Underdog OG From Ricochet (CaliOC)


This strain is no underdog!  You can tell pretty quickly that Underdog OG is a winner!  –Tokeahontas

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Underdog Og
Known as headband From Ricochet a Hybrid Underdog Og.
Ricochet "LoomPa Farms"
Since there is no double A in the rating I give this UnderDog a AA rating. Somewhere between an A and an A+.
Has that Sativa strength but you know it's got Indica on the lower side.
$55/eighth. Ricochet has specials on certain days through text emails all there specials an for the Under Dog Og with Loompa farms strains 5.00 off.

The buds in this gram are small nuggs as you can see by the grinder.  I would say it has a good dose of trichomes but there could be more.  However, this is an organic grow.  If they used some products maybe it would be better looking than what I see.  This strain reminds me of Chronic back in the day with that light yellow green color.  This UnderDog has its darker trim and a light amount of hairs.  A gram or two may have more hairs as these are small nuggs.


Smells like they cut some OG in the strain, light fuely.  Needs to remain in the cure jar for an hour to get a good OG smell.


Tastes like a lot of OG out there.  There is no premature flavor, it’s all a nice flavor other than what I call tasting THC.  So I wouldn’t be the best to describe the taste.  I can explain something purple or fruity or dank.  This is top shelf meds.  You get what you can and enjoy what you have.

Buzz Type:

As I’m a pipe smoker, I hold in the smoke of this cannabis and it causes me to lightly cough.  The first hit isn’t always the best as far as how strong the strain is, as it takes about the third hit to really feel how strong the strain is.
Now, what I do with my next bowl is I’ll add some UnderDog BlueBerry TrainWreck sugar on the fresh bud and see how that does with this strain.  I started doing this all the time just in case I get a strain that the quality doesn’t match up with the smell or looks.  Just a way to use crumbles with flowers.  People do it.  So this is a relaxed chill high.  No munchies and it’s not going to put you stuck on the couch.  Good for relaxing the body and muscles with injuries or with spasms.

Buzz Length:

UnderDog can sometimes be a good for laughing.  I was busting up talking on the phone.  A lot going on.  But I enjoyed it.


It’s been years since I tried some Loompa Farms UnderDog OG.  I’m not sure if 5-6 years ago if this even had OG in it.  So I’d actually say it is better that the last time I had it.  That’s a plus because you know there are more bomb genetics Ricochet has with LoomPa Farms and also other areas.  Peace CaliOc.

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  1. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    Umm, just a little curious about the "known as headband" part, do they not sell it as underdog OG at the place?

  2. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    Thats looking pretty dank man. The old underdogg og that used to be popoluar was actually chem 91 skunk va x chem d and it was nice. Looks like you have some good old school flowers there.

  3. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    HumCoast I would have to check into that. This is there signature Og. The headband I believe there talking about the headband effect. They also have AAA Headband.

    Howitsson you are right this is an old school strain. These are some of the genetics people want the old school stuff. You have that here but of course this is a bit different. They have Chem D also.. So Im sure there pretty close with the Og cut that isnt old school. Honestly there is a lot of Og out there that I dont like but this strain is a solid AA an Og that I honestly liked. And Im sure everyone else would. Esp some wax shatter concentrates for ya Dabber'z.

    Ok wow Im surprised to see my first review, an Im a little confused lol guess I had the Skittles effect going on what I was trying to explain. I thought my review got lost in the Movement of Cpa.

    Ricochet has went back to deliverys an even taking new customers. The specials I mentioned Im not sure what they are doing now since the switch into delivery. The UnderDog Og is now 60.00. Still same cost as 55 an yourself not using fuel.

  4. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    Looks good. I believe Underdog OG is (Sour Diesel x OG) x OG, never heard of there being any skunk in it

  5. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    We have some different Underdogs that you are trying to figure out what is this strain. Honeslty I wouldnt even ask because that's Loompa Signature strain and they are not a share cropper or anything like that. They only deal with Ricochet from what I once heard. Probably right no sign of skunk in this Hybrid.

  6. says:

    on May 17, 2013

    And Im not sure how much skunk I have had but Skunk is probably not in this strain. If there was the Og smell is in there an smells fuely like most say Og smells like I couldnt identify the skunk there.

  7. says:

    on May 18, 2013

    Tokeahontas your right this is a winner. Wait till my Miami white soil looks like. Back to back dank strains an like they said old school genetics' getting even better.

  8. says:

    on May 18, 2013

    Sorry I met Miami White review. Ya it will be four weeks.

  9. says:

    on May 18, 2013

    This might be the best review ever glad to see some of ur work buddy thats whats up!

  10. says:

    on May 18, 2013

    Glad to see that it fit's your TopRank standards. You are exactly right in your Miami review, Ricochet is the way to ge when your searching for flower. Some clubs test there strains, Ricochet does not test strains an neither does Chubbs. But I got to warn you with some clubs. Your searching weedmaps searching for the strongest Thc strain, an you go there an chose it, after taking it home the thc of the batch is way less an labeled less an it gets thrown into a bag stapled. So it's not cool. A strain going from 29% down to 21% or so. So tested strains does not mean your batch will be that. So ya no need to test Ricochet's strains because I never chose a strain an it wasnt no good. It's always been awesome cured cannabis. So ya dont always fall for those tested strains fellows. Gonna go smoke some Miami an chill. Went out to Pomona today, to watch some drag racing. Have not had no bud all day.

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