White Grape From Private Dealer (Iyamon)


This strain got a fake name– don’t you hate when growers/collectives do that!?  I just want to know what I’m smoking on!  I’ve seen White Grape around at some collectives as an Indica, but Iyamon’s review is a Sativa, so there’s some mix up somewhere!

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White Grape
White Grape's definitely just a name someone attached to a strain they had no real genetics on.
Private Dealer

The looks on this strain were pretty stellar.  The pictures are from after it cured nearly another two weeks because it had some moisture when I first received it.  When I first got it though, it was pretty fluffy and a vibrant lime green color.  Wild red hairs flared out all over and the bud was sticky to the touch.

Just from the looks and feel of it alone, I could tell it came from some grower that had cut and cured it within days of it getting to my hands.  It had moderate trichome coverage throughout and became a slightly lighter green when broken up.  This crop suffered from nutrient shock at some point in time because a few of the excess leaves (below average trim job) showed signs of yellowing and dying.  I noticed that because it had so much moisture, some of the buds suffered a little bud rot too when trying to cure, which was a let down added to how crumbly it became when dried properly.


A fresh plant smell with very minute traces of a tart scent is all this herb was giving off.  Even after the cure, it pretty much stayed that way, but it also gained a slight citrus cent as it fully dried.  When broken up, a slightly, skunky/pine emanated from the inside giving some life to the smell, but still nothing impressive.


No grape.  I wasn’t expecting any, but it would have been a nice surprise.  Some of the tart, light citrus comes through on the back end of the inhale, but it’s gone as soon as it’s noticed leaving behind just an earthy, bland taste.

Buzz Type:

I’ve had issues giving this a better description than just a sativa mind drain.  My mind wasn’t racing nor was it exploding with euphoria.  My body remained virtually the same, maybe a little more at ease.  What I did feel though was an extreme mind fog that doesn’t linger too long, but does leave the eyes heavy and the body feeling lethargic and groggy.  After medicating my second time on this, I passed out for a nap involuntarily.

Buzz Length:

Short to Medium.  At best, veteran tokers will get an hour out of this, but it’s an average 45 minute duration from my experiences.


I waited on trying this “White Grape” right away, so the bud would be test ready.  What a letdown.  The name couldn’t have been more misleading and I normally pay less for better quality.  Medically, I’d recommend people to find something else.  This is just another case of deceiving looks.  –Iyamon

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  1. says:

    on Apr 8, 2012

    Pics were nice to bad the bud was a let down

    Thanks for the review!

  2. says:

    on Apr 9, 2012

    Hell yeah, thanks for the accurate review.
    $335 is always too much in my book, especially for some generic sativa.
    Better luck on your next score brother!

  3. says:

    on Apr 11, 2012

    Seriously a great review!

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