Blue Widow Wax – Homemade (BakedBeans)


This wax turned out to be an interesting shade of brown!   But BakedBeans says it is killer!  Check out this Blue Widow Wax.  –Tokeahontas

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Blue Widow Wax
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A+. Killer.
Concentrate - Crumble
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Made from 25 grams

Crazyyy! Dry flakes of a faded purple with a slight almost salmon-like color.  Most of the flakes have a nice honey combed effect to them once you crack the pieces of wax.


Opening the container, a strong fruit filled lavender scent smacks you clear in the face.  Once you actually bring the jar to your nose to smell it you get a tingle through your nostrils almost to the back of your throat as you give it a whiff.


As you inhale and the smoke reaches your taste buds you get a satisfying and flavorful experience of a watered down blueberry with a strong lavender finish.  The taste of the smoke coats your whole mouth leaving you not wanting it to go a way and it doesn’t for a few minutes after exhaling the smoke.

Buzz Type:

Instantaneously hits you as the smoke hits your lungs.  The smoke is very smooth and provides a slow expansion to the lungs.  From your eyes to the tip of your head, you have this feeling of sinking into a bowl of mush before you even exhale.  Once you do, the pile of mush seems to overtake your body like quicksand.

As some time goes by and you snap out of a blank daze you have a very warm and comforting tingle throughout yourself and a smirk on your face.  The couch is your good friend and is where you’ll spend your time after hitting this wax.  It is perfect for any activity you can do while sitting in your favorite seat.

Buzz Length:

I smoke a lot and it was easily a couple of hours before the thought of dabbing even came back into my mind.  Once I did take another dunk, I was still very much buzzed from the first one.


Very very happy with this wax.  From the purple tint to the delicious taste, smell and the great heavy stone this wax provides, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Everything about this wax leaves a smile on my face.  –BakedBeans

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  1. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    Great review big difference between this one and your last

  2. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    that purp wax!

  3. says:

    on Apr 3, 2013

    I found blue widow flowers this week and am blown away, this crumble looks cool.

  4. says:

    on Apr 5, 2013

    These nugs where completely purple almost black looking.. and this was the blue dream white widow cross.. very great bud

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