Grape Ape Sap/Oil – Homemade (Mike-420)


Mike-420 aka Grape Ape is reppin’  his namesake oil today!  –Tokeahontas

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Camera Used:
GE x500
Strain Name:
Grape Ape
Concentrate - Sap/Oil
Price G:
Priceless Batch

It looks like I expected it to.  Amber to golden honey brown from a well cured/aged jar of purps.  It is very sappy/oily at room temp.  The nugs themselves were toward the bottom of the jar and held a hint of moisture.  I should have dried those few out before the run.


Smells FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hands down the best to date batch of grapes I’ve ran.  This whips any of the grape wax I’ve made (Pun intended).  Right from the table a few feet away I can smell the sweet sweet grapes linger.  Spread the parchment open and you’re just body slammed by the Grape monster.  This reeks of sweet, semi earthy, organic Grape Soda.  AAA+.


This tastes even better than the smell and then some!!!!!!  The first taste is automatically sweet grapes, that’s all you can taste.  But as you slowly exhale your mouth is bathed in a very deep earthy soil flavor that really brings the image of potting soil to your mind.  Very organic but rich in the grape flavor for a good 10 minutes or more after each dab it STAYS!!!  Mmm sweet Jesus I love this batch.

Buzz Type:

Not a STRONG body high but it’s there more in the essence of pain relief than anything.  Slightly heady again which I’m growing to love with this Grape Ape cut.  Wake n Bake is very much possible with an expected come down after a few hours.

Strong pain relief for around 2 hours but then after that the pain returns. :\

Buzz Length:

Not a super duper long buzz.  Most effects are gone by hour 2 and I’m usually dabbing again around the 1 hour to 1.5 hour mark..


Overall I wanted to test what effect leaving H2O in my sap/oil would have and so far 5 days after it was made it’s still in the same texture and consistency/potency with no wax effect being had or found anywhere.  Vacuum was stopped once butane was removed and no more vac was performed after that.

I’m very very happy with the results and may venture back toward this style of extraction again as the sappy oily texture is easy to work with, the flavor is dead on and then some, and the buzz is perfect… AAA FIRE!

Enjoy the pics only took 3 sorry… promise more on the next review :D –Mike-420

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  1. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    Sadly im breaking my promise of more pics on the next review.. as there will not be any more reviews after this one.

    To the trolls You loose, No more reviews of mine to troll…

    To everyone else You loose out on my reviews but theres still plenty of good people who do awesome reviews :D

    To everyone else .. Shrugs whatever :D

  2. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    With so much drama in the LBC…. Lol looks good Mike

    • says:

      on Feb 16, 2013

      lol Sucka free in Twenty one 3!

      stop by chat sometime bro aint talked to u in ages it feels like :P

  3. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    Shame. Sorry Mike. People love to spoil good things.

  4. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your work, will be missed…peace, John

  5. says:

    on Feb 16, 2013

    Im not a hater, but these pictures look like a bunch of smeared blood on a napkin..cmon mike, u can do better.

    • says:

      on Feb 16, 2013

      Starting off a sentence with a lie dosen't help your case…

      Try investing in a better computer screen if you see that as Red…

  6. says:

    on Dec 27, 2013

    I wouldn't call anything I've seem from you AAA rated why cant people just be honest and leave there ego elsewhere

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