Super Lemon Haze (2009 Cannabis Cup Winner)


When I arrived in Amsterdam I was a little surprised to hear that The Greenhouse was entering Super Lemon Haze in this years Cannabis Cup.

Even though it won The Cup last year I was expecting/hoping Arjan was going to have something new.

Either way, take a look at the 2009 Cannabis Cup winning strain, Super Lemon Haze.


Name: Super Lemon Haze

From: The Greenhouse (Coffee ShopAmsterdam)

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa

Price: Appx. $15/Gram

Looks: Very tight nugs. Some as big as a golf ball and absolutely covered in thick yellow trichomes.

Smell: Very strong Haze/pine smell with overpowering lemon undertones. Very sweet. One of the best smelling buds in Amsterdam.

Taste: Like lemon heads candy when vaporized. Very sweet when smoked in a bong. Little hashy on the exhale.

Buzz Type: Prototypical sativa high. Very heady with a slight boost of energy.

Buzz Length: Medium. Good session with Super Lemon Haze usually kept me high for a little over and hour.

Overall: Definitely one of the better Haze/sativas in Amsterdam. When vaped it tastes a lot like candy.



Buzz Report: I smoked a lot of Super Lemon Haze while in Amsterdam and after a while I found myself not really getting as high as I liked.

The solution to the issue was to start rolling big snakes of hash and adding them to my SLH joints. Worked out great.  –Chubbs

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40 Comments | Add Yours

  1. m1ke


    on Dec 12, 2009

    ahhh CHUBBS!!!! just what i love to see… not that you do it for me, but thank you. !!!! Mmmm bud pics

    • Hex


      on Dec 12, 2009

      Yes, chubbs i am curious too about that. Was it just your tolerance that made the grade lower or was the quality of the bud not the same? interesting to see the same strain win twice in a row. California is becoming the marijuana capitol for sure.

      • says:

        on Dec 15, 2009

        @Hex: The definitely need to add something new to the lineup.

        And yes, we are the best right now imo.


  2. ganjaherbtoker


    on Dec 12, 2009

    Did it get a lower score than last years SLH entry because of your tolerance?

    • says:

      on Dec 15, 2009

      @ganjaherbtoker: Partly that and partly because I am a little wiser this time around.


  3. medicalman


    on Dec 12, 2009

    just a bit surprised it won again. dont get me wrong, I wasnt there…I just am a bit shocked that there wasnt a new strain to take over so to speak.

  4. ReardoN


    on Dec 13, 2009

    The nugs next to the cake look ridiculous….! Would you personally approve this strain to be #1 or would you even put it in your top 10 chubbs? Seems like your tolerance may have given this a lower score, or was it just not as good as last years? Nice review though.

  5. says:

    on Dec 15, 2009

    Just proves how commercialized the cup has become. I’ve had this strain 3 times on different trips and yes its good but no where comparable to strong potent varities like og kush, chemdawg and others. Incredible taste though and a good racy high when you havent build up tolerance yet. Nice review and great pics.

  6. says:

    on Jan 7, 2010

    WoW! Enough Said…

  7. adhd


    on Jan 16, 2010

    WTF, what a disgrace, that hash is far far too thick, it wont burn well, still better than nothing i say lol

  8. Hayez5


    on Jan 28, 2010

    Oh man that sounds too gooood. Snake-in-the-grass there above I can see.. niiice niice. Enjoy my friends.

  9. dankasaurusrex


    on Feb 27, 2010

    Super Lemon Haze = Super Lemon Junk!

    I could not possibly agree with meangreenmartian any more. I grew some of this last year from seeds acquired from attitude. The yield was 1/4 what “Arjan” claims the girl will give off. At this point everyone who’s been to “The Cup” (yes, I’ve been myself) knows it’s 100% about marketing and very little about the figuring out what the best nugs on earth are.

    Arjan hands out colorfully packaged buds with the greenhouse logo and has the marketing component nailed. For that, as a businessman I respect him. It’s won him all the cup awards and certainly put the Greenhouse on the map.

