Blackberry Kush Shatter/Sap from Cloud 9 Collaborative (Stimulator)


A bit of a dark looking concentrate but kept Stimulator lifted!  –Tokeahontas

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Blackberry Kush Shatter/Sap
Cloud 9 Collaborative (Dispensary - Los Angeles)
A. A nice buzz that had me medicated off a couple dabs.
Concentrate - Pull and snap with a great consistency
Price G:
$15 a half g, $30 a g

A nice yellowish amber hard pull and snap shatter that caught my eye once I asked to see their concentrates.  Clear and looking clean, it looks more yellow once it’s pulled off the parchment with the dabber


Reeks of the blackberry strain it was made from.  It does have a little bit of a waxy scent but more blackberries hit the nostrils.


Blackberries galore! The flavor is probably the best feature of this shatter.  Again, on the exhale there is a bit of a waxy flavor but it still nice nonetheless.  The more I dab this the more my mouth gets coated with berry flavor.

Buzz Type:

Right off the back on the exhale I’m hit with a rush to my head but after a little bit of coughing gets done I can feel it rushing through my spine and lower back, ahhh. :D

Buzz Length:

I was suprised, I did not think this buzz was going to be this long but it has been about 2 and half hours + since I took 2 good size dabs.


This Blackberry Shatter from Cloud 9 has a real nice appeal to it, the taste is berry flavorful!  The smell could be a bit more stinky but then again it is a shatter, and the buzz is really nice.  This batch of blackberry shatter receives a 4.8, have a good one nuggers!  –Stimulator

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  1. says:

    on Mar 3, 2013

    Cool review dude. A little dark but glad you enjoyed thats all that counts!

  2. says:

    on Mar 3, 2013

    4.8/5 with that color? what a joke
    sure the wax is good quality for the price, but that wax aint no 4.8/5

    "Clear and looking clean, it looks more yellow once it’s pulled off the parchment with the dabber"
    pretty much all oil does this, its pretty funny how many people with bad oil, like to think this makes it good quality

  3. says:

    on Mar 3, 2013

    glad you loved it jumpman!:D lol

  4. says:

    on Mar 3, 2013

    A seems a tad high due to color,

  5. says:

    on Mar 7, 2013

    At that price u know it wasn't made from flowers. I feel no oil should even b considered A quality unless it was extracted from flower.

  6. says:

    on Mar 8, 2013

    damn my poor name is getting merked by these collective reviews,

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