Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies From Private Dealer (Meangreenmartian)


Obelisk reviewed GSC Thin Mint not too long ago, you can check that review out here for comparison with what MGM thought!  –Tokeahontas

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Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint
OG x Durban or OGxDurbanxGDP
Private Source
$275 per ounce

Lighter color green with some golden and light purple hairs and leaves.  Buds are tight with swollen crystals as seen in the 30x photos.  Looks like the more sativa phenol of GSC I tried a year ago but overall these were heavier and indica dominant.


The overall smell of this bud as it sits in a jar is toothpaste.  It really has a strong spearmint or peppermint tone along with some foreign spice and sweet cookie notes.  Thin mint is a pretty accurate description for the aroma.


Flavor is spearmint, animal cookies, Durban, and Afghan spice.

Buzz Type:

Hits you fast but you realize the full potential of the stone about 20-30 minutes after smoking.  Puts you in a sedative feeling with total relaxation.  I smoked a joint of this with a friend while driving up North and we both got pretty damn baked.  Wouldn’t recommend driving on this if you are already tired.

Buzz Length:

2 hours long.  I usually smoke this at 10pm or so to put me out by 11.  Really nice for sleeping and limiting dreaming.


This was probably the second best example of GSC I have tried.  It was way more minty in a toothpaste kind of way, but didn’t compare to the heavier indica version (last gsc review) that reminded me of Bubba Kush with more pronounced purple fan leaves and an overall cinnamon sugar cookie flavor.  This stuff was mint and Durban.  Still real nice. –Meangreenmartian

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  1. says:

    on Apr 23, 2014

    Sounds like some good smoke! Great review, I can imagine the awesome flavor and knock out buzz this batch provided!

  2. says:

    on Apr 23, 2014

    This looks very nice. I've always wanted to try this.
    To be honest though, I believe it is plain old GSC. The Thin Mint is an actually cutting. It is the same as the Forum cut. I believe a really nice, textbook example was just reviewed recently. It should be purple.
    That is just for the Thin Mint clone. This looks like another example of the strain, possibly from seed.
    Thanks for the review though.

  3. says:

    on Apr 23, 2014

    This looks a bit closer to the 'platinum' cut I've seen.

    Thin Mint cut is a different in structure and color than this. Sounds like you got some killer cookies though.

    • says:

      on Apr 23, 2014

      ive seen purple og looking buds be called thin mint and brighter Durban forward ones as well, so who really knows. My 2nd GSC out of the three reviews I have submitted was closest to the purple forum cut which I thought was superior but they have all been fire. Heading to Bay Area soon so we'll see that mints are kicking around the place where they hail from.

      • says:

        on Apr 24, 2014

        I really don't know and I'm in the same boat as you. The cut of 'Thin Mint' I grow looks like the one I see around the net a ton, but it's got the purple kushy durban thing going on. It's weird to see the lighter GSC's, they make me think there is a durban dominant pheno going around too…

        here's mine

      • says:

        on Apr 24, 2014

        @meangreen, just don't go to harborside..
        Get in the city and hit up 'the green door sf' or '1944 ocean collective ' for the real GSC cuts.

        • says:

          on Apr 24, 2014

          Im going to hate if you come all the way out here to pick up fake GSC..happy hunting

  4. says:

    on Apr 23, 2014


  5. says:

    on Apr 26, 2014

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