    However, take a trip to Mendo or Humboldt. As MGM says, try the Chemdawg, try the real OG Kush, try some Mendo Purps, Try some Trinity, try some of the real trainwreck….

    Then tell me this garbage from across the pond is the best in the world. I promise you would not.

    my 2.5 cents. Regardless of what you’re smoking…have a great day everyone!

    • Eric


      on Mar 11, 2010

      yeah your absolutley right, all these nugs they enter into contests cannot possibly be the best nugs around. i know, because when i get the best nugs around i smoke them, in no way whatsoever could i possibly give my best chronic to some judge i never even met. if you are a kind grower, than lots of your stuff would be good, but never would i give my best nugs to just anyone off the street, unless the cannibus cup is made of gold or simply valuable enough, although marijuana has turned out to be a million dollar industry that makes it so cruel. we all want the best nugs in town, why is it so expensive it grows on a tree?

      • Hengus


        on Oct 29, 2010

        …it’s not a tree, it’s a herb, not an annual or perennial etc… a herb. So when the #1′s gone, that’s it – gone. Which is just one of the myriad reasons it’s so damned expensive. D’uh!

  10. matthew


    on Mar 8, 2010


    i just got back from dam and barneys and the greenhouse are having issues getting it.


  11. Eric


    on Mar 11, 2010

    wow where can i get some nugs like that, it looks so familiar, but surely i have not yet smoked the lemon haze, great descriptions, i can almost taste it, i guess i will have to smoke my diesel, for now, its super skunky and its smell just permiates every where i go, my friends dad thought there was a skunk in the back yard but seriously will i be able to buy weed like this for a reasonable cost if legal for recreational use in california, or will it simply go way too fast that you would be much better off growing your own, since the population of pot smokers will climb rapidly?

  12. UK toker


    on Apr 17, 2010

    Hey guys just to throw in my two cents here. The cannabis cup winner is about what the MAJORITY of people chose as their favourite smoke during the competition, and although I notice that most of you american smokers enjoy your strong indicas, like OG kush, trainwreck etc… The sativa high in this kind of bud is just what makes it the winner, it doesn’t put you to sleep but it has you flying for sure. disagreeing with the cc cup winner is one thing, but you can’t blast this bud just because it’s not what you’re looking for in some top nugs, I am a very keen toker who has been to amsterdam 5 times already despite my young age (18) and this is hands down my favourite bud, to me nothing beats this high it just has me flying for at least two hours from a (big) bong rip, great lemony flav, just a delight to smoke. During my 5 trips to the dam I have found myself wandering over to the Greenhouse Lounge for some more of this killer bud EVERYTIME. If you guys don’t like sativas because they are not “strong enough” for you then that’s fine, buy some cheese or trainwreck or kush or purple or whatever rocks your boat, those are all cheaper options for sure and if you’re just looking for the couch-lock effect the delicious flav and subtle high that you get from the SLH aren’t for you, but don’t blast the bud that’s won the cc cup twice in a row, trust me there’s a reason why this is the most voted for bud in the past two years cc cups! (and it’s not just about Arjan being the great buisnessman that he is either).

  13. Dankasaurusrex


    on Apr 23, 2010

    Given that you are 18 I’ll go easy on this response. But I promise you this is not IMHO an indica vs sativa discussion. If it were you’ve degraded your position already because Trainwreck for example is about as sativa as they come my friend. The purps (also mentioned) is also a sativa. And I’m referring to the real purps, not the bcbuddepot rip off.

    I’m 38 live in NorCal and admit to being biased because I truly based on years of testing believe the best buds come from here. My education is based on years of growing, smoking, and yes visiting the cannabis cup.

    The cup is about 5% people who know good pot and %95 stoned out of their brains American college kids who don’t give a shit about what they are smoking, but love Arjans free colorful packs of buds.

    Every time I’m in Amsterdam I seem to prefer Barney’s. If you want a knock you on your ass sativa, and are in Amsterdam then try Barney’s Laughing Buddah. It beats SLH hands down. No pretty packaging though.


