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Afgoo (Indica)

Overall: 4.3 out of 7 reviews

Afgoo From NHAPA (Hustle_Lifted)

Image of Afgoo From NHAPA (Hustle_Lifted)
For this being the fourth time picking up Af-Goo, I was glad to get a better specimen than before.  The sweet tasty looks drew me as the smell confirmed that I was in for a treat.  The fruity flavor had me wanting more every time.  The mellow buzz was not too overbearing, as it seemed to be a medium type of high that relaxed me to a good point but didn't lay me out.  The high seemed to vanish

Afgoo From OM of Medicine (1000toes)

Image of Afgoo From OM of Medicine (1000toes)
Not very appealing to the eye. My brother picked this up at Om when we both went up and he tried some with me. It was very nice on the buzz and the smoke was kind of harsh if you haven’t experienced the afghan before. Love this stuff! I took about 10 pictures and only a few turned out. This bud was just weird to look at and take pictures of.

Afgoo From The Clinic on Colfax (anticipation)

Image of Afgoo From The Clinic on Colfax (anticipation)
Very, very good pickup from the Clinic, I’m always impressed with not only the quality of their flowers but the excellent cure that they do. Afghani is one of my favorite geographical landraces to grow/smoke because of the stone they produce, the incredible smells they develop, and the amazing hash they make. Highly recommended.

Afgoo From Homegrow (elsoe)

Image of Afgoo From Homegrow (elsoe)
Great strain.  Really excited how it came out considering this is my first real grow.  Shout out to Chubbs, this I the sikest bud review website out there. 

Afgoo From Private Dealer (xedjflowx)

Image of Afgoo From Private Dealer (xedjflowx)
The hype about this bud left me skeptical because in the beginning I was thinking to myself, “When is it going to hit me?.”  It did more than hit me.  It totally destroyed me for two and a half hours and those two and a half hours I could care less about work or responsibilities because I was enjoying myself and caring about the person who matters most – me.  This bud messes you

Afgoo (Drewzilla484)

Image of Afgoo (Drewzilla484)
This is a strain I sought out for a while. I was unable to procure some locally but was lucky enough to sample this from a friend. Afgoo lived up to it’s reputation, 2 bowls had me more relaxed that I have felt in a long time. I can see why this is a favorite among medical marijuana patients. I highly recommend Afgoo to anyone who enjoys an indica high. 

Afgoo “Afghani Goo” (Vaporizer)

Image of Afgoo “Afghani Goo” (Vaporizer)
As I mentioned in the past, living in Los Angeles I’ve tried hundreds of medical marijuana strains but this one is by far one of the strongest I have ever smoked. Approach this strain with caution! Saying you’ll be stoned after trying this is a HUGE understatement. Expect severe couch lock. A much try for any marijuana