Chemdawg Wax From CHC (MrTHC_420)


Happy Tuesday!  Starting the morning off with some wax from CHC.  –Tokeahontas

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Chemdawg Wax
I've heard Sour D X OG Kush, but I've heard that's a load of bs too lol.
A - Definitely some high quality wax
Concentrate - A very nice stable wax consistency
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This wax has a very nice golden, slightly orange, color.  The consistency is really stable and can be easily molded into a dab.  It isn’t too dry and it isn’t too “wet”.  I’d rate the looks 9/10.


The smell on this Chemdawg wax wasn’t as loud as I was expecting, but it did have a nice chem smell.  There was also a dank sour muskiness.  The smell isn’t the best smell on a wax that I’ve had, but it definitely has a unique funk to it. I’d rate the smell 8.5/10.


This Chemdawg wax has a very sweet taste at first, but then you get the Sour Chem taste a few seconds after you exhale.  The taste kind of reminds me of some other Chemdawgs I’ve had but slightly sweeter.  I’d rate the taste 9/10.

Buzz Type:

Right after you take a dab you get a “punch in the face” and feel the sativa buzz kick in immediately.

Buzz Length:

2 hours off a few dabs.


This wax wax some bomb Chemdawg that I would gladly pickup again.  It had a nice color, taste, buzz, purge, texture, etc.  There’s nothing I have to complain about with it.  I’d rate this Chemdawg wax a solid 9/10.  –MrTHC_420

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  1. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013

    The genetics for chemdawg are unknown chemdawg him self got a seed out of a bag from a greatful dead show
    Now chemdawg is in OG Kush tho

  2. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013

    Story behind the Chemdawg strain…

    Great family tree that shows how many strains that actually come from Chemdawg, some by accident.

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