Sour Diesel From Private Dealer (Mikeoshi)


A nice group of pictures accompany this Sour Diesel review.  –Tokeahontas

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Fuji X-Pro 1
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Sour Diesel
Private Dealer

The flowers were a darker green shade with amber/tan overcoats of crystals.  This Sour D contained medium to small-sized chunky foxtail buds with many scattered long wispy orange hairs throughout.  The buds appear to be more airy than they really are as they’re nicely held together by the thick layer of trichomes coating this perfectly dried bud. 7/10


Out of the vial I smell a musky, slightly skunky, and sour odor, quite light before breaking up but heavier on the sour than the musky skunkness.  When broken up the sour comes through – from a distance I smell a slightly rancid but very sour something and as I bring my nostrils closer, a slightly citrusy/fuely lemon scent merges with the sour stink as I call it.  Definitely would have liked to smell more sour from the bag but came through when broken apart. 7/10


On the inhale I first taste a hashy flavor that wouldn’t be very memorable alone.  This was instantly followed by a strong sour fuel flavor which seemingly latched itself to the back of my throat for some time.  Some of the Sour D I’ve had in the past tastes almost like lemon candy entering my lungs.  This sour lacked that sugary tinge I’ve always loved.  Also, some of the smaller buds lacked much of the sour taste that was so obvious in the larger and more mature buds. 7/10

Buzz Type:

The buzz was first felt on about the third or fourth hit from the bowl, kicking in with a slight numbness or pressure band wrapping around my head and extending down the middle of my face.  This pressure was quickly followed by waves of euphoria and weightlessness throughout my body – the waves of euphoria would come and go for the next hour or so.  I felt moderate anxiety and less sensory enhancement than I crave from most sativas.  Very talkative and active (neither of which naturally describe me) while leaving me with a numbing head high I rarely feel with sativas.  Very little to no burn-out but not as intense as I would like. 6.5/10

Buzz Length:

I was nicely high for a good 60 minutes with a 20-30 minute comedown after .8g from the bowl.


I’ve always loved a good Sour Diesel but this batch left me a little disappointed.. most people have grown to expect more from Sour. 6.5/10  –Mikeoshi

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  1. says:

    on Feb 17, 2013

    Effin fan-tastic

  2. says:

    on Feb 17, 2013

    nice report, honest and accurate

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