  14. UK toker


    on Apr 24, 2010

    I get it, the SLH isn’t your favourite bud, but that was kind of the point I was trying to make, you can’t possibly have everyone agree on what’s the best, everyone has different tastes and some people (imo) have somewhat biased opinions. I’m just saying that out of the 50 (or so) strains I’ve tried in dam this is my favourite, and was a lot of other people’s favourite bud (notably can cup judges) but I haven’t been to the c cup so I can’t say what kind of guys are judging in the first place. Just to make a little side point though, I personnaly do care what I am smoking and their are definately a few coffeeshops and a few strains that I will never go to or try again (I’m thinking of tourist traps like the bulldog, pool cafe coffeeshop etc…) because the quality just isn’t there.
    But you have to admit it’s not just a straightforward “I think this is the best, so it is” because their are so many different variations on taste and effects that some people are bound to prefer some types of buds to others. Anyway Thank you for the tip about Barney’s, I’ll have a look at their laughing buddha in a couple of weeks when I head back to the dam, haven’t been their before it was always to crowded.
    Oh, and the only trainwreck I’ve had access to was an indica, and short of going to the states and hunting down the original arcata clone I can’t really get my hands on the version I think you are refering to, because feminized seeds (or any seeds for that matter) of that particular cut are not available. And the same goes for purps, I have definately tried some indica dom purps in the dam (not purple haze of course which is a sativa). Next time you’re in the dam, have a look at the Alaskan Ice (listed as a sativa but more of a hybrid imo) or Bubblegum (indica) at the Greenhouse, I’ve tried their entire menu and never been dissapointed.
    Oh and another quick point, always ask to see the buds before buying them, you can’t just count on them being good because of reputation, it might not be the best of batches or it could mostly be shake if they’ve sold a lot of it already, imo the best way of being able to try the best buds is always to have a look at them before buying them, even the SLH was mostly shake last time I went to the dam, I had to go 3 days in a row and only on the third day did they have some decent sized buds!
    Sorry for rambling on lol Kind regards, UK toker

  15. cerebral


    on Apr 24, 2010

    i found many buds which i thought were better than super lemon haze , in smell , high and potency in amsterdam. i didnt even buy any on my last trip , i tried the green house so called american varieties and was very disappointed

  16. BUDdy Wside


    on Apr 27, 2010

    im gonna grow some of this i hope it does well in norcal outside

  17. MelodyMaker


    on Apr 27, 2010

    I thought I would chime in as I haven’t read many reviews from actual growers, mostly just consumers.
    I don’t claim to be a pro, but I know what I’m doing and have brought in many successful harvests, and as a grower who just harvested around a half lb. of SLH, I feel like I have a good sense of this herb and would like to help in any way if others are thinking of growing it.
    SLH has a short nine to ten week flowering time, which was a great pro for a sativa, but we harvested less than two zips per plant, which, for us, ain’t so great. In all honesty we really only got about a zip of dried bud when all was said and done per plant, and since we grew mostly SLH, we were dissapointed in our overall yield. Also, the flavor was predominantly pink grapefruit, not lemon, which led to some additional dissapointment. This was not because of a flushing issue or premature harvest, it’s just the way it came out.
    The high of this herb was great, I must say, however more than one of my friends commented that it “wasn’t what they were expecting” from a back-to-back CC champ. Why? Well, the stone is just not overpowering. It made me feel extremely happy in body and mind, and yet I still found myself reaching for some Arjan’s Haze 1 or Hawaiian Snow after just toking up the SLH. Check out the seed prices on Attitude or Seed Boutique and you’ll find that SLH is one of the lower priced seeds available, even in feminized form. I believe there is a reason for this, as we have found that the quality of the bud usually coinsides with the cost of the seeds. This is not always the case, but I digress.
    Would I recommend growing this strain? Probably not, unless yield is not really a consideration. Would I recommend smoking it if you get the chance? Absofuckin’lutely, but keep the kush close by :)

  18. says:

    on Apr 28, 2010

    Wow, after reading both Chubbs (and now MelodyMaker)’s take on the Super Lemon Haze, I have to say that I am honestly a little shocked and disappointed. The Cannabis Cup has been around since ’87 or ’88 (correct me if I’m wrong), and the back to back champion as of now has retained an A- rating?! I trust the grade because of the accuracy of many other reviews. Most nail the experience right on the money.

