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Skunk22pw has been adventurous with finding new ways to medicate.  Dank Tanks produces extracts for your vape pen.  –Tokeahontas

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Polaroid 4.3mp 4x digi zoom PDC4055
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Dank Tanks
?? most likely og kush
I am just starting out here: 9-21-13: I had run out of meds the night before and was already feeling sick, and an awesome present just showed up at my door. Dank Tanks has nice cool trendy packaging and it was the best gift I have most likely have ever received. DANK in a tank and a very nice tristick vape pen. My wife and I were so excited. I have been considering getting a pen but with one fail after another I stopped trying. Of course I had to charge the pen first but I was in for a nap and it only took four hours, so just as long as a delivery most of the time.
Some of the best oil I have seen or made, and I have been smoking for over 14 years.
Price G:
2.0 grams and tank for $75

Just mesmerized with the awesome and futuristic style of the tristick pen and the danktank!  This is the first time I have had a real pen, well I have tried some disposable ones, but they always came up short in one or more departments aside from not being able not to charge it.  So with that in mind I vowed to never again waste my donations on one.  But now thanks to Scott and Dank Tanks I have seen the light and know what I should be looking for…

The pen: nice hard case with a spot for two pens, a charger, and two tanks.  Way better than the crap I have to pack when I go up north for the holydays. (IE one foot long water pipe, two pieces, 2 jars, 4 lighters, butane, poker, meds, and a scale, if I am planning on staying a while, so a bunch of crap compared to something I can fit in my pocket and lasts me at least a week per tank).  This saves me a ton of space and I don’t have to worry about smells or breaking glass!

The DankTank: super cool and again stuck checking out the lava lamp/ nudy pen slide of the oil in the chamber; it’s fun to watch.  I loved the etched Dank tanks, love that it fits on 510 threads, only took four hours to charge and lasted me more than 4 days.  The oil lasts a long time and I am a moderate daily smoker.  Made it sooo convenient and enjoyable to medicate.  I don’t have to worry about the smell and people hitting me up for meds.

It’s easy to charge.  You screw it in and the light goes from green to red.  The tristick pen itself has style with a ton of class, black and chrome, the tank is dope little measuring ml’s on it so you know how much is in it and how much you are smoking.

The oil is a thick dark green.  It’s very nice.  Only slow cooking can make it green like that.  Love the look of the etched (Dank Tanks) on the piece; love the look and feel of the whole thing, not bulky but not too small just perfect.  The packaging of the meds is nice.  I don’t need crazy logos and artwork just the truth and raw info, all of which is present, even a bar-code.  The biggest factors for me were the No Butane! And Monster Hits! And it explains I only need a pen with 510 threads, and had examples of pens it works on like: tristick, atomos, trippy sticks, thermo vape, ego and many more.  It looks like juice and hits like wax, and ya I thought so too.


No smell at all, but I took a drag because I thought the pen was charged..lol.. and still got the taste of OG Kush or Skywalker.  It was a really nice blend of skunky, dank and that medicinal, mentholated, hashy earthy taste.


Just some pure canna- bless, like some one of a kind, super bomb OG Kush hash.  Took a small puff and was just I was stoked about the quality of the taste.  Took a puff till the light started flashing, and boom so much flavor, and yes it had me choking on the hold, but I did not get that hacking cough you get from burning flowers.  It almost seems that the more I smoke the more thick and potent the oil gets.  After three days and only ¼ of the oil, now it is almost wax like when cold and nice and runny when warm.  This is the best.  I did not taste any chemicals or unidentified objects.

Buzz Type:

The feeling is awesome if you are doing something you like, and even if you are doing something you hate.  The meds make it tolerable, almost hilarious and not so easily frustrating.  Totally killed my migraines, made my pain go from a 8 to a 1.  My muscles are fully relaxed and not sore or stiff.  Hungry and totally killed my nausea every time, even when I was feeling sick.  I was fully medicated on 4 or 5 hits and just feeling like an elephant with short term memory loss.  Right before bed I took two doses and got some ringing in my ears.  It feels like my eyebrows were sweating bullets, and my eyes felt nice clammy/hot.  I was in bed one hour early and up an hour or two late, fully rested and no hangover.  Some visual effects were left but a cup of coffee will clear that up.  Got me so stuck that I did not get the craving for a cigarette or a bowl of flower.

