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Submitted By: Demo11 (Member and Editor)

Camera Used: ?

Name: Budder

From: BudderKing

Grade: A+

Type: Concentrate

Price: $85/g (CDN)

Looks: Like thick dried out honey.  Light brownish yellow in color.

Smell: Very interesting, almost like kush with a hashy sweet twist.  Or as my girlfriend says “it smells like potency”.

Taste: Wow.  I created a layer of ash in my bong over a screen, dropped a piece the size of a pinhead, and i got one gigantic toke that tasted indescribable.

Purity and Potency: This batch of budder was made with OG Kush, Purple Kush and the infamous Pineapple Express.

Budder is brittle when cold, runny when heated, and sticky at room temperature.

Lab tests show budder to be 99.7% pure THC.  Smoking just one hit is the equivalent of smoking 2-3 full size joints.

It creates a clear, yet crippling high of the purest quality.

I recommend this product to anyone looking to get the most out of their money.  Each gram contains approximately 40 hits – 1 hit is like smoking 2 joints… you do the math.  –Demo11

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  1. stezz


    on May 21, 2010

    I wish I could get something just somewhat close to this around here! Canadians need to get those remote controlled trains going across the boarder like out of trailer park boys and send some of this stuff over hahaha! I love that show so fucking much, I wish I could smoke some budder and watch them right now :D

  2. CanadaDank07


    on May 22, 2010

    Great show, and that was an AWESOME episode! One of my favourites actually.
    Dont think it would work though… maybe training hawks and eagles to fly it over. That would work. :D

  3. James


    on Jun 15, 2010

    I’ll tell you the best way to smoke budder. And it is so obvious!

    I’ve read about the “two knife” method. That’s NOT it.

    Neither is putting it on some ash in your pipe or bong bowl. NOPE!

    Start with a crack pipe. The kind that consists of a glass tube with a glass sphere or bulb at the end of it. The kind where the glass shere/bulb has a small hole in it.

    Into this sphere/bulb, dip the end of a paper clip, onto which you have collected a small amount of budder. Now heat the paper clip so the budder drips off of it and makes a small “ball” inside the crack pipe. Remove the paper clip and you’re ready for lift-off.

    Now heat the outside of the crack pipe (directly under the budder) with your lighter or, better yet, with a torch lighter. RESULT: The budder vaporizes, and the smoke you inhale has no byproducts of combustion as no flame ever touches the budder or enters the pipe!!!

    The budder may spit a bit as it liquifies, but when it does the spatters will stay within the crack pipe and you can apply your lighter flame to that area of the pipe and the budder will turn to smoke. NO WASTE! Am I the only person in the world who has this figured out? It works PERFECT every time. Later, when you want another hit, just apply the flame again to the OUTSIDE of the crack pipe.
    ImJamesJSimpson at v-e-r-i-z-o-n dot n.e.t.

  4. Surfdong


    on Dec 1, 2010

    I have smoked a hit of budder every day for the last year. Living in Vancouver I walk into a “clinic” and purchase what I want. I don’t even smoke pot anymore as this stuff is simply way to good. A tiny hit gets you wasted – best of all is no smell. A truly epic smoke, I can’t imagine anything better. I know as I just spent a week in Amsterdam!

  5. says:

    on Jul 2, 2012

    I'd like to see that lab test for 99.7%

  6. says:

    on Jul 20, 2012

    lucky 4 sum

  7. says:

    on Aug 1, 2012

    Demo always had the dopest reviews!

  8. says:

    on May 27, 2013

    Insults intelligence when u say all but .03 is thc , yes I'm very doubtful

    • says:

      on May 27, 2013

      you reply truly insulted my intelligence… lol. 100% – 99.7% does not equal 0.03… lol that would have to by 99.97%… lol

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