Skywalker OG From Private Caregiver (Cee9)


The force is strong with this one!  Check out Cee9′s Skywalker OG!  –Tokeahontas

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Skywalker OG
Mazar x Blueberry x OG Kush
Private Caregiver in AZ
Top Shelf
Indica Dominant OG
$50 an 8th, $100 a Qtr

Super compact and dense with different shades of dark and light green.  Nicely covered in mostly amber trichomes.  The trichome heads on this strain are medium sized and the nugs range from dime to quarter size.  So dense it looks like you could damn near break a window with one.  Light red and yellowish colored hairs throughout.


SUPER pungent skunky, diesel, fuel smell coming off these flowers. It also seems to have a slight Bubba smell at the back. When broken up, it has a spicy anise/licorice smell in there as well…very complex fragrance.


VERY NICE!  Through a clean glass pipe this had a piney/lemon/fuel taste that hits you up front.  No harshness to the smoke whatsoever, and the taste lasts to the end of the bowl.  I’m not picking up any of the blueberry notes from the Blueberry in the genetics.  The finish tastes earthy almost spicy, possibly from the Mazar, but I’m not too sure seeing as I have never had Mazar by itself.

Buzz Type:

The buzz on this is STRONG!  My friend equated this strain to “gold” due to its preciously amazing, potent, crushing buzz.  And I would have to agree. One of the most potent OGs I have ever had.  It doesn’t look it but this packed one of the best almost borderline hallucinogenic highs I’ve come across.

Buzz Length:

Very long steady buzz.  3-4 hours off of one joint. But you could easily get that buzz duration off of a few nice sized rips.


Overall, this is probably the most potent OG I’ve had.  These flowers look great but really nothing super spectacular.  Despite that, the high definitely is spectacular and extremely hard hitting.  Nice indica dominant OG that I would recommend to all you OG fanatics out there.  –Cee9

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    on Mar 6, 2013


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    on Mar 6, 2013

    That sounds bomb!!!

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    on Mar 6, 2013

    i love Skywalker, one of my favorites. Green anytime smoke imo, but better off at night, led to nice some nice naps though ;)

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