NY Sour Diesel Qwiso – Homemade (EzExtract)


This looks like some sticky taffy!!  –Tokeahontas

Submitted By:
Camera Used:
FujiFilm Fine Pix AX560
Strain Name:
NY Sour Diesel QWISO
A+. This is a very quality concentrate, very potent
In the pictures the consistency is that of taffy, but it soon was whipped into budder.
Price G:
$300/oz for buds, 22% yield.

This QWISO looks like taffy, and is a little darker in color.


It smells just like the flowers.  It has that fuely stanky astringent smell to it.


The taste is fuely on the inhale.  It tastes a bit like OG on the exhale with light tones of berry.

Buzz Type:

This concentrates hits you hard right behind the eyes and all up in your frontal lobes.  It gives you heavy eyes and a spacey mind.

Buzz Length:

I take a few dabs for work and I’m still feeling that pressure in my forehead hours later.


I was super impressed with this strain.  The buds were not that great looking, they were darker in color and didn’t look all that frosty.  But the smell and structure of the buds smelled amazing.  The 22% return gave me a hard on, that’s easily the highest yield I have gotten yet.  –EzExtract

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  1. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    Beautiful :D
    A bit more on smell would be nice, solid review though

    • says:

      on Jan 18, 2013

      Thank you sir. My sense of smell is not all that great, i gave it my best shot, thanks for the comment!

  2. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    but it soon was whipped into budder.


  3. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    Gotta love taffy.

  4. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    Just a friendly heads up:
    I'd look into replacing that V1 Oil Slick Duo ya got there; I can see the logo starting to come off.

  5. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    stop whipping! that guy in the ISOhead thread knows what hes talking about!

  6. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    Thanks for another QWISO review EzExtract! I use to like to try t whip it until I realized it only hurts the final product. IMO it's not worth the texture.

    I would have to say it's not even done yet. If it was currently in that state(&not vaped/smoked) I would purge it a bit longer, STOP whipping it and see what you get. It has a nice color to it. It might even auto-budder when it's all said and done with. Leave it at around 110 till its done, vac purged or not. My 2¢

    • says:

      on Jan 18, 2013

      Well i purge for 24+hours not sure how much more i can purge it with heat before it starts to degrade. The oil is a shatter consistency before i whip it.

      • says:

        on Jan 18, 2013

        That sounds good. I would then put it in a warm, dry & dark spot. It will then cure for a few days +. That's the only time I truly feel my QWISO is "finished". During that time is also when I find out if it is an auto-buddering strain too. ISO is a lot different than butane, especially with the evaporation time and temperatures.

        Thanks for the reply & still a nice looking oil!

  7. says:

    on Jan 18, 2013

    Nice work man!

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