Super Silver Haze (Reseda Discount Caregivers)


I grabbed a gram of Super Silver Haze from Reseda Discount Caregivers a while back and sure enough as soon as I got home and smoked some I was wishing I had bought an 1/8th.

Super Silver Haze

Name: Super Silver Haze

From: Reseda Discount Caregivers (DispensaryTarzana)

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Price: $55/8th

Looks: Like one excellently grown sativa. Typical cone shape with an extended growth tip at the top of almost every bud. Frosty with a little purple here and there.

Smell: Great haze smell with a little extra lemon, especially when ground up.

Taste: Very smooth, lemon candy like smoke. Great when smoked in a bong full of ice. Best when vaporized.

Buzz Type: A bit of a creeper sativa buzz that has you bouncing off the walls about 30 minutes after your session ends. Great social strain.

Buzz Length: Long. 2 fat tokes and I was really high for a solid 2.5 hours.

Overall: A great sativa that has in my opinion easily lived up to it’s reputation.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze

Buzz Report: Strong, very active buzz was felt a little while after I got done blazing. No munchies at all but some SERIOUS cotton mouth.  –Chubbs

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  1. says:

    on May 13, 2009

    managed to score some of this shipped in from cali 6 months ago in georgia. still my favorite high

  2. jbone204


    on May 13, 2009

    one thing we dont have a lot of here is hazes. sure would like to try this one

  3. Mervinthepersian


    on May 13, 2009

    I love this strain, a great sativa over all. There is a strain I haven’t tried called “Armageddon”. I’ve googled it and some places sell it in Europe, but haven’t seen it in the USA. The picture that should go next to this strain should be a couch speeding towards earth like a comet because this strain sounds like it entails some serious couch lock!

  4. Medical Cannabis of the Rockies


    on May 13, 2009

    I get this consistently from a private stock up here in Northern Colorado and it is the same every time and its wonderful, have a jar load of I picked up yesterday. It does give me the munchies though, big time, unlike the one you tried. No couchlock since its a Sativa, makes me hipper kind of, great day smoke. My review of this is coming, hopefully, right chubbs…haha!

  5. says:

    on May 13, 2009

    such a good strain. I got a couple grams of this that I have been saving for 2 months now. Really is some special occasion type greenery.

  6. says:

    on May 13, 2009

    SSH has some Northern Lights in it’s DNA, I think Silver Haze is actually closer to pure Haze. Does anyone carry pure Haze anywhere in SoCal? I can’t find it anywhere.

  7. iloveweed


    on May 14, 2009

    love me a good haze theres just something bout the taste thats mmmmm magically delicious

  8. Medical Cannabis of the Rockies


    on May 14, 2009


  9. Skywalker


    on May 15, 2009

    I seem to have mixed results with the haze hybrids I get in SoCal dispensaries. None I’ve tried have that immediate, mule kick to the head punch that the Amsterdam grown hazes have. Something like the Hawaiian Haze from Abraxas(immediate, real stony.)

  10. says:

    on Jun 6, 2009

    this mixed with a little pine kush is really good

  11. twylights


    on Jul 1, 2009

    Picked some of this up at CCA and its the best mariage bettweew fruity ans spicy verry cool.

  12. Dean


    on Sep 20, 2009

    i smoked this in the dam and it was nice but nothing on the haiwiian haze but im goin back there next month, any advice what to try

  13. Jellinek


    on Sep 22, 2009

    Stuff I like and you might like too.
    1 Ice-o-lator
    2 420 Haze
    3 Royal Jelly (extremely good :D )
    4 Amnesia Haze
    5 Bubblegum Haze

    Enjoy i’ll be in Amsterdam too next month so tell me some Nice weed or hash what i must smoke :D

  14. T.C Murphy


    on Apr 7, 2010

    super silver haze is an excellent sativa with a short acting come on .

  15. says:

    on Apr 23, 2010

    well i know my chron n this my freind is some fire n ice type stuff but man i copped a quartermixx of some silverhaze/metal haze they both known as the same n the other portion of it was some silver purple skunk it was really good but the metal haze noe that was worth 60 an 8th

  16. says:

    on Apr 28, 2010

    i also bought a gram of SSH not long ago. as soon as i had twirled it up i knew i was going to be ridiculously high. the buzz hit me like a train. slight creeper feeling that made me think i was not high 1 minute to really high the next. incredible herb that i would recommend and would definitely buy again.

  17. Nuglife


    on Apr 29, 2010

    That’s a prime example of SSH and for 55 an 1/8 Im sold. Gotta love that lemon candy taste

  18. stak


    on Apr 30, 2010

    outstanding! the little bit of purple on the tip there is like a cherry on top. or maybe a grape! YUM

  19. i like haze


    on Aug 24, 2010

    people are obsessed with kush especially in the media we need to give it up to haze.

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