kush variety that I really liked. Unfortunately the 1/8th went quick as this bud just did not keep me