    Since this year will be my first at the Cup, I’m going to take the safe bet and go with MelodyMaker’s choice of either Arjan’s Haze 1 (or Hawaiian Snow) for the sure-proof, leaving the SLH as a back-up or possibly just a couple gram alternative…

    Thanks for the help dankasaurusrex + MelodyMaker!

  19. JD


    on Apr 28, 2010

    haha nice hash joint. i wonder how many phenotypes are in super lemon haze. anyway, good review…i need to get some of this shit pronto

  20. MelodyMaker


    on Apr 29, 2010

    YW, dank…and I think you’ll really like the Hawaiian Snow, so I’d try that first if you’re heading to the Greenhouse. Not sure if it’s different in the Dam, but ours produced a smell and flavor akin to grape jelly with a hint of citrus….so good. Not to mention the potency is 23% THC according to their ads. If ur hitting up the Cannabis Cup, however, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding something you’ll enjoy smoking! Have a fantastic time!

  21. says:

    on Apr 29, 2010

    Greenhouse makes tons of good strains, and it’s really not a huge surprise that they won the cannabis cup of 2009.

  22. stak


    on Apr 30, 2010

    damn! id think a cannabis cup winner wouldnt need a hash crutch to hold it up. gotta do what u gotta do. im definitely going to try a fat snake joint next time i come across some quality hash

  23. ufo-disclosure


    on Jul 15, 2010

    guys what counts is

    some kush are a lot stronger than best Hazes, because it really knocks you out. OK. but kush strains have a shitty taste

    best buds are of course Haze hybrids , thus Sativa dominants

    -Amnesia Haze
    -Super Lemon Haze
    -Cheese x Haze
    -Martian Mean Green
    -Cheeseberry Haze
    -Cannalope Haze
    -Super Silver Haze
    -Jack Herer
    -Hawaiian Snow

    best indica dominants I’ve tried, in terms of taste, are

    -BlueCheese (Big Buddah)
    -Cheese (HGF)
    -BlueMooonshine (DJ Short)
    -NYCD (Soma)

  24. mrbongman


    on Jul 27, 2010

    wondering if anyone has heard of a blackberry kush super lemon haze hybrid i think this would be a dank combination

  25. ncbuds


    on Aug 12, 2010

    This strain is one of the best you can grow from seed on the market right now even though it is from the super commercial Greenhouse. It pisses me off when some people knock the strain because “it didn’t yield enough” or they had a bad batch. order the seeds grow it correctly and you’ll get a yield and some great smoke.

  26. MelodyMaker


    on Aug 30, 2010

    Ncbuds, your comment is rude and just stupid. Neither Chubbs nor I ever “knocked” this strain, and if you’ll take the time to acctualy reread the review and my post, you’ll see we both had good things to say. This site is supposed to be dedicated to providing people with accurate information, and that is exactly what Chubbs and I were trying to do. Even high times agrees with us (2009 Cannabis Cup issue) so unless you’d like to contribute truthful, usefully information, please find another place to vent.

  27. firsttimergrower


    on Sep 5, 2010

    hi guys i see a lot of hating going on here i’m 32 been smoking all kinds of unwashed crap till i finally decided enough is enough and got a super silver haze momma going she’s incredible keeping the humidity real high and the leaves are getting super phat almost hemp looking. i have a hundred percent cloning rate and am in soil she loves sugar but wilts is synthetic fertilizer is even in the room.. i pretty much veg only seven days after rooting and stick straight into flower.. i have recently started a super lemon haze and a nevilles haze from seed i have a 12 ft. deep systern to purge with co2 once i get er set up right… and i know one things for sure i’m after something that ain’t got the effects of the couch locking indica because when i smoke i usually end up in my fabrication shop tig welding up some crazy master piece for the thinkers and do’rs sativa dominant and for the couch potatoe eating class indica!!! and correction read back somewhere og kush is indica haha bullshit it’s sativa dominant it just recieved the name and it stuck also an incredible strain i want to try trainwreck as well cheers all happy smoking!!!!

