Vanilla Kush From Private Dealer (Moshi)


This strain won the 2009 cannabis cup, and it looks like moshi519 agrees with the decision!

Submitted By:
Camera Used:
Cellphone and D60
Strain Name:
Vanilla Kush
Kashmir Hash Plant x Kush
Private Dealer
Right on that A+ level
Hybrid (Mostly Indica)

One batch had really bright green leaves and was coated in amber hairs, just loaded.  There was purple and black with tangerine tips running all through the dense trich-covered buds (shot with the D60).  Another batch I got was bright bright green with LOTS of tangerine hairs.  This batch was probably the most SUGARY and dense buds I have ever seen, period.  Pebbles I tell you!  Pebbles! (shot on my phone).


Lavender and skunk.  This stuff will sting the nostrils but it is with a very pleasant aroma.


It tastes like lavender and vanilla with a hint of purple or tangerine, just a wonderful smoke.  I smoke it excessively because it’s like candy.

Buzz Type:

Medical patients with body pain love this stuff because it makes your bones numb and gravity seems to be a lot heavier sitting on the couch.  Can I get a “bone numbing?”

Buzz Length:

I hope you don’t have much to do for 2-3 hours because you’re locked to the couch most of that time with this bud.


Overall, the vanilla kush on this side of town is A+.  This stuff is awesome, all around great bud.  It is dense and a great smoke; some of the best stuff I have seen and that comes around here.  Every time this comes off, it’s like Christmas I get so excited.  Everyone should try to get their hands on some VK!  –Moshi519

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  1. says:

    on May 11, 2012

    awesome review moshi!
    those flowers just look like they taste like vanilla for some reason hahahah
    sounds like great meds and you cant beat that price anywhere

  2. says:

    on May 11, 2012

    Great review nice pictures the high sounds good but i am always active guy jajaja but i do like does indica to knock you out on your ass & these my friend is one of thim as i could see and the taste WOW i love fruits especially when im baked jajaja it makes thim taste so freaking good and the looks are very nice O n the price 190 the Oz wow…. moshi519 very good keep thim coming. Keep toking!!!

  3. says:

    on May 11, 2012

    thanks dude! unfortunately some of the pictures i had with this review didnt work i guess which is a bummer they were killer shots! but killer bud none the less

  4. says:

    on May 12, 2012

    Always wanted to try vanilla kush.

  5. says:

    on May 12, 2012

    oh my that sounds like a wonder strain ive never heard of it before now and now i want to try it! awsome review man!

    • says:

      on May 12, 2012

      My buddies dude in Bozo grew it… so chron. Let's compare

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