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Jolly Rancher (Hybrid)

Overall: 4.0 out of 2 reviews

Jolly Rancher Kush From Private Dealer (bDaddy77)

Image of Jolly Rancher Kush From Private Dealer (bDaddy77)
Outstanding.  The finest herb I've had in Indiana in 10 years judging by aroma, taste, but MOSTLY buzz.  Wish I could share more than just pics. =( 

Jolly Rancher From Homegrow (jesuschrist420)

Image of Jolly Rancher From Homegrow (jesuschrist420)
While visiting my folks in the Bay I KNEW I had to visit my Uncle at one point because he’s always bragging about his grows.  I’m glad I came or else I wouldn’t be able to try this beauty since he only had about 1/4 left.  This definitely had me thinking about moving here from Oregon to say the least.  LOL  I would recommend this strain to everyone based on taste and smell alone.