White Widow – Homegrown (atg420)


Wrapping up this Saturday morning with some White Widow.  –Tokeahontas

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White Widow
I had to grade it AAA because everything I look for in weed was there, from smell to taste.
I'm pretty sure it's Hybrid, but if ypu think bout it ain't everything?

The look was great.  It was very crystal looking and the bud was very dense.  It had white and reddish hairs on it.


The smell was amazing.  After I harvested it and dried it out, the smell really showed itself.  It was a very loud smell.  It kind of smelled like a blend of citrus and a skunky smell.


The taste was amazing also.  It tasted exactly like it smelled, and the smoke was very smooth.

Buzz Type:

The buzz started out in my head, and then crept into my body and hit me all at once.  It was a very strong cerebral high and it gave me the giggles lol.  I liked it a lot.

Buzz Length:

The buzz was very long, lasting 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours.  Me and a buddy rolled a normal size joint and smoke 3 quarters of it and had to put it out, we sat on the couch and laughed for no reason for like 30 minutes lol.


Overall it was my best strain I have grown yet.  I will definitely grow more of this plant.  I strongly recommend this strain.  –atg420

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  1. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    Hard to tell what the bud looks like,looks like some chunky nugs tho.How much did they yield looks like healthy plants.

  2. says:

    on Mar 30, 2013

    It's cool that you grew ww, but I would love to see closer shots of the bud. Im betting it has that same sharp citrus scent I smell on widow crosses.

    • says:

      on Mar 30, 2013

      Your right I see so much less WW now than ever. The 90's it was everywhere!

      Close ups would be swell. The plants look nice and healthy. And the shape of the nugs are nice. I love seeing homegrow reviews, great job!

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