Buzz Length:

OMG at first it has a mellow creeper indica effect.  You can’t tell you are medicated at first.  But on the second puff now I can feel it in my head the nice strong but mellow indica feeling, and I’m starting to feel about right.  3rd and 4th puffs bring on the full effect.  It’s a wicked head buzz and visual vibrations for a couple of seconds.  It had a tingly numbness in my whole body like that twitch you get after smoking some super bomb meds.  Then again on every dose thereafter, consistency, quality, potency, on five to six hits, which took me almost a hour.  I was medicated and pain free for 4 hours and for 5 hours or more the visual aspects lingered around.  When you get dry mouth is usually a good time to stop and stand up, and then you really feel it and have to sit back down.  I feel super medicated and my whole body feels great.  My muscles are not tense or tight at all.  This is the most relaxed and worry free I have felt all year.


This is super clean and no paranoia, but there is some if you medicate too much.  No crappy side effects none at ALL just clean, choken, dank, vapor, and intense flavor.  Does seem like the healthy alternative.  One puff after some flower enhances the effect.  I love strong hybrids, indica,s and sativas, and this is some really nice indica OG oil.  OG Kush is one of the top medical beneficial strains that work for me but I like to try new things from now and then.  This makes it easier to buy my flowers one gram at a time till I find this month’s pick.  I absolutely love these meds I don’t like people putting out crap product and I won’t stand or support it, I always like to be as honest as possible.  This is definitely not crap just the real deal and a nice price, quality taste and consistency is what does it for me.  Danktanks you got me on the hook for life!  Thank you: Scott and danktanks.net . The skunk22pw/…Patrick.W.

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  1. says:

    on Oct 1, 2013

    Sweet review! I am happy it works so well for you. If you make your own oils, you can use CE-4 & CE-5 tanks to fill yourself. Also you might want to look into getting a V.V. battery, to change the strength of hits? Killer present btw!

    This is something I have wanted to bring up for some time now. Does anyone know the active & inactive ingredients in these DankTanks? I wonder if these are more poisonous than medicinal. The chemical that makes the heating element/wick in these work, is the same chemical we purge from our BHO. PG or propylene glycol. I am not 100% sure they use it in the DankTanks…But it is the base to most electronic cigarette liquids. In fact BHO is the perfect oil for these setups as it naturally contains PG (which it needs to wick correctly). So imo it might work great but if you wouldn't touch BHO that isn't purged fully. You may not want to use one of these. The " Right before bed I took two doses and got some ringing in my ears." reminds me of the feeling I would get after puffing on my e-cig, even after trying 0mg nicotine.

    • says:

      on Jan 13, 2015

      You always hear people say, "But that stuff is in Anti-Freeze!" So is water. Irrelevant.

      Propylene Glycol has been studied for inhalation for over 70 years. It's actually the only ingredient in there that has been studied so thoroughly and proven safe. It's an ingredient in every asthma inhaler on the market. It's also pumped through hospital ventilation systems to help patients breathe better. 70 years of research have not turned up any nasty side effects, yet. I'm not too worried about it.

  2. says:

    on Oct 1, 2013

    thanks turtle! na and i will probably look around but wait till i can find dank tanks at the shop.
    worked and saved me more than weeks worth of meds no but i will ask around. i just take two hits that works.

  3. says:

    on Nov 6, 2013

    I bought one of these from my dispensary, but didn't do the research prior. I buy stuff on impulse, unfortunately. "Hey, that looks pretty cool…", you know how that is. I brought it home, put it on my Zen Pen battery and tried, and tried, and tried to hit it. Monster hits my ass. Potent? Not a chance in hell. 100% Pure Top Shelf THC? What friggin ever. After 6 hits, I am no more medicated than I was before I started.

    It's more of a novelty or gag gift than it is a product with "100% pure top shelf THC".

    • says:

      on Nov 7, 2013

      take 7 hits after another make sure 2 hits are taken in a row "so push till almost blinken then un push and push/hold again. while hitting it slow so you can feel the smoke in your mouth then in hale more so it gets in to your lungs. try taking a 3 slow hits, it will take up all of your lung's then in hale more and hold I guarantee you will choke up. some time's you have to learn how to use things and this took some practice to get that perfect hit.

  4. says:

    on Nov 7, 2013

    I don't know it worked well for me, and I just had opened it "screw off the mouse piece" put some bomb ass shatter/wax in it and the same effects followed. are you a daber? then open it up and dab some, I thought now this is better but just because I can smoke flowers with it.
    but on days that I don't have nothing it works quite well.

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