White Cheese From Private Dealer (NEtoker19)


I’m assuming the NE in your username stands for New England?  If so, cool to check out buds from a part of the country that is underrepresented on reviews!  –Tokeahontas

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White Cheese
White x UK cheese
Private Dealer
A+. Some of the most potent flower I have ever smoked.
This is a good hybrid but mostly incida. Smoke avlot of it and you'll end up pretty spacey.

A+. My pick up was comprised of small, medium-dense nugs that look pure white.  Absolutely caked up with trichomes everywhere.  You can tell the resin production on this plant was ridiculous.


A.  This had a great smell.  It was very subtle and creamy, mostly, but with a nice cheesy funk once you broke it down.


A+.  This had a great cheesy milky creamy flavor that just tasted absolutely dank.

Buzz Type:

The high started with a ridiculous stoned feeling for the first hour and a half and then mellowed out into a comfortable body high.  Don’t smoke too much or you might end up a bit zoned out!

Buzz Length:

2.5 hour buzz.  It lasted for quite a while.


A+.  This is some great medication and flowers that are extremely potent.  There’s kief is everywhere when you break these buds up.  –NEtoker19

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  1. says:

    on Nov 30, 2012

    Sounds awesome keep them reviews coming from NE its cool to see what different parts of the world are smokin on

  2. says:

    on Nov 30, 2012

    Take your time on the details brother. Shouldnt have any problem looking/smelling/tasting these buds, so there shouldnt be any skimpy details. Never heard of a strain called just "White" either. Buds look delish though

    • says:

      on Nov 30, 2012

      He probably means The White. I don't know who originally bred it but OG Raskal Seeds has been doing a lot of crosses with it lately

  3. says:

    on Nov 30, 2012

    Yup, new england for sure. and I do mean The White. was nearly nodding off during this review because i was so tired haha, not the best time to submit a review. But i have a few more buds that i reviewed. hopefully they get posted too!

  4. says:

    on Nov 30, 2012

    Gotcha! I just want to know more about your weed!!! :D

  5. says:

    on Jun 4, 2013

    I like it

  6. says:

    on Jun 4, 2013

    Im not gunna rip you apart over simple details like a lot of these aholes,,Just sayin

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