Skunk # 1 From Private Dealer (BlazeJeff)


Skunky strains can be amazing, but aren’t the best if you want to keep it stealthy!  –Tokeahontas

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Skunk #1
Private Dealer
Sativa - Very heady high
$50 per 1/8

Medium size round nugs with some leaves left behind.  Forest green with some dark orangish brown hairs.  Small amber heads, frostier on the inside but not too frosty overall.


Very dank, pungent funk.  Slightly skunky or cheesy smell like something rotten.  Not the most pleasant smell but will keep you coming back.


Musky earthy taste that stays on the back of the tongue/throat.  Slight sweetness on the exhale.  Smoke smells fruitier than the bud does.

Buzz Type:

Heady thinking high.  Introspective random thought.  Active high that is not couch locking for sure.  The Skunk #1 gives me a mild body buzz mainly in the forehead, shoulders and lower back.  Warning: this strain may cause munchies.

Buzz Length:

1-1.5 hours.


Solid mid grade bud.  The smell is the its best attribute.  Definitely an enjoyable smoke.  –BlazeJeff

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  1. says:

    on Jun 26, 2013

    Gotta love some good old skunk nice review pics are a little blurry try using your macro setting

  2. says:

    on Jun 26, 2013

    Damn Jeff is this what you were stuck smoking out in Jersey? Looks like some oregon mids… Should have cost about half of what you paid imo. I remember paying 50/eighth for bud like this when I was 15 and 16 lol

  3. says:

    on Jun 26, 2013

    Funny You call a Skunk 1 Sativa Mids.

  4. says:

    on Jun 26, 2013

    Finally first review is up!!! : )

  5. says:

    on Jun 28, 2013

    Don't get me started on SKUNK no1 AGAIN !

  6. says:

    on Jun 28, 2013

    Lol I no rhino its indica

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