  28. firsttimergrower


    on Sep 5, 2010

    i just wanna add one more thing.. one thing i learned in life is people who listen more then they talk learn and grow i’d put money on it that if your stuff is junk you don’t know how too grow i’ve read almost ever cannabible medical marijauna bible breeders bible and every piece of liturature i can find on each strain i’m after and i am one hundred percent confident this strain after my tlc will rock the world of even the most higly tolerent smoker my plans are bat gauno 25 n, fish emulsion, mollasus, a little b-1 super thrieve once in a while, some mag cal iron supliments, for veg and on momma i use a little peroxide every few months to break up nutrient pockets then flush,,, want those electical conductivity levels low in these babies!!!! then during flower i use a little flavour enhancing citrus suppliment bat gauno p 26, fish emullsion bloom, synergy 1/2 dose, fish bones meals loosned up in a presure cooker first to accelerate plant absorption, and am planning to use a product called final flush at 70 days and then nothing but water till the tries turn cloudy ( but if anyone has ever grown succesfully i ask should i just let the water flush nutrients at 70 or should i use the final flush i’m after quality not quantity) if anyone has suggestions for me i’m def willing to listen honestly until 9 months ago when my ssh baby popped her pretty face out i never new shit about growing. my veg room is 400w metal halide and my flower room is 2 600w full spectrum and a 400 in the middle!!!!! best thing i ever did and would gladly give my best nugget to any true consiour who appreciates all the knowledge and hard work that goes into these ventures cheers all and thanx for your time

  29. mandolindoob


    on Oct 19, 2010

    SLH is a good yielder if you know what you are doing

  30. germanfuck


    on Nov 25, 2010

    hey guys,i guess most of you never smoked or even growed the superlemonhaze.
    damn arjan,yes you’re right.
    but don’t damn the superlemonhaze….
    im actually growing it now,and,yeah,i can tell you folks,it is one of the best strains i’ve ever seen in my entire life…

    not enough that the lemonhaze has a great great yield,the taste is amazing and the high is…it blows you away

  31. Mike


    on Dec 9, 2010

    Also growing SLH from GHS, she really stands from the other strains, it’s structure and color is beautiful you can tell it’s just superior. SLH is also one of the fastest grower in my garden, around 2″ a day Soil/400WMH and GH nutes + Calmag, I’m switching lights today, but I read you should flower this plant the whole 11 weeks, having the last one with no lights at all for best results- So I’ll tell you about taste/potency in about 2 months. 2C

  32. speakfromexperience


    on May 30, 2011

    man, you’re right about that. If you want these to yield they must have a good veg and one must be careful not to overfeed, very economical. I am looking to pull over a half pound off one stinky, lemony, fuely-smelling slh plant. I am like many who are indica crazed, I grew up in the A where it was nothing but expensive kush or purp provided by nigs. However this haze grabbed my indica biased attention. Some of the other phenos are not so attractive, just typical hazes, without the ‘gas’ punch so go for a 10 pack. I found 2 keepers :)

  33. says:

    on Jan 29, 2012

    this is great right here. love the reviews mrs chubb!

  34. Jim Beam


    on Mar 17, 2012

    If you are looking for an indica dominant “knocked out”, “don’t care about anything” type of effect, Super Lemon Haze might not be for you.. SLH does have a powerful, intoxicating feeling/stone, that is accompanied by a thought-provoking, energetic and trippy, uplifting, giggly, and happy experiance, that is also numbing, providing decent pain relief….. What more can you ask for?? As some users put it, it ticks all the boxes…

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