Mr. Nice Guy Wax From Dab1allstars (Alpha)


This review from Alpha got lost in the queue somehow!!  Check out this Mr. Nice Guy wax.  –Tokeahontas

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Mr. Nice Guy Wax
g13/hash plant-indica hybrid
A - This wax is powerful/smooth/and clean
Concentrate - Perfect for dabbin and possibly quick dunks
Price G:
$60/gram. Higher end of the waxes I have available to me.

Great color and texture.  This concentrate is vac’d to perfection.  Check out the pics.


The smell is very good but not as in your face as another wax I get usually from this crew.


This is a tasty treat.  It’s clean, clear, and smooth throughout.

Buzz Type:

I feel very lucky to have this extraction crew doing work for me.  These guys are about quality, not quantity.  Thanks go out to Dab1allstars– 2 dabs and I am totally readjusted and ready for anything.  Suggested for pain/nausea/sleep. Really gets my mind off my back pain.

Buzz Length:

Great going out buzz.  This comes on strong right from the get go and hangs with you-2-3 hours for me, although if chilling at home I find myself being pulled to the vapement to do more.  I get a good up active buzz from this but can also chill down later at night with it, too.


The makers of this oil have lots of runs under their belts and are dedicated oil-only users.  They use great care in the details, from finding just the right strain to using the most advanced equipment they have available to them.  This wax comes across clean and heavy hitting.  9 out of 10.  I hope the pictures do it more justice than my last batch with my cellphone.  –Alpha

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  1. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013

    so you know phil and his buddys ?

  2. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013


  3. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013

    yes I definitly know Phil 420 and Mikerorganix-Ihave spent alot of time especially with Mike on skype chatting vapina nd dabbin'-why you know Phil?

  4. says:

    on Mar 19, 2013

    Great review Al thx for sharing your fire =D

  5. says:

    on Mar 22, 2013

    no problem thanks for looking

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