Chocolope Wax – Homemade (McDabbers503)

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cannalope haze and OG chocolate Thai
Homemade from little buds at one of the clubs
A. Not a triple A because it lacks in looks and taste but the potency is ridiculous.
Concentrate. It is a very soft almost cream budder kinda of like ERRL. The heat bath dried it up on its own.
Price G:
I paid $70 for the quarter and it yielded about 1.3 grams.

This looks like a golden yellow paste, almost, but way softer.  It’s not a consistency I look for.


This smells like Chocolope, pretty much.  It’s  like cannalope haze but a lot less sweet.


It seems I got it a little too hot and there is little taste.  There is some sweet taste, but mostly the herby spice taste from the Thai side.

Buzz Type:

This stuff is the stuff.  iIt is super potent.  1 dab for a person of my tolerance and you’re medicated for at least an hour and a half.  Iit has a bit of a creep that comes on a little after exhale.

Buzz Length:

Long.  I usually medicate about an hour later, but I smoke this stuff and about an hour in I don’t even want to medicate.  It comes on strong and stays long.


Overall I wasn’t too happy with the batch until 1 and a half hours later.  I had only taken 2 dabs and had no desire to medicate.  This stuff is super strong and it will probably be added to my room.  –McDabbers503

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  1. says:

    on Dec 2, 2012

    My only complaint is……. THE LACK OF PICTURES…………………:D

  2. says:

    on Dec 2, 2012

    Nice work

  3. says:

    on Dec 2, 2012

    Looks purty good man! I need to review my home made oils too… just ran a chronic popcorn/shakey eighth lastnight that yielded .6 :D

    • says:

      on Dec 3, 2012

      post emm up, out here in michigan the club waxes are a joke so their usally not worth reviews unless negitive :/

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