Honey Oil (whatuthinkin)


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Honey Oil

Submitted By: whatuthinkin (Member)

Name: Butane Honey Oil

From: Homemade

Grade: A-

Price: N/A

Looks: Dark brown and thick.  Hence why it has become known as Tree Sap around the house.  Looks like some cold dark maple syrup.

Smell: Kinda hard for me to describe.  I guess a hashy kind of smell with a hint of pine.

Taste: Pretty close to the same as the smell.  I have had people tell me it tastes like popcorn or almost burnt marshmallows.

I’ll also quote my brother from tonight “You have definitely had some other batches that tasted better”.  So I know that it isn’t the best that I have made.

As you release the smoke you start to taste it a lot more and it sticks in your throat and on your tongue for quite some time.  Not a bad taste though.

Buzz Type: Instantly after inhaling a hit (hitting off a red hot spoon or hot knifing it as some would say) you get a decent head rush and high.

The first hit sent me into a coughing fit for about 1-2 min or so.  Took a second hit with pretty much the same effects.

Then the high starts to engulf my body and becomes a pretty heavy body high and the head high increases.

For about 5 min, almost every time I took a deep breath I could feel the high getting more intense, but it doesn’t leave me couch locked.  I can feel my muscles relaxing and some of the pain going away in my lower back.

After smoking 2 hits of this I feel more alert, in a better mood, and have more will power to get things done.

Buzz Length: Medium.  About 1.5 hours long.  I gave in at about 45 min to the munchies and ate some Arby’s, so I’m sure that shortened the length some.

Overall: Really good smoke.  I have always loved smoking it.  It takes a while to figure out exactly what amount you need to hit but once you do it is a great experience every time.  I always look forward to smoking it.

I usually smoke this in the morning before I go to work.  It puts me in a great mood, especially if the weather is nice outside.  I feel like I have more energy after smoking this.

Just some good ole Tree Sap from Oklahoma. –whatuthinkin

Honey Oil Tools

Honey Oil

Honey Oil Honey Oil

Such a great feeling growing/making your own, isn’t it?  Thanks for the review!  –Mrs. Chubbs

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13 Comments | Add Yours

  1. ulysseus s plant


    on Feb 6, 2010

    looks awesome. what strain of bud/trim did you use?

  2. Muter


    on Feb 6, 2010

    Looks like some heavy. Stuff! In my experiences though honey oil looked actually almos identical to honey. Thai queen honey oil. Best I have ever smoked, it compares to budder on cerebral effects.

  3. demo11


    on Feb 6, 2010

    i agree muter, great oil. its so thick almost clear looking. great buzz, nice review !

  4. Jbone204


    on Feb 6, 2010

    god i need to start sending reviews of my oil. i run high quality nugs like 3 times a week! purple kush was my last run, you dont know tasty til you’ve vaped some kush amber shatter oil. for some what looks like some awful trim it came out decent. quality in = quality out in the oil world. you can have have the highest quality concentrate right in your own home with the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself. good job using quality tane at least.

  5. Whatuthinkin


    on Feb 8, 2010

    The oil that is pictured is made from mexican shwag. I will have some from my plants when I harvest. Got some White Castle and Purple Kush going on atm. I made some oil out of the trimmings on my last plant and it looked more like honey. The higher the quality of bud/trim that is used the more honey-like it will look. And I always use the Vectore butane. It’s kinda expensive but it is the best around here.

    • nuglife


      on Feb 8, 2010

      Mexican schwag you say….? YUUUCK…I bet that tasted poopy…not a whole lot of trichomes to purge out eh…looks like mainly clorophyl oil…..but probs on getting the quintuple refined tane

  6. gabechihua


    on Feb 8, 2010

    I’m thinkin that looks like used motor oil. The butane you used is probably more valuable than the oil you got from your shwag.

  7. Gnosis


    on Feb 12, 2010

    I feel you man, don’t diss him too much for his schwag, he lives in Oklahoma for god’s sake.

    I live in Ohio and I definitely feel your pain, Mexican schwag is the only shit you can find in some parts of the country.

  8. Whatuthinkin


    on Feb 14, 2010

    Actually most of you are mistaken about oil. One thing is that the butane doesn’t really filter out the chlorophyl. It only extracts the THC. The dirt and particles from the plant are what makes it so dirty looking. If I had a better screen it would not be as black.

    And the oil doesn’t taste bad at all. As I said in the review it has a quite different taste. Somewhat like popcorn. And I have made this oil from trimmings and small stems from a freshly harvested plant and the color was more honey-like but it didn’t taste much different.

    The better quality weed you use the more oil you can produce and the clearer the oil. As far as the butane being worth more you are mistaken as well. The oil from 1/2oz of shwag will last me 3-5x as long as the 1/2oz would. It takes such a little amount to get you high that it lasts a long time. I will make oil from this and save it for when it gets dry and no weed can be found.

    And yes living in Oklahoma makes it extremely difficult to find good weed. And if I can find it I sure as hell cannot afford $120-140 for a 1/4oz.

  9. JD


    on Apr 28, 2010

    Looks awesome…99.9% THC.

  10. H1JACK3R


    on May 2, 2010

    Whatuthinkin You might be able to afford better pot if you conserved. Just saying. I don’t do it personally, but I know people who only smoke like a quarter a week.

    Is there anywhere I could get more detailed instructions on how to do this? Very interested.


  11. bigsampson


    on Jul 22, 2010

    please stop using trim!! grow you’re own harvest and set aside a QP of dank and make like a half ounce of oil!

  12. says:

    on Apr 25, 2011

    i just tried this shit for the first time, we made it, and we used some schwag that looks identical to the stuff you used. we used a quarter Oz and got a very small amount of oil, like half a gram tops lol. it was thick and black like engine oil, and didn’t smoke too bad. Not much flavour but it got me high which is more than what the schwag was doing lol. after trying it on its own wiped on a rizla with tobacco, i decided to mix some blueberry with a load of kief out my grinder then roll it up with tobacco in a rizla covered in the oil. i just smoked that and wow, i am way baked lol.
    the oil didn’t come out great though, we will try it again some time with some better weed, this quality of oil did not satisfy my need to try honey oil. i want some potent ass oil that actually looks like honey!
    great review, would be nice to see some of your other batches of oil.

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